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  1. Thank goodness. I didn’t know to which rule Dean was referring. My wife laughed out loud at your hardware store example.
  2. Myself, I don’t like the word “myself.” It should not be used as a subject, as in the prior sentence. It is used improperly more often than not.
  3. Hi Rick from Sacramento, When Chuck, aka Tarheel, asked you about your name, I believe he was curious about Fomoco69. Which 69 Ford inspired your forum name?
  4. To the best of my knowledge, Klipsch never offered such a thing and never endorsed the bass reflex mod authored by the late lamented Dennis, aka djk. My guess is that someone made those at the same time the bass bin braces were made and refinished everything to match, thus giving the appearance of “factory” work. If I’m incorrect, perhaps Jim @JRH can correct me.
  5. Mr. and Mrs. Skelt left with 4x4 sheet of expanded metal to block critters from MWM mouths. It was a pleasure meeting Julie, if only briefly. I felt bad thinking they drove from Eastern Ohio just for this. As they were leaving, they mentioned going to The Henry Ford (Greenfield Village and Henry Ford Museum) on the way home. They’ve never been there. I endorsed the plan wholeheartedly. We belong, go often, and take visiting guests.
  6. Ya think? Is that the only thing you didn’t like about the last paragraph?
  7. Rankings are overrated, especially this early. An eight team playoff is needed. The champions of 5 power conferences and three more. Until they go to 8 teams they should not again make the mistake of wasting a spot on Notre Dame.
  8. It was definitely downhill, at least offensively, after that acrobatic touchdown. My wife would call better plays.
  9. Sparty’s offense looked anemic against Tulsa last night. The need to find plays that work. Jet sweeps that go nowhere aren’t going to cut B1G. Wisconsin had no trouble with South Florida.
  10. DizRotus

    What I Got Today!

    What does he have to do with it?
  11. Like your shutters. Tired of seeing elegant speakers surrounded by mini-blinds.
  12. DizRotus

    What I Got Today!

    Carl knows how to get your goat. Or, is it the other way around? Anyway, Carl ain’t kidding.
  13. Are they headed east, south, or west? I’m guessing east.
  14. Steve, I thought the same thing, having sailed and raced small (<20 ft) sailboats my whole life, until I was on a 28’ sloop in Chicago during a regatta. The wind was high and I had a shroud that was compromised. Rather than risk snapping the mast, I parked it and volunteered to crew on a rescue boat. After a few minutes of watching the Chicago skyline rhythmically rise and fall, I was ready to hurl until one of the racers capsized and we responded. The only other time was on a 40’ Morgan ketch sailing from Harbor Springs to Beaver Island. I didn’t actually put on a food show either time, but it was close. My theory is that the erratic motion of a small boat under race conditions is not conducive to seasickness, whereas slow undulations of a larger boat without the excitement of racing, or rescue, promote mal de mer.
  15. RPM, RBI, VIN, ATM, etc. , as acronyms, become a noun in their own right, therefore, making the acronyms plural makes sense and sounds right. RBIs sounds OK and means the same thing as Runs Batted In, either of which beats the snot out of RsBI, which is correct in an anal OCD sort of way, but disregards its constituent words. Remember, the purpose of language is to communicate, not to fixate on somewhat arbitrary rules. Language is constantly evolving. Double negatives have become almost the norm. For example, “I ain’t got no money” is understood to mean the same thing as, I don’t have any money.” That said, respecting some rules makes communication easier and more elegant. Years ago, we hired some “experts” to prepare an opinion in some litigation. I don’t recall the exact topic, but a young associate wrote “thru” instead of “through.” When we questioned the use of “thru” in a somewhat scholarly paper he pointed out that “THRU” is the spelling used on street signs (insert face palm and eye rolls). Precise language, written and spoken, is going the way of the polar ice caps. Me and my wife were just discussing these ones. Her and me could care less irregardless of what him and her think. It’s where we're at. See, it’s hopeless.
  16. The Army vs Rice and Northwestern vs Stanford games seem interesting.
  17. Go get ‘em. If had space, I’d be all over those.
  18. What, Dave the Texarkana preservationist?
  19. Elden @dtel you’re a blast. You’re wise to avoid static electricity. First, no more mohair sweaters or sneaker loafers. They rub some people the wrong way. Then we could bathe you in Cyastat have Christy do a PVA peel on you. Dave @Mallette swears by it. TAA_articles.pdf said:
  20. DizRotus

    What I Got Today!

    Go Smokey Onyx!
  21. Agree 100%; walk against traffic and bicycle with traffic, but follow the damn laws.
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