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    Travel, Scuba Diving, Woodworking, quality music, and Cummins high horsepower engines.
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  1. A question and quote from him many years ago. "Why do you always walk back to the huddle"? "Because they only pay me to run in one direction". Met him when I was a kid. To me a very humble Monster.
  2. Seadoc

    RIP Tina Turner

    Classic shaker. R.I.P.
  3. Seadoc

    Mud Kitchen

    Family mud kitchen heirloom now.
  4. Raging Bull. Also Caddyshack.
  5. Tulip tree, poplar family. Time for a ripper fire with smores.
  6. It is tough, they are family! When or Black Lab passed we were all bawling including our vet.
  7. Don't ask me no questions. L&R guitar. R.I.P.
  8. Try a shop vac with an end attachment slightly larger than the bent cone (for smaller cones). For larger cones use a std end piece for the vac. Very important to have an incremental valve for suction power. This way you can be ultra careful. Have seen it done with good success.
  9. Agreed, mine also. Likes the music/video surround sound reality though. It's all about fairness. A McIntosh amp for me, Eagles concert tickets for you. An EQ for me, a trip to Hawaii for you. Ultimately, we both benefit from big ticket items. Goes a long way.
  10. HaaHeeHoo: The Samsonite luggage, remember from TV commercials, apes went to work there. UPS driver ran, into and, over our brick retaining wall in front yard and left. Video doorbell footage ensured quick replacement costs.
  11. He influenced my early music habits. well, along with Jerry Garcia. "Carry on". A sad R.I.P.
  12. I fear my sources of advice will evaporate.
  13. Old Russian proverb "trust but verify". Do you have any other supplemental coverage like a Medicare select plus (***) plan or access to the VA? If you look at the formularies of the plans, it should be spelled out what pharmaceuticals are covered and what are not. My Medicare *** plan costs me nothing and my Drs. are all in network. Ohio has some good supplemental plans for Medicare you just have to research them to find one that meets your needs (to include your meds and your favorite Drs. AND costs).
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