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  1. With a speaker this large your room dimensions may work out for the better anyway. Being on the short wall you have the potential to be farther back from them. Congrats and enjoy. Would be nice to see some photos when they are set up.
  2. If I lived in the US I would consider these. They look like they would see most of us out, if you know what I mean. Somebody is going to end up with something to be proud of.
  3. YK Thom

    Any Knife guys?

    Do you make them? I might need to get on that list if they aren't too crazy expensive.
  4. Those ATCs sound magnificent.
  5. First time I've heard a sample of the KLF20s. They are quite good.
  6. This is a good question. They don't appear to ( I may be wrong). Quite amazing when you think of the billions (or trillions) of vibrations they produce over the years.
  7. YK Thom

    Super Tweeters...

    I can see them as a nice addition to Tannoys but I don't know if a Heritage model would really benefit.
  8. He did have a history of drug use, I read he ODed about 20 years ago and spent some time in a coma. He looked pretty fit to me, we will find out eventually. A true talent lost. Edit: Just read this, looks like an overdose. Damn shame. https://nypost.com/2022/03/26/taylor-hawkins-death-may-be-tied-to-drugs-police/
  9. I have a theory about this, it has more to do with placement and presentation. PWK himself was very much a classical music listener and of course stringed instruments are a key component of the sound. I have personally found that Klipsch speakers are quite accurate with the overall sound of strings, but what can be missing is the presentation. Stringed instruments of this type played live are generally not running through a sound reinforcement system - the sound is omni directional. Klipsch like most speakers are directional, so your placement in a room makes a big difference. I have been using Ohms for several years as my front mains and find them generally superior for this type of music. Superior in presentation as they radiate more in the manner of the live instrument, not overall tonal or detail accuracy.Getting a wider sound stage with your Klipsch will eliminate some of the directionality. Having the horns straighter rather than toed in made a difference for me in my listening room. As I mentioned just a theory.
  10. An interesting design that I have not heard in real life. There are those who swear by them.
  11. Very happy that you were able to get this sorted. Enjoy
  12. Good point, if you are at a rock concert you are actually listening to the band's PA system not the instruments directly as you would at an acoustic jazz performance. This is most likely the reason people describe Klipsh as sounding live. PA systems use horns. My Ohm Walsh as nice as they are, do not sound as " live" as Klipsch with rock music. With jazz and acoustic they very much do, more so in fact. All about the presentation mechanism.
  13. This may be something as simple as a flawed unit. These are very good turn tables. Can it be exchanged?
  14. YK Thom

    Chicks with picks

    Gail Ann Dorsey who played bass for Bowie was no slouch either.
  15. When I was a young man I spent a couple years as a painter - not the artist type. I learned from the best and we did mainly commercial but also a lot of real high end homes. We did a job for a couple who lived on Amherst Island in lake Ontario off from Kingston. A beautiful home over 200 years old made from lake stone - it had been an officers residence back in the day for the British navy before Canada was independent. It had been part of a naval base used against the Americans during the war of 1812. They were very wealthy and hospitable and spent quite a bit of time discussing the history of the home and island. He was a big wig retired engineer for Ontario Hydro. He met PWK at an engineering convention in the states way back, bought a Khorn ( back in the mono days), and then built a second when stereo became a thing.They also fed us extremely well and weren't shy with beverages at the end of the day. I spotted the Khorns early in the job. The old boy was impressed I knew what they were and had us sipping pints and having listening sessions every evening. They literally shook the place. They would have been from the early 60s. He gave me an old post card sort of thing that had a cut away diagram of the Klispch horn. He had a bunch of them.
  16. I would recommend the preowned car for reasons already mentioned. It will still have some warranty and with the savings you could probably add to it at an Accord dealership.
  17. It is a nice town, not too large or small. Sort of the sweet spot.
  18. Makes a lot of sense, I lived in Toronto years ago, it is a noisy place that you just get used to. Victoria is much quieter. And I do like "audioscape" - good word.
  19. I would like to find out. Nothing that I can notice at this point - I have always been very cautious with my hearing. My last test was over a decade ago though. At that time I had a comment from the audiologist that my hearing was considerably better than average for my age, whatever that means.
  20. I had always hoped the Palladium horn combo ( or a derivative based on the research and design work) would have trickled down to the Reference series. They were a spectacular line that was unfortunately out of the reach of many of us.
  21. Those Palladiums are few and far in-between, I'd grab them. There will always be Heresys floating around, brand new or used, that can be sourced later.
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