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  1. I just read the whole thing before noticing the dates. The Rod Elliot page on Bi-Amping was a good read.. http://sound.whsites.net/bi-amp.htm
  2. If I were retired or had more time at my disposal I'd start a company building custom Hypex amps. Maybe even a four channel with the hypex DSP built in and preconfigured for Jubes.
  3. Well it was great meeting so many like minded people. And a few long lost brothers..
  4. @ClaudeJ1 can you share what exactly you had in mind for the Double Super Heresy design? Two Heresy sized cabs on top of each other? Or one tower sized cab with both drivers, possibly with a divider to partition each driver's back wave? I have acquired a pair of K510s with K691s and I'm ready to order 4 12s to start moving on this build.
  5. What a great idea.. It must have been the bourbon..
  6. Let me know when you’re ready and I’m happy to help you get this working. The K510 is a magic piece of kit for the size.
  7. So where are you at with this Emile? I have my 510s now and have them sounding great with a minidsp OpenDRC 2x8 as the crossover and eq. It’s pretty apparent to me that your problems are entirely gain related with the bottom end minidsp. I’ve got a couple of suggestions. 1. Upgrade to the minidsp 2x4HD. It’s better in so many ways, but most importantly it has 2V analog input and output. You’re gonna want the extra output voltage to drive your pro amp. Also the HD has more SNR. 2. Get an attenuator to balance the output voltage from your preamp into the dsp. I’m using this one: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07GRLV7XG. There are also a few cheaper options, but make sure you pick one with a high quality potentiometer. 3. Disconnect the outputs of the dsp and connect the attenuator between your preamp and the dsp input. Open the dsp control program and connect with the usb. Set the input gain to zero. Play a loud rock cd that has pretty uniform loudness (or input a 0db pink noise signal if you have that capability.) Set your preamp volume at 75%. Adjust the attenuator knob until the input meter display on the dsp control program is peaking at 0db. Now you have the output voltage range from 0 to 3/4 turn on your pre mapped to the unclipped input range of your dsp. 4. Once the input gain is right you can adjust the gains on each of your amps to balance the output between the top and bottom. Rew and your calibration mic can help you get this exact. 5. There’s a PDF file on klipsch.com for the KP-904 that has Roy’s suggested eq settings for the 510. These are pretty simple to input into the dsp. This should get you really close to the sound you’re expecting based on your passive 904s. Further tweaking can be accomplished by following Chris A’s instructions with REW. Let me know how else I can help.
  8. How low do these go? Do you have a high pass filter to protect the Eminence from over excursion? I’m thinking of doing something similar with K510 horns on the top end.
  9. Klipsch looks to be moving to all Chromecast as well. DTS didn’t deliver half of what they promised in PlayFi.
  10. Because the final mix of the album took all ten hands of the band plus Alan Parsons to control all of the track levels from the multitrack tapes. Nick Mason recalled it as more complicated than playing any of the songs. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall for that one.
  11. Chromecast audio does this well. You can still find them for a bit of a premium on FleaBay.
  12. They played a show for David Gilmour's 60th birthday. David said it was interesting as he'd never seen a Floyd show from the audience.
  13. FleaBay? I haven't had any luck finding cheap xilicas..
  14. Also switching to Tidal from Spotify is the cheapest upgrade you can make and should have substantial improvements in your setup.
  15. Anyone play with the newish nCore based DSP amps from Hypex? Looks like you could go active 2 or 3 way with nCore 500w channels on the big drivers for not that much more than a Xilica 4x8. Power supply, amps and DSP all in one unit. I might order the 2x125 FA122 just to see how much noise comes out of my K510s. Worst case scenario it would make a great plate amp for a small sub. https://www.diyclassd.com/plate-amplifiers/
  16. In that case this might a good path forward. But you would need a DSP unit to do it right. My 510s arrived last night and I just got them setup with a pair of old bookshelves until I retrieve my Heresies from storage.
  17. Although I see from another thread you used to have 402s. If your used to that sound it's going to be hard to replicate.
  18. What's your budget for this project? Do you have spare amplifiers available you could use for active crossovers? A K510 sits nicely on top of a Heresy... Won't have the deep bass of the 396 but the Heresy has great mid bass punch to which you could add a single sub to cover the low octave. I've ordered the K904HF bundle from Cory, which is the K510 horn with a K691 driver and a stand. I'll be combining this with a pair of H2 I have that are currently unused to solve a similar space problem to yours. I'll let you know how they sound vs the stock H2s when I have them up and running.
  19. That's true, so long as you're able to run a network cable to where the audio equipment is located. Depending on how you set up both the router and the Bluesound node (or whatever else you may choose), as well as the NAS, there can still be occasional network hiccups while DHCP leases are renewed, for example. Just for the record you can get LAN power adapters for the CCA which supplies both wired LAN and power over the CCAs micro USB. The CCA is an amazing piece of kit and I'm not sure I'll ever forgive Google for canceling it.
  20. Can you hear the improved response?
  21. Linkwitz was a real pioneer in this industry and an inspiration for DIYers. Such a loss.
  22. One advantage to two different amps is that you can match the different power requirements i.e. a more powerful amp for extra damping on the bass drivers vs. a super clean low wattage for the mid compression.
  23. I’m going to use hockey pucks for feet in my next speaker build...
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