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  1. You are right, but Klipsch got me confused, usually they state outright that a product is out of production. No past tense here: https://de.klipsch.com/products/palladium-home-theater-systems Must be a leftover of times that were.
  2. And i was mistaken, i think. Just took a look at the Klipsch Homepage and they are still sold. Somehow i got the impression they went out of production.
  3. Billy, i always wanted to ask, why was Palladium discontinued? Was it always meant to be limited? To expensive, didn´t sell the quantity as expected? It was a superb speaker-line, from what i´ve read.
  4. Darn, haven´t got 800€ lying around, somebody lend me a few bucks!! No really, if i had the money, i would... I would like to audition some Palladiums, wonder what they sound like.
  5. So You couldn´t convert them to become Klipsch disciples?
  6. AndreG.

    What I Got Today!

    This stuff came in today. I noticed that my AVR gets quite warm and we´re still in cool spring here in Germany. So i want to be ready for warmer summmer days and will put these two fans on my Marantz, i just have to figure out where best to place the heat-sensor. Does anyone know how to remove what look like seperate grills on top of the newer Marantz machines? Ed.: Forget the question. I just noticed that these "covers" are just sheets of slotted plastic, underneath is the metal casing as ususal. What purpose could these sheets serve? – No idea...
  7. AndreG.

    The Other Discs

    This weeks additions to my collection: This is the Springsteen box i was asking about a few days ago. Listened to two discs so far, mostly stuff from the 70´s & early 80´s, solos and also with E-Street-Band. Like it very much, especially when he´s just playing the guitar and singing you get the feeling you´re sitting in his living-room.
  8. Wow, this will be a tough one, i guess... I know my original Heresys lack bass, the 4s have it, but then again, one could argue that it´s a whole new speaker. Honestly, i couldn´t decide – yet. I´ll wait for further coments from the heavy-weights.
  9. @MicroMara to what length, approximately, did You cut your cables before terminating them with your spades ect.?
  10. Pair of Palladium P17B in Germany, 800€, no affiliation: https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-anzeige/klipsch-high-end-lautsprecher-palladium-p17b-1-paar-/1728438270-172-645
  11. Alright, jumper-cables it will be. And i just remembered, i still have a set of spades lying around i didn´t use, so i just need one set set of additional bananas.
  12. A colleague brought this gentleman to my attention today:
  13. Tull did two more albums, "J-Tull Dot Com" and "The Jethro Tull Christmas Album", 1999 & 2003.
  14. AndreG.

    The Other Discs

    This was a big hit album in 2000 during my time in Texas: Think i haven´t listened to this in years. It aged quite well, IMHO.
  15. I recently shortened my speaker-wires and now have some length left. Now i´m wondering if i should make some jumper-cables to replace the brass jumpers on the bi-amp wire terminals of my RF3s. The cable would be Audioquest Indigo. What are Your opinions and experiences, audible difference to justify this mod?
  16. I know the feeling. Ever since i began putting my stereo system back together and even more since i get a lot of input and ideas on this forum.
  17. Randy, have You had the chance of comparing the different itterations of the K77?
  18. Interesting question, i´d like to know too. I´m in round K77s club.
  19. Welcome to this forum! Concerning that old Telefunken, You´re right, maybe somethings going on and it needs replacing or refurbishment (have You thought about that?). But more often than not it´s just dust; 40 years worth of dust, collecting on parts that heat up, like heatsinks ect., and that will give you that certain smell. If You want, just take of the cover off and give the entrails a good blast of canned air and clean out.
  20. Guys have been talking about those badges recently. The originals are worth some money, 50 to 100 bucks, if i remember correctly. There is a guy on ebay who makes good copies. i have the link somewhere. Ed.: Found it! And the ebay link: https://www.ebay.fr/itm/Klipsch-Speaker-Badge-Logo-Emblem-Pair-Vintage-Laser-Look-Free-Shipping-/174042152060
  21. From the Klipsch homepage search: NEW ORLEANS AUDIO VIDEO Get Directions 5600 CITRUS BLVD., HARAHAN, LA 70123 Phone: (504) 733-3524 Email: sales@noav.com Web: http://WWW.NOAV.COM Says this dealer is Heritage Certified. Welcome to the Forum!
  22. You´ll find the gakets in the squawkers, they are located between the driver and the horn. If You take a look at Bob Crites website you´ll find pictures.
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