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  1. If needed, You could "cheat" by porting the back chamber like the DJK mod. That should net you a few Hertz if need to mate with a TH. FWIW, despite everyone who raves about this mod, I still am not in love with it, but it could help with integration if the situation / need arise.
  2. This is what he had in mind ( a plenum with pairs of PP woofers to replace the single K33 )
  3. Yup, pretty much how I'd describe the T18
  4. Oddly enough, ... I've actually had anarchy 25 Hz tapped horns and tuba 18 and table tuba in the same room , at different times. Anarchy TH - clean, goes low, not very efficient, not very punchy, did not bother trying for home theater Tuba 18 - clean, doesn't go as low as the Anarchy TH, but punchy and more musical / enjoyable , great for most music, .. and "passable" for HT Table Tuba - a bit muddier than either of the above, goes down to 30Hz or a bit below in room, punchy, great for music or TH , probably the most efficient If I had to build one of these again in that room, I'd pick the T18 . I have a pico-wrecker TH that I haven't tried in that room yet (although in a comparison with the Table Tuba in another room, it went as low and probably lower, was a bit less efficient . They both sounded close enough, though the Table tuba could extend higher - being a front horn)
  5. Fwiw, I started a (sub) discussion on this topic at diyaudio. If a meaningful design results , I'll build a prototype and compare https://www.diyaudio.com/forums/full-range/268524-xki-xs-ab-initio-karlson-6th-bandpass-83.html#post5714395 Thx
  6. Unless ported and boosted (might get to 30 Hz that way). FWIW, I never tried this while I had my K15 because I didn't have suitable woofers at the time. https://www.diyaudio.com/forums/multi-way/3995-karlson-enclosure-16.html
  7. ... and post your review here too. Google has a way of "picking things up"
  8. Here are some suggestions. Why chase 20 Hz ? ... why not aim for 30 Hz (that is plenty for music and it looks like you you have subs for LFE anyway) PPSL are bandpass designs - hence your difficulties trying to expand their bandwidth. one way out to cheat would be to use multiples of smaller woofers - will allow you to use a smaller slot . DJK used this approach with a quad of 8" drivers retrofit to a lascala via a PP manifold Why not just build a quarter pi or a straight midbass horn - something like a 80 to 100 Hz wouldn't be too large (relatively speaking) If you do build dual channel reflex boxes, consider flipping one woofer so you can still get harmonic cancellation advantages of PP (but not the bandwidth limiting qualities of the slot). If you had the drivers on opposite side of the enclosure i.e. BiPole, you would achieve vibration cancellation advantages but this may / may not be what you want if you are aiming for extended bandwidth because of the direct/reflected sound. Lastly, there is always the option of building , ... Dare I say the word ... Karlson k15 type cabs as long as you can cross over about 300 Hz . Should be good till 50 Hz with a VERY punchy sound if your woofers are low enough qts
  9. Probably not an option for your current prototype but have you considered a removable slot manifold sub-assembly?
  10. Maybe I missed it but what were your cabinet dimensions and tuning ?
  11. Correct Take a photo of the settings before tweaking . Also, don't forget to look at what eq is being applied to the mains Before trying any of these , listen in "straight" mode - which maintains EQ settings but switches off DSP surround effects
  12. https://www.harman.com/sites/default/files/multsubs_0.pdf
  13. A few approaches to try. Subwoofer crawl. Flanking subs look nicer but are often not optimal. try positioning at least one of the subs behind you (nearfield sub). This should be relatively immune to room modes Make sure your mains and centers are set to small and tweak the x-over frequency higher or lower Try turning on "extra bass on your yamaha receiver" - . This will allow your mains AND sub to produce bass , potentially distributing and evening out the bass response Look at what YPAO is doing to your EQ. I've seen it add in a bass hump around 60 Hz. In general, cutting EQ is preferable to boosted EQ.
  14. Public service announcement: if you've ever owned a BMW (especially the higher performance ones), the price you pay to purchase it will be the least of your worries . After many years of trying to convince myself that it was worth it , I've realized it just isn't . Just saying... To each his own
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