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  1. If you cut some coils off it makes the spring stiffer . Your better off finding a lighter spring at your local hardware store.
  2. Great player , I have one and a mcintosh ld player also . Up until last year I also had 900 laser disk movies and concerts . Had to thin the herd for our move to new house - now I have corners . kept the concerts .GLWS
  3. So Sorry to hear this , Dave was a cool cat. R.I.P. Dave
  4. That`s What She Said .😃 GLWS
  5. Back in the day , A "chemist" in the dorm next door would brew shroom tea . 5 bucks a quart he could not make it fast enough. those were the days . There is a song in there somewhere .
  6. That`s for sure and no mention of the other tube socks .old farts we are .
  7. I hear they spun hope off and Chief Bonehead is now the sole owner of the whole shebang. Now that would make Paul HAPPY.
  8. Eldon you very funny guy .
  9. For Shure , It was a mess lucky I was able to clean it up .
  10. Here ya go, Klipsch Hope AR 870-777-6751. picked right up .
  11. What kind of oil do all of you use?.
  12. Straight Seadog , sorry I missed you .
  13. So my tags say / American Walnut .Nothing about lacquer, But I called Klipsch in hope today and they are lacquer . On a happy note I used 0000 steel wool followed up with a quick wipe of lacquer thinner and they are as good as new. Thank God - I was pretty pissed at my self .4 hours of work but its all good now . All my other speakers are oiled. I Thank Everyone for all the input .
  14. Straight never a problem , Going to try 0000 Steel wool . Afraid turpentine will hurt the finish .🙏
  15. They are lV`s and nowhere does it say they are Lacquered . Not on klipsch website not on my tags . But Thank`s for the input .
  16. Tried that No help - you would think it would reactive it , Thanks
  17. So I went on a speaker oiling binge . Khorns ,belles, Forte`s and my new heresy llll s. I have used boiled linseed oil for 30 plus years with great results. But my lV`s now have a rough bumpy feel to them . I think it must be the finish / sealer - poly ? maybe . That did not let the linseed soak in ? . Any thoughts on how to remove it safely ,I hear the veneer is real thin.
  18. Thank You to Everyone who PM`ed me. Got a pair .
  19. Looking for a pair of k77 Tweeters, stock for my 85 belles . PM me Please.
  20. This Seller lives not to far from my childhood home . He sells a lot of vintage gear - his basement is set up like an audio showroom . Hear he`s a stand up guy to deal with . Just saying .
  21. Merry Christmas thebes , Your not alone you have all of us 24/7 is that not the best gift you have ever gotten . 😉
  22. They are the first pair of K-horns that I had heard . They sound and look wonderful in person that made up my mind to own a pair -now I do . Thanks Bull
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