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    Bob Latino ST120, KT120 power tubes, Black plate 12bh7 side drivers, CBS Hytron center driver. Modded Jolida jd100 cdp, Klipsch Tangent 10's,Heresy ii's & Cornwall ii's, Ti Diaphragms, Auricaps, Mundorf's, Jupiter beeswax caps, foil inductors.

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  1. Which amp? heathkit ua1's, voice of music integrated, mono, vta st-120?
  2. Oh well then, anything Melody Gardot
  3. Not sure to whom you are referring to, but I was listening to Frampton comes alive, "all I wanna be (is by your side)" to be exact.
  4. I've experienced that with my modded vta st-120 pushing some cornwalls. Doesn't happen all the time. When all is just right: sonic bliss!! you're not the only one brother!! kt-120's, Mullard cv4003's & a Raytheon 5814 center, miflex copper output caps
  5. The amount of lint I see in this picture is a concern. Could it be the delicates/ normal setting knobs or buttons have failed?
  6. Water heaters are the safest appliance in the house, they have a thermostat, a circuit interrupt at the control called an energy cut out, or eco, and a temperature/ pressure relief valve. Bad things happen when people plug the temp/ pressure valve when its starts dripping water. A failure of all 3 safeties can create a rocket. But this is rare.
  7. Could sound better


    Amy, after reading all the replies to your recent return to this forum I understand you are deserving of all the praise and respect. so I say to you: live life like it’s your last day. work hard, love with the entirety of your heart. but I think you know these things. 😊
  8. out all depends on the definition of “mate”. could mean a couple different things
  9. Stay active, stay alive, keep your mind busy. works for me.
  10. she is, but she speaks like a Southern Californian. No accent. Really.
  11. Have a plan everyday, start early, eat right, work hard, stay busy. You'll feel and sleep better.
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