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  1. A present from one of my sons, this started slowly but picked up steam when it got to the political campaigns.
  2. The worst speakers I ever bought were Bose 901s. The worst speakers ever owned were part of, no they were, the dowry. Prior to our marriage, she bought a “package deal” system from Pacific Stereo in Chicago. The pedestrian Sherwood receiver and Garrard record changer were paired with some “hecho en Mexico” speakers. The enclosures were glorified cardboard. The woofer was 6” with a magnet the size of a quarter. The tweeter was a 1.5” paper cone. The network was a single tiny resistor. She was convinced she got a deal by paying full list for the receiver and the record changer with the weakest link thrown in.
  3. I don't know, he's lost a lot of Mylar.
  4. No help with a fair price for the Khorns, but I venture to say if you’ve been pleased with Cornwall 2s, you’re unlikely to be disappointed with the Khorns. Good luck.
  5. Glad you tried it and like it. My “ Supered” HIPs sit on the floor on closed cell foam wedges that raise the fronts about two inches above the carpet. IIRC, I gave a set to Claude @ClaudeJ1, the father of “Super” Heresys.
  6. DizRotus

    RIP Cpl. AGARN

    Larry Storch has passed at 99. Best known for his role as Cpl. Agarn in F Troop, he appeared in many other productions. I can hear him asking St. Peter at the pearly gates, “Where the Fugawi?”
  7. I have switched to Class D exclusively. My Super HIPs are powered by a DIY amp based on a Texas Instruments TPA3255 run in balanced mode, and my four Exodus Anarchy TH subs (with which I know you are familiar) are powered by a pair of Class D Behringer iNuke NU1000DSP amps. The simplicity, sound and cool operation make this my last setup. Others will prefer other amps with efficient Klipsch speakers, but not yours truly. When fed high resolution digital balanced signals from a Pono player these Class D amps sound stunning. The silence between notes and between tracks is amazing. If you try Class D and don’t like it, you can always choose one of the many space heaters, I mean amps out there. In any case you will enjoy the sweet music flowing from your La Scalas.
  8. Needs Dynamat. That should’ve pegged your sarcasm meter. They look very cool.
  9. The body overhang was such that the front tires did not hit the body when turning. My maternal grandfather had a couple Nash Ramblers. He always was a contrarian.
  10. What? You exclude me from the Father’s Day wishes? 😉 Happy Father’s Day Dave to you and the other fathers.
  11. In the ‘70s, I used to ride my bike from Bloomfield Hills, MI to Birmingham, MI past the large homes of many auto executives. You could always spot the AMC executives’ homes, as they were the only ones with nothing but AMC cars. I once saw George Romney come out of the Bloomfield Hills Post Office and drive off in a plain white AMC Concord; no chauffeur driven black Suburban for that former governor.
  12. It’s at least that long since a thread of this caliber.
  13. The “Soft Close” makes this more like a true auction.
  14. DizRotus

    RECALL vinyl?

    Saw this in a Ford dealer showroom. Forget all those separate components and big speakers; this has it all. Ford wants you to recall the nostalgia of vinyl to distract you from the recalls related to air bags, fires and catastrophic engine failures.
  15. Those are not push connections. Seems eBay has made it difficult, if not impossible, to save images. Probably just as well.
  16. DizRotus

    RIP Jim Seals

    Jim Seals, of Seals & Croft, will never pass this way again.
  17. Normally Jif buyers, a salmonella recall stripped the store shelves of all Jif. I purchased some Reese’s smooth. It’s quite good.
  18. The last dance for Ronnie has ended. RIP Hawk.
  19. This reply accidentally posted to this thread.
  20. DizRotus


    Took me a while before I noticed high sticking. Tributes to MIke Bossy and Guy LaFleur?
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