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    Old eyes

    Not bad at all. My left eye is -15.0. I fear wearing my glasses on a sunny day. If the sun hit the lens at the right angle it could turn my head into a charcoal briquette!
  2. Sorry to hear that. Find solace in the 10 years of joy you shared.
  3. Someone here may will enjoy them. If you find you cannot keep them post up in garage sale section.
  4. You believe I haven't? Damn............
  5. Walking the path quietly is a choice............is it not?
  6. Made a very stupid mistake last Friday. A major lapse in attention allowed me to drive my WRX into a concrete filled pole in the parking lot when I jagged to get a better angle on a parking spot. Almost $5K later we should be good. A most embarrassing moment for sure. I did get a new set of tires for my troubles....................that were on my to do list for this past week. Curious to see if my rates increase. Dammit.
  7. One doesn't get to choose the path...............only how he walks it.
  8. Please forgive my ignorance. But what am I looking at...........other than gorgeous speakers.
  9. Actually I've only owned a couple cars. Mostly motorcycles. However my 2017 WRX is a great car. Lots of power,good economy and handles like a slot car. Does well in the snow too. All for $30K USD.
  10. Oh yeah every Sunday evening on my local FM station.
  11. The difference even though it's a video is amazing. Not to mention it's compared to a Klipschorn! Be right back gotta pick up a lottery ticket.
  12. 'Bout 11 hours later and we're still breathing. 😁
  13. Got the GASP!!!!!! Johnson and Johnson about 2 hours ago. Aside from a little ache at injection site after the shot we're fine.
  14. So where are ya and what will it take to separate you from them?
  15. DAYUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What's it take to drive them? Old Motorhead stage set ups?
  16. Scheduled for the J&J vac on Monday the 10th.
  17. Ah it could happen. We'll see.
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