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  1. Comrades: I'm looking to expand the soundstage of my vintage RCA turntable and need some help. It currently runs through a single attached folded horn speaker, with low fi results. Should I go with solid state or tube amps? I've got some early stock Heresy I's, but would a set of Fortes be better?
  2. Bought a pair of Heresy speakers in 1984 in Frankfurt, from another soldier. Then I got married and started breeding. The five kids are educated and moved out, so now I have my eye on a pair of Forte I.
  3. USNRET: How are you. I'm Ret Army. A banana plug might fit in the holes near the base of the post, (see pic above) but this would be sub-optimal as it would make minimal contact with the conductive element. Thank you for your reply, though, as the link you provided led me to a possible source at legendaryamps.com. JBCODD
  4. Derrick: I am the original owner. There have been no mods to this amp. The only difference is that I have lost the parts which screw into the binding posts and secure the speaker wires. While replacing the binding posts may improve the function or ease of use, I would rather take the simpler steps first and obtain the missing pieces. I do thank you for your input, though, as Parts Express may see my custom if the search for these pieces is in vain. I did contact http://legendaryamps.com/ to see if they had any on hand. Their website states that they routinely replace these posts and I hope that they can harvest a few of the nuts for me. *sigh* Da trouble I have wit "Deez Nutz" JBCODD the image below shows the binding posts with the red and black securing pieces. The securing pieces are what I need. The binding posts on my amp are functional.
  5. On the back panel there are 12 threaded, cylindrical receptacles, with an ID of 9/16". These accept cylindrical "nuts" which have an axial pass thru for the speaker wires. (Da wires go tru da middle). I could probably drill out some plastic pipe plugs, but for aesthetic reasons, would prefer OEM parts.
  6. Sirs: I have a Yamaha M-65 amp I wish to place in service after many moons of storage. However I found that the red and black plastic nuts which attach speaker wires to the outputs are missing. I've called Yamaha parts and they no longer have them. Does anyone have a source (or part #) for these? PS: I will be running some vintage Heresy I's with this, and perhaps some Forte I's if a deal goes through.
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