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    Bob Latino ST120, KT120 power tubes, Black plate 12bh7 side drivers, CBS Hytron center driver. Modded Jolida jd100 cdp, Klipsch Tangent 10's,Heresy ii's & Cornwall ii's, Ti Diaphragms, Auricaps, Mundorf's, Jupiter beeswax caps, foil inductors.

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  1. I'm following this thread with great interest. I've been a Klipsch fan for some time. Currently have a pair of modded Cornwall ii's that I enjoy daily, but I do appreciate the sound of the AMT Heil. ESS/AMT is currently operating out of So.Cal. info@esslabsusa.com
  2. What brand? Maisel's Hefe is a good one!!
  3. Imbibing Fortaleza requires late night carne asada tacos!! Just an FYI!! If you wanna do it right!!
  4. My slightly modded Jolida jd100 sounds great. I recently rolled in some Voice of Music branded 12ax7a's, I think they're sylvanias after using some ge 5751's for some time. The slight gain increase made a big difference.
  5. A Raytheon black plate 5814 is nice for the center position too!! kt120’s gave me a taller sound stage.
  6. Oh man! I need to find a nice brimar then!!
  7. IMHO which is squat! Replace the caps and try another amp. If you choose SS, try some Jupiter beeswax caps in the mids. Another option Is a nice small tube amp. Horns and tubes are a match made in heaven. IMHO. cheers.
  8. Amped, find a balanced black plate d getter/foil cbs hytron for the center position. You'll like it👍 For the side preamp position I'm running some black plate 12bh7's. they seem a little more engaging. Cv4003's are hands down excellent tubes. Cheers!!
  9. What tubes are you running in that st-120?
  10. I push my modded Cornwall ii's with an Bob Latino st-120 with kt-120 power tubes, 2 12bh7's, and 1 Hytron 12au7 in the center position on the preamp stage. I enjoy the sound. Sometimes I roll in a 6189 in place of the Hytron depending on the recording. The 6189 gives me more treble. All this in triode mode.
  11. Dustin, what tubes are you running in your st-120? thanks.
  12. Try a Jolida jd100. Mine sounds great, I recently rolled some Voice of Music branded 12ax7a's in and I'm hearing stuff on my favorite songs I've never heard before.
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