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  1. Run the auto setup (it should output test tones to all the speakers one by one ). If you are not sure that your sub is working, ..maybe jig up your phone / music player headphone output to the sub in (typically miniplug to RCA and output some test tones) If your sub is working but can't get your receiver to detect it, call yamaha.
  2. both. 1. The cab would be taller (increasing the horn throat and mouth area proportionately ) but other dimensions would remain unchanged (including the horn length) 2. The motorboard would be taller (and require a larger cutout) - assuming larger drivers would fit. Still going back and forth but I will build one or the other . Doesn't seem hard to build and I stopped enjoying home theater ever since I "downgraded" to mid-efficiency speakers.
  3. @mike stehr . Thanks for the info and the awesome diyaudio link . I actually have a pair of crites /K33 cast drivers somewhere around here, as well as kappa15c drivers, .. and as luck would have it , also a pair of the QSC waveguides mentioned in that thread LOL. That thread has me considering building the full size units
  4. Hi, any thoughts on whether it makes sense to build the full height design intended for 15" drivers IF I intend to use 12" drivers ( I have some eminence kappa 12a woofer clones lying around ) From your thread on another site, I saw that you preferred 12" drivers in your cabs but your cabs are somewhere in between the 12 & 15" designs Thanks
  5. I'm curious about how the cornwall's compare to your Dean's and which / why do you prefer ..? Thanks
  6. Looks "ugly" though in comparison to LaScala etc ... and we all know that looks are everything Jokes apart, .. I agree with you 1. The bass mod is not an end-all except maybe to integrate to a subwoofer 2. Adding a horn sub to a la-scala or belle really enhances the overall experience.
  7. It helps, but not enough to make a subwoofer redundant, IMHO - regardless of what some other posts say.
  8. Agreed + Opposed / Cone to Magnet or PPSL config I'm guessing that aesthetics / marketing / need to keep size / shipping costs as low as possible came into play Thanks
  9. If needed, You could "cheat" by porting the back chamber like the DJK mod. That should net you a few Hertz if need to mate with a TH. FWIW, despite everyone who raves about this mod, I still am not in love with it, but it could help with integration if the situation / need arise.
  10. This is what he had in mind ( a plenum with pairs of PP woofers to replace the single K33 )
  11. Yup, pretty much how I'd describe the T18
  12. Oddly enough, ... I've actually had anarchy 25 Hz tapped horns and tuba 18 and table tuba in the same room , at different times. Anarchy TH - clean, goes low, not very efficient, not very punchy, did not bother trying for home theater Tuba 18 - clean, doesn't go as low as the Anarchy TH, but punchy and more musical / enjoyable , great for most music, .. and "passable" for HT Table Tuba - a bit muddier than either of the above, goes down to 30Hz or a bit below in room, punchy, great for music or TH , probably the most efficient If I had to build one of these again in that room, I'd pick the T18 . I have a pico-wrecker TH that I haven't tried in that room yet (although in a comparison with the Table Tuba in another room, it went as low and probably lower, was a bit less efficient . They both sounded close enough, though the Table tuba could extend higher - being a front horn)
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