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  1. The Crites B&C 120 is attached to a drop-in K-77 replacement plastic horn. I’m all but positive the B&C drivers are not easily attached to genuine metal K-77/T-35 horns. The Crites 120 requires no modification to the motor boards and has the same appearance as the K-77/T-35 horn.
  2. Looks like a lot of work for a birthday lady. @dtel's wife
  3. Hi Mark, Dave, @Mallette, might be headed to Beltsville. He was wondering who from the Forum might be nearby. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
  4. Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday Christy, @dtel's wife. Let — make — Elden, @dtel, wait on you today. You shouldn’t need to lift a finger.
  5. Isn’t that a Mediterranean dish?
  6. If why’re is too subtle your post above will do a total fly-over.
  7. Damn auto-correct. You meant to say Cruze, didn’t you?
  8. Read the post you quoted slowly out loud.
  9. DizRotus


    Be careful. You’ll pay a sin tax.
  10. Carl doesn’t have that kind of dough.
  11. I worked in a VW, Porsche, Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Subaru store in the 70s. The Audi 100LS and Fox were Teutonic, but anything but German quality.
  12. A friend of mine hates government regulations and thinks the market economy will deal with everything. After his daughter survived a serious head-on collision, I pointed out to him that government regulations, not the marketplace, required her Nissan to have life saving air bags. It has been proven repeatedly that most people will not pay for safety, it must be regulated upon them.
  13. I thought you work at Dodge store and I know you have an affinity for Porsches. I’m puzzled by the Chevy. Glad you’re OK. The Chevy will buff out. Carl, have you been in an airbag deploying accident? When our Chevy Astro van was totaled by a Corolla driver running a red light while on the phone, my wife thought she’d gone to heaven when the air bags blew.
  14. Chris- My post above was being typed while you posted your reply to my question. You and I appear to agree almost completely about vinyl. I’m amazed at how good vinyl can sound despite dragging a semi-precious stone across bumpy plastic. IMO, vinyl sounds good despite being vinyl, not because of it. I agree that digitizing vinyl when a CD is readily available makes very little sense. I don’t agree that Audacity, at least v2.3.3, is hard to use. IME, ripping, splitting to tracks and naming tracks is very easy NOW; it used to be very tedious. Even dealing with ticks and pops is now relatively easy, but a PVA facial makes that all but unnecessary. In addition to the old vinyl that is not available as a CD, I do rip some vinyl that is available on CD, for example, The Turning Point by John Mayall and I’ve Got The Music In Me by Thelma Houston & Pressure Cooker. I believe each recording is available on CD, but I’m too cheap to duplicate my entire vinyl collection in CD format when the latest version of Audacity makes it so easy to rip the vinyl to digital. Of course, my vinyl is well cared for and it has been cleaned and rendered permanently static-free thanks to PVA and Cyastat. The surface noise is essentially nonexistent.
  15. I too found Audacity to be awkward, not intuitive, when I first tried to rip vinyl to digital files. It was especially difficult to split and name tracks. The newest v2.3.3 Audacity is much easier to use. I understand the problem Chris, @Chris A, has with Audacity regarding demastering, but my focused task is to capture the vinyl squiggles as 1s and 0s. I’ll leave demastering to Chris. Using a Behringer U-PHONO UFO202, a modified and refurbished Technics SL-1200, and a Denon DL-110 MC cartridge, I’m able to capture and preserve the music on vinyl. It is especially valuable regarding vinyl recordings not available in digital formats. For example, obscure vintage jazz and blues pressings that were never released as CDs can be found for very little at garage sales, thrift stores, and used record stores. After a Reg Williamson PVA Cyastat facial peel, they can be ripped, preserved, and enjoyed. If a CD is available, using a PC to rip the CD’s mp3 files is much easier. Is this process SOTA, not by a long shot. But, preserving vintage vinyl and being able to access it and play it easily using a Pono player is worth the time and effort. IMO, the music is paramount, not the hardware or the process.
  16. Would it possible to use a laptop with v2.3.3 to rip vinyl with track breaks and then demaster the digital files on your main computer using v2.1.0?
  17. If Marylanders could just show some pride in their flag, you know, possibly incorporate it into the design of an athletic uniform or something.
  18. Did you ever post a photo of your beautiful speakers with the bass in grilles in place? If so, I missed it. I’ve taken the liberty of attaching a photo from your build thread so that possible buyers can easily see your excellent craftsmanship. GLWS, or whatever you decide.
  19. It was a joke Dave. Congratulations. You’re much better off in Beltsville. It’s been years since there’s been an earthquake, mudslide, or wildfire in Beltsville. At least it’s not Cockeysville.
  20. Unfortunately the texted invitation was ambiguous and incorrect. Was the invite for 12/29 vs WMU or 2/29 vs MD? Turns out it’s the former so we need not unfold the latter. Oh well, MD would’ve been a more interesting game, but it will be fun watching the WMU game anyway, unless the Broncos upset Sparty at home.
  21. What if the FDA in Beltsville puts the job on hold? . . . . They’re known suspenders.
  22. The details are chronicled here: I am still deciding whether to use the tweeters from the KP-201s, now with Crites titanium diaphragms, or Crites CT-120s. They sound comparable to me, each superior to K-77s. The plan is to refurbish a pair of HIPs and convert them to “Supers.” The CT-120s will go into those. I don’t expect there to be much difference between the two versions. One pair will stay and the other pair will go. In any case, a pair of fully functional Alnico K-77s from the HIPs is available for $100 shipped to 48 states.
  23. Chris, I now use Audacity v2.3.3, which makes splitting and naming tracks very easy. The prior version I used (v2.?.?) did not. After recording side one, I pause the Audacity recording, flip the disc, and resume the rip/recording. It helps to note the numerical positions at the track changes, but even without those notes, it’s relatively easy to visualize the splits on the computer screen. After the recording/rip is completed, cleaning up the lead-in, record flip and run-out is also easier than before. I too found the process of splitting and naming tracks tedious with earlier versions of Audacity. Version 2.3.3 makes it easy, but it still takes place in real time.
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