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    Bob Latino ST120, KT120 power tubes, Black plate 12bh7 side drivers, CBS Hytron center driver. Modded Jolida jd100 cdp, Klipsch Tangent 10's,Heresy ii's & Cornwall ii's, Ti Diaphragms, Auricaps, Mundorf's, Jupiter beeswax caps, foil inductors.

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  1. Bill, I've had 3 CD players, a Sony, a tube buffered Carver, and finally a Jolida cd100. After some light mods the jolida is the best of the 3. cheers.
  2. Redwood is a softer wood, easy on blades. Easy to work with. Many older homes here in SoCal were framed with redwood. Kinda nice when remodeling to find old redwood framing. I've made some window frames from some old redwood. Doesn't take paint well. I wouldn't paint it anyway. Try several coats of boiled linseed oil.
  3. Happy Father's Day to all the fellow Dads on this forum. For all the things we Dads do for our families, have a cold one for a job well done!!!
  4. Today it was Chicken Picatta while jamming to Mana:
  5. I’ve searched the posted crossover schematics and the tangent 10 schematic is not posted. anybody know what the crossover caps & inductor values are? thanks.
  6. Thats the kind of resolve we need today.
  7. Dan, before I acquired my Cornwalls I had a pair of Heresy ii's. I always thought they lacked a little bass. Maybe the 400 cabinets are just fine. Maybe all they need is a recap?, and some titanium diaphragms in the horn?
  8. While listening to Chet Baker I made a pan full of Dirty Rice: Yes it has chicken livers.
  9. I believe this bug was in SoCal back in December 2019.
  10. I think a few pics of select items can't hurt? Like maybe of a sweet potato spud amp?
  11. Was it an antibody test?
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