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  1. Jonathan Taylor and the rest of the Badgers will be too much for Sparty this weekend in Madison. Nevertheless, I will watch and root for my alma mater. BTW, Madison is a beautiful town with a beautiful B1G campus. I’ve visited most B1G campuses, and Madison is one of my favorites. My least favorite is Champaign-Urbana. I’m sure Illini alumni love their school and its town, as they should, but I’m not surprised at the difficulty recruiting talent to live in the middle of a cornfield.
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    Over the decades, I’ve enjoyed h/k 430, 630, 730, & 930 receivers with various Klipsch speakers. I agree with Andy @HDBRbuilder that spending serious money to have them properly serviced (more than Deoxit, bulbs, and fuses) makes sense and cents. By offering that opinion, I’m not suggesting the seller of the unit implied that bulbs and Deoxit constituted an adequate service for a forty-year-old classic, or that the asking price was not fair for a unit that deserves having that much spent again to genuinely restore it for another decade of service. Any inference that I was being critical of the seller is incorrect. Before I weaned myself from tubes and switched to class-D chip amps, I was using a 730, as well as modified Dynaco tube gear. Several audiophile friends consistently preferred the sound of the Harman Kardon 730 to the tube amps. I’ve never had a tube amp that didn’t produce a low level hiss from efficient Klipsch tweeters. In contrast, my h/k x30s and class-D chip amps are dead silent at idle. My son returned his 430, as he wanted the convenience of an AVR to power his Heresys, mostly for TV. Bruce @Marvel was the beneficiary of my son’s misguided judgment.
  3. In the 70s I used a digital time delay to add a very subtle amount of reverb using rear speakers. When properly set up you did not perceive the rear speakers as a source of sound. You did not perceive it being used, until it was turned off and the sound collapsed to the front. As a struggling student living in a small apartment, I sold the unit (can’t recall the manufacturer) to a doctor with Belles. I’ve also dabbled with the Dynaco Quadaptor referenced earlier. Dave @Mallette knows a lot about that device.
  4. I purchased these as downloads to be played via Pono. They are superb.
  5. DizRotus

    RIP Rip

    I didn't use it because I know my Rips and riputation.
  6. DizRotus

    RIP Rip

    Rip Torn should also RIP. IMO. Rip Torn was underated as an actor. If you haven't seen Canadian Bacon, I recommend it highly. Rip Torn is excellent in a comedic role.
  7. Get out of there ASAP. Hospitals are full of sick people.
  8. Congratultions to you and the buyer. Please edit the orignal post to include "SOLD" in the subject.
  9. RIP Mr. Baker. I’ll have some Cream with my coffee this morning.
  10. It will be interesting to see how Wisconsin does against OSU in a few weeks. I expect MSU to fare no better against the Badgers next week than they did against the Buckeyes yesterday. Seems to me the top 3 B1G teams, in order, are: 1. OSU; 2. Wisconsin; and 3. PSU. Unfortunately, as @Pete H says, the B1G teams will beat up on each other, while Notre Dame beats up on Bowling Green and and other teams that are not likely to win their respective conferences. Beating Va. Tech, Michigan, USC, BC, Navy, and Stanford is not the same as winning a Power 5 conference championship. Not to mention Brian Kelly is extremely annoying. I will root against each team playing ND, even the Wolverines, so that one of the four playoff spots is not again wasted on ND.
  11. The new batteries took a charge. All is well.
  12. PM sent. Give me a call some evening. There’s a solution (pun intended) if you’re willing to put in some effort.
  13. Greg from PE tech support replied to my Sunday email before 8am EDT today. He suggested testing the batteries with a "meter." After labeling the batteries A, B, or C, using a DVM, they tested as follows: A= 4.20v; B= 0.00v; and C= 4.21v. Apparently, B is a dud. Greg said it will be replaced under warranty. I should have checked them prior to assembly, but I'm not sure the problem would have been evident prior to charging. The takeaway is to confirm proper operation, including charging, prior to mounting the module into the case. The fewer times those tiny wood screws are screwed into and removed from the MDF (or even the hardwood plugs I glued behind the MDF) the better. I hope and expect a new battery to resolve the charging issue. In any case, it would be unscientific and ill-advised to do further diagnosis until the known variable is addressed.
  14. It won’t take a charge. With the supplied 12v PS plugged in it plays, all LEDs are illuminated, Bluetooth, Aux-In, and volume control work, but it doesn’t take a charge. Unplug the PS and the music stops and LEDs go dark instantly, except “charging” LED, which fades to dark gradually. With the PS plugged in and the switch OFF, no LEDs are illuminated and it failed to charge overnight. All connections were double checked and battery polarity confirmed. Suggestions? I sent an email to PE tech support, but don’t expect a reply until Next week.
  15. Chuck @Tarheel your Tarheels put a scare into #1 Clemson.
  16. I don’t disagree, except Indiana wanted MSU to score a TD so they would get the ball with some time left. Notice that Hoosiers made no attempt to stop a TD. It’s almost always a good idea to not do what your opponent wants. Remember the briar patch?
  17. MSU did not look consistently good. Even after that turnover TD Sparty failed to cover. They can’t play like that against OSU, Wisconsin, or Michigan and win.
  18. After enjoying it for a few hours I’m pleased with how it sounds, but I prefer my FE-103. The sound of the older boombox is more effortless.
  19. It sounds very good. The first song played via Bluetooth, iPad, and Spotify was Brubeck’s Take Five. The piano, sax, and percussion were excellent and the drums and cymbals belied the size of the drivers.
  20. DizRotus


    It looks great, but Deoxit and bulbs is not a proper service for a forty-year-old classic.
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