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  1. you can try these guys ....give em a call ahead of time , EXCEL AUDIO 4678 Campus Dr, Newport Beach, CA 92660 949-933-1599
  2. some real lucky dude , saved 50% off a new pair of CW IV , betcha he got em for 3k$ flat
  3. Dean's email dgwescott@gmail.com
  4. you're not looking at the right place , you'll find a punched serial number at the back of the speaker ,,,,,,,,, top panel , at the center of the panel ,
  5. OO1


    sales tax 🍁 is 15% on top
  6. OO1


    new Jubes in London Ontario Canada ,
  7. Jose , these CW IV are in Denton TX https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649961962-klipsch-cornwall-iv-expertly-packed-all-details-available/images/4365786/
  8. Rob , my mistake ... you'll need 5 posts to activate the PM . Private Message feature
  9. klipsch switched to Class D amps ,,,,,chip amps ?
  10. mailto:info@indyaudiolabs.com https://www.indyaudiolabs.com/about-us
  11. I would sell all my klipsch speakers , in a heartbeat but NOT my Heresies
  12. I must be deaf , or is this a lovely bass , sounds good to me , aint no subs around either
  13. swap the crossover of the working speaker in place of the unit in the non-working speaker , and you'll be able to tell if any of the 3 drivers are in working order or not
  14. the specs on both speakers you're referencing are not the same as the Klipsch woofer .
  15. you can wire a pair of RP-160M for a center , current promo is 195$ /Free shipping .https://www.newegg.com/klipsch-1060686/p/0S6-0033-001D7
  16. I use the Heresy 1 with the k-28 or K-22 ..... 0 damping , 0 modifications , however if I would have added any damping , I would have used a standard foam piece U shaped .. 1 inch thick , placed loose around the woofer just like klipsch do in multiple other speakers .
  17. the AL5 does not require a sub IF you have proper corners , the Cornwall IV is an ultra modern Cornwall 1 , 0 flaws it's not boomy , the midrange horn is huge in comparison to the CW 1 , same for the mids driver , if you like the CW 1 , you'll be floored with the 4th version .
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