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  1. zobsky

    PPSL build?

    Probably not an option for your current prototype but have you considered a removable slot manifold sub-assembly?
  2. zobsky

    PPSL build?

    Maybe I missed it but what were your cabinet dimensions and tuning ?
  3. zobsky

    New dual sub setup - boomy

    Correct Take a photo of the settings before tweaking . Also, don't forget to look at what eq is being applied to the mains Before trying any of these , listen in "straight" mode - which maintains EQ settings but switches off DSP surround effects
  4. zobsky

    New dual sub setup - boomy

  5. zobsky

    New dual sub setup - boomy

    A few approaches to try. Subwoofer crawl. Flanking subs look nicer but are often not optimal. try positioning at least one of the subs behind you (nearfield sub). This should be relatively immune to room modes Make sure your mains and centers are set to small and tweak the x-over frequency higher or lower Try turning on "extra bass on your yamaha receiver" - . This will allow your mains AND sub to produce bass , potentially distributing and evening out the bass response Look at what YPAO is doing to your EQ. I've seen it add in a bass hump around 60 Hz. In general, cutting EQ is preferable to boosted EQ.
  6. zobsky

    Eyes To Look At Car For Me

    Public service announcement: if you've ever owned a BMW (especially the higher performance ones), the price you pay to purchase it will be the least of your worries . After many years of trying to convince myself that it was worth it , I've realized it just isn't . Just saying... To each his own
  7. zobsky

    table tuba subwoofer - DFW - SOLD

    Correct. In practice, its strong to 30 Hz with response down to the mid 20 Hz, corresponding to the 1/4W horn length. Which is why it doesn't need a sealed rear chamber for most sources. Buyer is happy, works well and keeps up with his lascalas, replacing a pair of conventional ported subs, I think. FWIW, I still have my pico-wrecker tapped horn, will be interesting to see how that mates with my Belles whenever I revive the system.
  8. zobsky

    What would you do with these 12"ers?

    Since you have an even number of drivers a pair of 2 driver H-frames (with one driver facing in and the other facing out) a pair of linkwitz W-baffles a single Slot loaded Open Baffle, one or two Push-pull slot loaded (PPSL) ported / sealed subs depending on what they model well as
  9. zobsky

    table tuba subwoofer - DFW - SOLD

    ...tentatively claimed
  10. zobsky

    La Scala Bass Reflex Mod

    Life keeps me busy these days. Haven't been listening to any speakers much apart from my JBL desktop monitors. That said, my table tuba horn sub worked well with my belle klipsch clone . I put it on the classifieds this morning - as I'm trying to clear space. You're welcome to it (and a few other goodies) if you want to experiment.
  11. 30 Hz horn loaded subwoofer - 30 x 30 x 16 "Probably between 95 - 100 dB/Wm efficient in half space - in a different eague from conventional direct radiator subsMade of 1/2" mdf , had this for about 10 years , current MCM driver is about 6 years old .If you're interested in this , you know what it is . Works fine .Just don't have the room.for it with a toddler running amokFinished with Rust-Oleum spray on bedliner about 6 years ago so looks a bit rought. Could probably use another coat (about $10 or so) and it will look as good as new
  12. zobsky

    La Scala Bass Reflex Mod

    So here is my opinion of the bass reflex mod. It does work to extend the response lower - but just not enough (even with boost) - for my taste i.e. it does not eliminate the need for a subwoofer. I've tried it with a crites cast frame woofer and eminence kappa 15 . That said, it might have value in extending the response just a bit lower to make integration with a subwoofer easier. A laclala /belle + subwoofer is so much much better than one might expect.
  13. Your TV probably has an optical / digital out IF so , something like this should do the trick https://www.amazon.com/ViewHD-Converter-Simultaneous-Headphone-VHD-D2AC/dp/B007KXI2R8
  14. The mummy,..available at Redbox Awful movie but it claims Atmos
  15. For what it's worth the bass section of a belle is similar to a lascala in many (though not all) ways - just a different form factor apart from the part of the lascala that has no expansion. OTOH, the mid horn of a belle is shorter than a lascala (in order to fit in the shallower cabinet). If I remember correctly, it had to be crossed over higher than a lascala mid horn . Is this what your issue was when listening to belles, previously ? In any case, these short horns benefit greatly from mating with a real sub horn, perhaps more than one might assume initially. I currently have two horn type subs - a BFM table tuba and a "pico -wrecker" tapped horn. I think the picowrecker (or rather a pair of them) - (deeper response but less efficient) is going to stay in the home theater room and the table tuba (more efficient) is going to move downstairs with the belles (until I decide to build something else). If you don't have a lot of space, .. consider one of the smaller horn subs - maybe a T18 (18" cube) - that sub is very musical, punchy and tight sounding if you have a good corner and can live with 40 Hz response. It was my favorite till a friend dropped it when borrowing it and cracked open a seam.