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  1. Do they look like these in a photo plucked from a Google search? If so, the drive and the money were clearly worth it.
  2. DC is a favorite place to visit. I too was very moved by the Vietnam Veterans memorial. I found the name Richard Thornell who was the kicker on my high school football team in 1965. Dick was a senior when I was a junior. During the 1966 football season, a teammate and I visited the funeral home to pay our respects to our fallen teammate and his family. His father commented on how good his son looked in his USMC dress uniform. My friend and I expressed agreement to his father, but both were personally disturbed to see our teammate dead in a coffin.
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    Big Cold

    The temp in Birmingham, MI is now 0 F, 1 C and dropping. It was 2 F an hour ago. Fortunately the power is on, the house is warm and the coffee is hot. I feel for my Southern brothers and sisters during this freeze, especially those in Texas where the electrical grid was not designed for such cold. That fierce Texas independence that eschews the regulation of the national grid has consequences. Stay safe and warm.
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    Someone, possibly Mike aka @dirtmudd, posted this elsewhere.
  5. Welcome. As @wuzzzer said, carefully listen at low volume initially. Listen for scraping sounds. Also confirm that each driver is producing output. They are probably fine. The tweeter voice coils are probably the most vulnerable. In the mid-70s I used four 8 ohm Speakerlab SKhorns (Klipschorn knockoffs) in a mobile DJ business. With two in parallel per channel, the Dynaco ST400 put out 300 watts/channel into the resulting 4 ohm load. Even with four efficient horn loaded speakers it was often necessary run at full throttle to provide enough volume to satisfy the demands of a gymnasium or cafeteria full of adolescents. With the exception of a few blown EV T-35 (same as K-77) voice coils, no harm done. In those days a call to EV in Buchanan, MI would have a replacement diaphragm at my door within a few days, along with an invoice for less than $20. Those were the days. The Atlas drivers (similar to K55) and woofers were never damaged. If the play with no apparent odd noises, you’re probably OK.
  6. I agree with Mike, @MookieStl, and Carl, @CECAA850, wait 24 hours.
  7. Spartans lost by 30 to Iowa. The active streak of consecutive NCAA appearances seems to be grinding to a halt. They looked truly awful yesterday, no center, no point guard, & no chance. Maybe next year.
  8. Sam’s asking where your safety glasses are. She’s questioning the “SAFETY” on your shirt.
  9. 80 Hz, or possibly lower, I’d have to connect a laptop to the iNukes to be certain. The “Supered” HIPs roll off naturally. The dsp in the iNukes control the slope and frequency range of the crossovers to the subs. It’s interesting to add or subtract the subs or the mains during playback. For instance, during the opening of DSOTM, turning off the iNukes greatly diminishes the heartbeats, but turning off the mains has very little effect on the heartbeats.
  10. My son uses a Dayton plate amp to drive one with good results. There is no way to build a plate amp into the design without substantially altering the internal dimensions, or having it look like a goiter. Some sort of external case is the best solution.
  11. Please refresh my recollection Chuck. When did you adopt Jake?
  12. I use a pair of Behringer iNuke1000dsp amps. The low price (one was an “open box” from Parts Express), class D operation, balanced inputs, and dsp to set the crossover make them nearly perfect for my needs. Even though iNukes are notoriously overrated as to power, each amp is able to easily drive a pair of 8 ohm TH subs. I removed the noisy fans and never turn them off. There have been ZERO problems now for several years.
  13. I know they’re available new for ~$70, but if one of the pack rats who haunt this place has one they no longer need, I’m interested. It must be a TC-778, as I need it to rip 78s to FLAC files to be played with a Pono player. I already have a much traveled TC-776 purchased from @billybob, which I need for my Denon MC cartridge.
  14. My friend was a retired GM employee, not a great R&B piano player. Listening to music using the Dynaco amplifier and preamp through Speakerlab 7s, all of which I assembled for Johnny, exposed me to Jazz and R&B that was beyond my suburban experience.
  15. IMO, the surface area and depth of the port/vent are what matters. IMO, the Cornwall IV uses multiple ports for, at least, two reasons. First, it looks cool. Second, it uses ports already available that are used in other products. In any case, Roy @Chief bonehead has calculated the parameters necessary to have the vent/port function as he intended. As to front vs rear ports/vents, IMO, there is no correct answer. Each has strengths and limitations. Each works when done and placed appropriately.
  16. Sad news indeed. Years ago, in the basement of Johnny Johnson, a friend I met through audio (I sold him an amp and built him a pair of Speakerlab 7s), introduced me to Chick Corea, as well as many more Jazz and R&B greats. I miss Johnny, and now mourn the passing of Chick.
  17. All this time I thought rectilinear referred to a colonoscopy and a broom handle.
  18. I think he goes about town with a sheep taking photos of kids on the sheep. Got to sell a lot of photos to amortize that Leica. 😉
  19. That is the original Cinelli saddle. That saddle is now very hard on my 72 year-old butt. Each season it seems to take longer to get “comfortable” on that saddle.
  20. I know what you mean. I’ve never ridden a bike with a better, more lively, ride. A friend bought a new Schwinn World Voyager (Japanese made with Shimano components) at the same time I bought my bike. At first, he questioned that my bike could be twice as nice to justify twice the price, until he rode it. After riding it, he frequently asked to trade on our long rides over the rural roads surrounding East Lansing, MI. OBTW, that Leica is most impressive. I could not help but exclaim, “Holy S**t” when I Googled “Leica Q2 Monochrom,” and saw the prices. That is a very serious camera.
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