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  1. @JerrysMiddleFinger, a little late to the party, as usual, but how “easy” did the Ti diaphragms go in ? I read the caveats about them and still managed to snap the “tinsel” leads on one of the diaphragms I swapped years ago. Any flexing, or forcing of the assembly is a recipe for disaster. Do you have a multimeter you could check them with ?
  2. @hugot, maybe a silly question, but what drivers are in the La Scalas that you are using the AAs in?
  3. @KT88, more confusion for you, your first picture shows a K-33-V ?! …your welcome, lol As to your thoughts about using the woofers from your La Scalas in the Khorns and buying new Eminence woofers for the La Scalas, from my experience that is pretty sound thinking. Unless… the bass bin for YOUR model of Khorn was designed differently from the ones using the K-33-E ? I thought I had read something on this forum about a bass bin change, maybe in the AK crossover versions, so maybe of no consequence to you ? Regarding the La Scalas, I gave the Kappa 15Cs a run in my “regular” La Scalas with the AL-3 crossover years ago and was instantly taken aback by the increase in all aspects of their performance compared to the K-33s they replaced. The best word I could find to describe the impact was “supercharged”. I now own LSI Splits with the K-43 woofers, and the Kappa 15Cs are in my FH-1 bins. I whole-heartedly preferred the 15Cs in the Peavey bins as well though when compared to both the square magnet and round magnet K-33s I have floating around. One caveat though is that the foam gaskets on the Kappa 15Cs need to replaced with a hard paper gasket kit. I believe a significant amount of the energy and dynamics the woofer produces would be lost by having a “shock absorber” between the woofer frame and the motorboard. I had originally gotten around this necessity by torquing down the screws so tight the foam was compressed into the woofer frame, but in retrospect I was lucky I didn’t strip or snap a bolt, or warp the stamped frame. Even with torquing them like the bolt pattern on a car tire. My current pairs have had the foam gaskets replaced with paper.
  4. @S391, It looks to me like your LSs are 1988. Klipsch was a real mixed bag as they improved each model with available inventory. If you look at the schematic for the AL-2 it looks like they used up their inventory of 2.5mH coils to form the 5mH value used in the AL-3, same values, same schematic, different parts. I see your pair has the “improved” resin K-401. (Spider senses tingling)
  5. a little late to the party, nice day for yardwork up here Regarding the tweeter, I have one poly, two phenolic and one titanium diaphragm I just hooked up to the meter. It looks like 8.5 is an average reading between the lot. Parts Express has the polyswitches for peanuts, and if you are in the States the Crites and SimplySpeakers titanium diaphragms are free shipping (over $50). SimplySpeakers looks to have a phenolic “style” replacement too but they are not original equipment. I really liked the titanium TWEETER diaphragms, some don’t, so do your research on those. I recently put the phenolics back in the 301s to sell them and did not find anything immediately lacking in their presentation, they just sound better to me with Ti diaphragms. They sounded even better with Dave A’s LMAHL with the DE-120s, the same lens with the DE-10s needed a little attenuation, to my ears. If you are going to replace one, you may as well get a matching pair and have a spare, that you’ll never use, lol. When you get them up to snuff be sure and let us know your impressions. Cheers,
  6. Covid killed a fair market, too
  7. Maybe this is the replacement ? Interestingly the crossover on this model is 750 Hz, very close to the Cornwall 4.
  8. those are real, and they’re spectacular
  9. yikes, are the tweeters still tweeting ?
  10. @Jeff Matthews, everything changes when you change anything, whatever balance you have now will be different if you take a different path. Whether you like the change or not is entirely your business. Different is fun too, but the engineers had a plan. It looks to me like you have type A crossovers in there right now. I am going to ASSUME the tweeters are the round magnet Alnico version and the K-55 is the single phase plug version as well. The type of drivers in your speakers are an important consideration when choosing a path. There are limits both in frequency response and power handling depending on what drivers you choose to use. If you like the way they sound now, new polyesters will preserve that presentation. Probably make it a little clearer considering the age of those capacitors in there now. @jjptkd’s idea about trying different caps is a great idea. With a little effort and a very small outlay you can be sure which path you prefer. I really enjoyed a pair of Crites A/4500 crossovers I had recapped with polyesters in a pair of LSIs (before Crites offered a copper version), albeit with aftermarket tweeters. When pushed a little harder they held it together better, but at low to moderate levels, the “bright” Sonicaps were more revealing. Your ASSUMED alnico tweeters won’t appreciate being pushed hard, so that is a serious consideration, replacements for them are not falling off trucks. IF I understand the driver complement in your Khorns correctly, I would expect the type A crossover using a K-55 that rolls off at 4500hz to sound very similar to what I was using.
  11. @Kopek, Klipsch had a couple of sleepers I didn’t know about until I found this forum. A little taller and about the same size as the Forte’s footprint, but only in black, the Tangent 4000, and especially 5000 are outstanding performers.
  12. @susan, the crossover and midrange driver might help narrow down the year a little closer if you can get a picture of them
  13. @Deang In the decade or so I’ve been following this forum you have always been the catalyst for progress and knowledge. Sometimes at the expense of a few battle scars, but always emerging as a rational voice. I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you for your DECADES of positive contributions. None of these forums would be the same without you.
  14. …which Heresys, 1, 2, 3, or IV?
  15. Yes! What a difference three years does make. Looking back at this thread after finally building a pair of ALK clones, or five to be exact… That 33uF cap in the CSW 450s is/was not doing your La Scalas any favours, anyone’s for that matter. That is the value for a 600 Hz (roughly) cross, a 47uF cap will make the La Scalas come alive. No wonder you preferred the Volti VTK 400s, amongst other reasons. I would bet the Volti has two 24s paralleled for 48uF.
  16. …long ago, before the dark ages, one could read of the exploits of the common man in his pursuit and passion for a peaceful pastime
  17. @Delicious2, if all else fails P-Audio makes a copy of that tweeter. I THINK you can get a pair of them off eBay for $50. Whatever the sonic differences are will match.
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