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  1. Wouldn’t the preamp tubes have more effect on the final sound than the power tubes?
  2. Hello to all, is it possible to purchase a Klipsch The One ll for a PHD student all by herself in a far away land on this forum. She just arrived at her year long intern location and I would like to send her something to play music on. thanks in advance. fyi: she’ll be treating veterans.
  3. Thanks to all for contributing to this endeavor. i’ll consider all before I decide on a course to follow. thanks Jeff!! Cheers!!
  4. Backfire, I have tried them out thru a CD player and a turntable. The sound isn’t too bad, rather nice but veiled. Almost like a a curtain in front of the speakers. Gonna recap, iec, & fuse for now. thanks!!
  5. The photo is from another amp I have but the VOM has a similar tonal circuitry
  6. Maynard, thanks for the input. If I left the tonal controls could I create a tonal circuit with new caps & resistors following a schematic of the tonal pack like the in the attached photo?
  7. Mr. Medwin, Your suggestions are appreciated. I am by no means an expert at this kind of thing but my soldering skills are ok. These 2 amps are in very good condition so your recommendation is understood. My CD player does not have a volume control. I was planning on procuring a tube preamp with no tone controls so I would ultimately get stereo sound instead of mono and use the amps tone controls. i may reach out to you in the future regarding this project. I assume Mr. Percy is a member of this forum? Thanks.
  8. I have 2 of these mono tube amps that I would like to recap and incorporate into a 2 channel system. My question is: these amps only have a phono input. Do I need to alter the wiring to make them play thru a CD player? thanks.
  9. Set the bias after the amp is warmed up. It's small increments, remember that any adjustment on one side will affect the other side. Dude ditch the 5963's and try a balanced Voice of Music branded 12au7 in the center position,Trust me. Outer preamp tubes need to be well balanced and matched.
  10. We were lucky to see them in Los Angeles 2 years ago, great show. The bass player is awesome.
  11. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Qq7X_vEd_jU
  12. The sonic gods are smiling on me!! Setting the phase to 0 did the trick!! thank you sir!!
  13. Ok, I’ve done that but same level on preamp music sounds smeared. I run Cornwall ll’s Thanks.
  14. I recently connected a ksw 10 to the 2nd output rca jacks on a carver c1 preamp on my 2 channel setup and it seems like my Latino st 120 amplifier has less power? is this possible? Isn't the ksw "self powered"?
  15. Can't sleep? Figure out what's bothering you and fix it. Probably something obvious. Life is too short to be unhappy. just my dos pesos.
  16. Or just order them directly from Sonicraft: http://www.soniccraft.com/index.php/sonicap-platinum-c-301_49_52
  17. Sounds like a bunch of elitism to me!!
  18. I believe if we knew the truth we would really be concerned. It could be covid is the least of our worries.
  19. I can tolerate being cold, or wet, but not cold and wet!!
  20. evening the playing field?
  21. my mom used to throw her chankla at us when we didn’t listen!!!
  22. Who else thinks this is another attempt at wrecking Western economies, freedoms and our form of government? like 9/11 part 2.
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