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  1. $329..... Hard to imagine, but that was probably three weeks pay for a lot of people or more.
  2. I'm glad I bought my Forte IV in February... ... were they worth 3k plus my trade? Absolutely. $4500 isn't chump change, but its not unrealistic for a good speaker. I love them but not sure if they are worth $5748...... they are great but now the Forte is priced similarly to Volti Razz , a better speaker by many accounts. I think Klipsch will lose a lot of potential Heresy, Forte , and Cornwall customers . Those three speakers were within reach for many folks, now not so much. There will always be buyers for LaScala and K Horn, I doubt sales will suffer for those two. I like the Heresy IV but am not convinced its worth $3700 and I'm sure many will agree.
  3. I still listen to FM a lot. I have a Magnum Dynalab MD102 tuner and just picked up a really nice condition Fanfare FT 1a with remote for $200.... sounds great , I’m going leave it in my main system for a little while This is the last component needed for a complete 2nd system minus speakers.
  4. Unfortunately Decware has something like 500 people in line for amps .... you should really check out the Quicksilver Integrated amp. It’s a 20 w EL 84 amp and built like a tank. Brand new $1999
  5. Steve.

    KT77 vs KT88

    Initially I thought I really liked the KT 77 but they seemed to lean toward too much bass in my system. One red plated after 10 months...so I put my spare KT88 Gold Lion in, they have many hours but still sound great.
  6. If you are patient you can find some really nice stuff on CL or US Audiomart... if you can afford new Heresy you can probably find a pair of Forte III for a good price. I've had a pair of Forte IV since February and I am loving them. I am all over New England for work, if I see a nice pair of Heritage in my travels, I will PM you.
  7. Tubes are consumables, no doubt ...and when I get noise I root out the problem immediately to prevent damage to my babies.... I had a weird screechey , other worldly sound recently and it was a new driver tube. Tube was only a few weeks old. I first will clean all tube pins with 99.9 iso and sockets as well that often gets rid of the noise, but any weird noises after that I replace tube in question
  8. No pic yet..... but I will definitely post my Toolshed 300b once I get it.
  9. I love Welcome To The Machine.... so many great ones. My favorite "song" is Animals, that album is kind of like one really long song.....
  10. Just noticed Music Direct lists the Forte IV at $4998. Walmart still has em for $4500 ! Why is World Wide Stereo allowed to sell through Walmart? Thats not right and undermines legit Heritage Dealers.
  11. Sorry for your loss Fido.... so many people have lost someone close. I work in just about every clinic and hospital in the Boston area as a vendor , I've been exposed a number of times and can't believe I didn't catch it.
  12. I was wondering the same thing. Maybe as dealers exhaust their stock they will list or disclose that
  13. I was running my Heresy IIi with a pair of 40 watt Quicksilver Mid Monos and it was a great match. Plenty of power in my 15 x 17 room .... I gave my brother a pair of H2 and he was driving them with a 15 w Technics receiver . they don’t need a lot of watts but the better the amp the more you will be rewarded
  14. I agree , those speakers dont need many watts of QUALITY power to sound awesome .
  15. Decware sells one for 9 pin preamp type tubes
  16. There are no stupid questions here....fortunately theres a lot Klipsch info here and archived
  17. I'm glad I pulled the trigger on my Forte IV in February... I used my Heresy III for almost 4 years and got only $300 less than what I paid for them, because I bought them right before they went up in price. They were MSRP of $2000, then went to $2598..... I paid $1800 for the H3 so my trade in was better than expected, I actually benefited from the increase... I hope the $500 jump in price doesn't keep one from looking at the IV, they are really a great speaker.
  18. Tell me about it !!! I am really loving the Forte IV , newly retubed amps, recent DAC purchase .... it sounds so good I'm afraid to touch things.
  19. Congrats!!! Awesome speaker for sure. Cornwalls aren't really known for high WAF but hopefully she will appreciate the awesome sound they deliver. Enjoy !
  20. You will love them. They are dead quiet and sound great . Those are lower gain and perfect for Klipsch speakers . Be sure to post your impressions. They are built like a tank. Enjoy!
  21. I have no issue adjusting / checking bias. I use the VHT bias meter when I check my amps bias. Makes it super easy and safe. Although I really do appreciate not having to do that with my Quicksilver headphone amp as it it self biasing .
  22. Welcome , this is one of the better forums out there...... not just for all things Klipsch . Good resource for general info , much friendlier place than Audiogon thats for sure.
  23. They fixed my Dads HGS 10 and it’s been running about five years no issues
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