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    What I Got Today!

    I saw these guys (ELP) in Madison Square Garden and at Roosevelt Field back inna 70's. Awesome shows.
  2. Matt: Thanks for your interest. I found a complete set from an enthusiast on Audiokarma for $30.00, delivered. How is the hot rod? JBCODD
  3. I recently moved two la Scalas in an old (1997) Isuzu Rodeo. JBCODD
  4. I'll go for it if Datacom doesn't "Seal de Deal".

    What I Got Today!

    A nice pair of 1978 la scala's with Crites crossovers and updated tweeters. While they are not the Forte I's I was looking for, I think I'll be able to soldier on.
  6. At the current exchange rate the price is $1500 US dollars. Plus delivery (food for the dog sled.) Not sure how long this method of commerce takes, but I know they can get from Settler's Bay to Nome in under nine days.
  7. C'mon. I know you've heard of wi-if. If you go get all Kerouac on uss there had better be some pictures.
  8. Holy belladonna alkaloids, Batman!
  9. Mmmmmm. Mmmmmm. Thumper onna bumper. Or the urban variety: poodles wit noodles.
  10. JBCODD

    Yamaha M 65

    Gentlemen and Ladies: Iz enyone runnin' old Yamaha pre's and amps wit dere Klipsch rigs? I axe cause I gots a M 65 and a 60 series pre dat I wanna use fer my Forte's. The above was written in my native New York patois, so forgive the spelling. JBCODD
  11. Prime" BTDubs: Mirror Man; Clear Spot; Trout Mask Replica and The Spotlight Kid are just as good.
  12. "All The Young Dudes"
  13. Don't know what the reserve Was, but they are up to $1500 and above the reserve.
  14. Have these been on here before? http://www.ebay.com/itm/KLIPSCH-KLIPSCHORN-SPEAKERS-/112343106022?hash=item1a282bc1e6:g:-J0AAOSw4CFY0Yok Jbcodd
  15. I usually go with some F Zappa: " G-Spot Tornado " from the Yellow Shark , played by the Ensemble Modern of Frankfurt or " Big Swifty " from Wazoo, disc one.
  16. "Everybody's rockin JBL's and Polks, Some are ampin' wit Yamaha's; Others are kicking wit Douks. Everybody's in despair, Every girl and boy. But when P dub's Klipschorns get here Everybody jump for joy."
  17. Could be truth in labeling. The melamine additives Could make yer lips edematous and erythematous, thus the "Red Labial"
  18. Gotta agree wit da satellite man. On both posts. I don't have an Aeropress, just a regular French press. Used with freshly ground arabica beans it can't be beat. I favor Colombian Supremo, or Guatemalan beans. Most tasty.
  19. Hey, Senor Baron: How is the crabbing down there? Was stationed at Walter Reed back in the day (86-91) and loved to take the kids to Solomons Island to fish and catch Maryland blues from the dock. But the last time I was there (2015) the pickings were pretty slim. JBCODD
  20. Not Affiliated Got home from a brutal 12 hr shift at the factory. Running on about 22 hrs awake (fairly normal for a Wed/Thurs).See my wife off to work, decide to check Craigslist for some Forte's (cheap ones fit my budget). Find the following post: http://phoenix.craigslist.org/evl/ele/6045363894.html WHOA!!! Looks like Cornwall I for $450!!!! Slightly distressed, but right in my wheelhouse! Send an e- mail and get ready for bed. I pad dings, look at e- mail, and seller says may be seen before 1300 today, and there has been lots of interest. (Sorry, retired military) Call Muldoon and say I'm of my way. (Hope they fit in the Pimpmobile ((2000 Volvo S-700))) Hit the ATM. BOOGIE. Hit traffic onna 101. Schvitzin'. Get to Indian School Rd and 82nd street. Realize I don't have the address. Call Muldoon and ask for address. No answer. Turn on street on Google maps and park. Wait. Wait. Call again. No answer. Grind teeth. Wait. Guy walks up to car and sez "Are you the guy from Chandler? I just sold them. So many people called I didn't know who was who." Le Wah!!!! Oh, well I still have a lovely wife of > 30 yrs, who puts up with my varied manias and five children who are good citizens and six grandchildren who think that I'm OK. And a line on some Forte's I can afford. Le Wah. Any how there are still many components for any in the Phoenix metro area who may be interested, and if the price on the Cornwall speakers is an indication, there are bargains to be had. Happy Hunting JBCODD
  21. Followed a link on an unrelated post to audiokarma.org and noticed they had a dedicated Yamaha section. Found a gent who could supply the parts I needed. Problem solved. Thanks for all the input and help. JBCODD
  22. Needles Victor needles are typically made of steel, and there is one important rule: USE A STEEL NEEDLE ONLY ONCE and then throw it away. They will ruin your records if used more than once. There is a strong abrasive in the old 78 RPM records which, by design, wears the needle, and consequently, saves the record from wearing out. (Needles are cheaper than records!). However, if you reuse a worn needle, you will quickly cut into the groove surfaces and ruin the record. This was true in 1910, and it is still true today. Steel needles are readily available from many sources, including the service companies listed in the SUPPLIERS section. They are usually available in loud and soft tone versions. Call them for prices and availability. Years ago, some needles were produced from Fiber or Tungsten materials. Victor manufactured a multi-play "Tungstone" needle in the late 'teens and early 20's. These needles lasted for many playings without the need for constant replacement of the needle. These still show up at auctions and on Ebay in their original small tin containers. They consist of a steel shank with a small "point" protruding from one end. This point is made of a tungsten alloy, which is much softer than the grooves of records. A Tungstone needle may be used to play as many records as you wish until it ceases working (at which time it is worn out and should no longer be visible as a small protrusion from the shank). In addition, soft wood-like fiber needles were also available from Victor in the heyday of the Victrola, giving a very subdued sound. These dulled very quickly, but could be resharpened by using a small "chisel" cutter kit. To my knowledge, only steel needles are being manufactured at present. There are no current manufacturers of either fiber of Tungstone needles. The above is per http://www.victor-victrola.com/Needles.htm. Thanks for the tip about cactus needles. I live in Az and the supply is substantial. Perhaps I will compile a comparative study of various species: saguaro::cholla::ocotillo::prickly pear. JBCODD
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