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  1. And Les Paul was one helluva extraordinary musician! A personal favorite guitarist of mine is also Lindsey Buckingham, who IMHO doesn't always receive enough credit for his craft...but that's just me.
  2. Just knowing the changes in your life are for the better, makes me feel good that you're at peace...that's all that matters most!
  3. Gibson Les Pauls were always coveted as "thee" solid bodied guitars many aspiring musicians hoped to own some day...while employed at Guitar Center, they were usually the first electric guitars I'd see kids pick up off the wall display to **** on (usually plugged to a tubed Marshall stack). Regardless to how modest he was, I'm sure Mr. Les Paul was damn proud of those instruments. He will always be remembered, and his creations will continue to inspire new musicians for generations to come.
  4. Your father's in a better place now, Amy...and you'll always have your memories. Cherish them always.
  5. Picky, thanks so much for the report...really enjoyed reading it.
  6. Worked for me as well. And I think that project is an excellent idea...hope it goes through.
  7. Those Khorns are sweet...they'll eventually grow on her, since they're not going anywhere now that you have 'em (am I right?)!
  8. I'm on both MySpace and Facebook, but I just don't get into any apps, including online video games like Mafia Wars (no offence to those who do). I just enjoy chatting with friends and viewing their photos/videos, etc.
  9. I've owned several M-400t cubes thru the '80s and '90s and they never failed me once! I did buy one on eBay that was defective due to abuse from the seller who lied on his auction description, but that was from no fault of Carver Corp. (and I got my money back)! The cubes have powered everything from JBL L112 Century IIs to Cornwalls to Magnepan MGLR1s to even two DIY subwoofers (one with two 8" Rockford Fosgate drivers, and one with a single 15" Dayton Audio driver), and to my ears the M-400ts sounded lively, solid and extremely musical...but that's me. Some do hate their sound...not everyone loves the sound quality of McIntosh, Sunfire or Krell either, so it's all subjective. I'd also look for the later M-400t models, which are said to have much improved dynamics than the earlier "a" models (I have never heard any versions other than the "t", so I have no references to judge overall sound quality).
  10. As a teen in the mid '70s, I had that very poster hanging on my bedroom wall...had many pleasant dreams at night due to that poster.[:$] RIP, Farrah.
  11. I, too, was never a big fan, nor have I ever bought any of his albums. But I've always appreciated his raw musical talents, dedication to his craft, and expert showmanship he extruded for his beloved fans the world over! I think we've all laughed at his quirky nature from time to time...despite his sometimes eccentric conduct, none of us can ever take away the fact that in the pop genre he was a musical genius, pure and simple! You will be missed, Michael, but never forgotten.
  12. I think those rather large PC speakers will even blow away the venerable ProMedia 2.1s! Nice.
  13. Years ago I had a mint MC250 driving my '79 Cornwalls with a CD player as my only source (no preamp or any other components since I had just lost my job back in '03 and sold virtually everything I owned...a sad time indeed). That fantastic-looking McIntosh was one of the best power amps I ever owned, then and now! The MC250 may be the earliest SS amp Mac built back in the day, but I feel its tube-quality sound may come from its Autoformers and how they were initially designed for their earlier tube amps. All I know is my beautiful MC250 made my Cornwalls sing superbly, and never made my ears bleed from any form of shrilly harshness! Maybe someday I'll come across another gorgeous MC250...with updated caps, there's no reason why these awesome Mac power amps couldn't last another 30 to 50 years (or more)![Y]
  14. My now-sold cherry RB-75s were extremely smooth and detailed with my 6.5Wpc 300B SET amp, 28Wpc 6L6GC PP amp, and even my 85Wpc Sansui SS receiver! The horn tweeters were never harsh or shrilly except for some poorly engineered recordings. Bass was adequate for folk and chamber music, but I'm a huge pipe organ fan...the RB-75s cannot reproduce anywhere near the organ's lowest octave bass frequencies (@ 20Hz and lower), so dual powered Dayton Audio subwoofers were needed for my bass fix! Had I not been laid off in January, I would've never sold 'em (and other unused audio components I had to sell to help pay for my property taxes).
  15. This is a wonderful quote, Dave, and I totally agree with this assessment.
  16. No flames here...I never listened to my Cornwalls with the G-7000, so I cannot comment on pierced eardrums! I do know my G-7000 sounded smooth with my now-sold RB-75s though...no harshness whatsoever! I'm just sayin'...
  17. P.D.Q. Bach, Johann Sebastian's oddest son: http://www.schickele.com/ The Telarc label has many CDs on this composer's works...check 'em out!
  18. Any song by Spike Jones and the City Slickers during the '40s...my dad's got several albums stashed away that were remastered in the '70s. Gotta dig 'em out of the closet and give 'em a listen again. They cracked me up as a kid!
  19. Used my refurbished '78 Sansui G-7000 receiver with my Klipsch RB-75s just before I regrettably sold them (damn layoff; needed the money). Sounded spectacular with those monitors...I can only imagine how this classic receiver sounds with Heritage horns! []
  20. Thanks for the kind words, Phillip...glad you enjoyed the site, such as it is. As much as I miss the Cornwalls and the RB-75s, the 91dB sensitive Triangles do a respectable job with the Baldwin's 28Wpc and the BEZ's 6.5Wpc (the 300B SET amp will clip with the Zephyrs during loud passages, but they can still hold their own at 90dB SPLs).
  21. Hi, Erik. I did clean the tube sockets and even wiped the tube's pins, but did not go inside the chassis and fritz with the socket's pins. My dad said once his workload settles down to a more managable pace, he'll look at the Baldwin (he's receiving e-mails for radio repairs daily, and UPS is always dropping off packages 2 or 3 times a week). Thanks for the warranty offer...I might still take you up on that, even with the shipping expenses! I'll let you know in advance if that situation ever comes up.
  22. Dammit...I have so many reasons to come to Indy (namely a female friend, for one, that'd I'd love to surprise with a visit). But I have a silhouette gig in Orlando on the 14th that I've already committed to. The timing couldn't be worse for me...if the event was any other time, I'd find a way up to Indy for this music fest!
  23. Welcome to the forum, Phillip![] Erik is the reason why I enjoy my current Baldwin 6L6 stereo amp...glad he's back online with us bottleheads and he's helping you out with advice and such. I'm extremely impressed with the Baldwin and how it performs with both high and low efficiency loudspeakers (horns and cones). Currently, my Baldwin is sitting on the sidelines with a sound issue (intermittent popping/scratching) that may be related to a bad cap...an easy fix once the offensive part's been detected, but I'm not a solder-slinger and will have to have the amp looked over by a person qualified to make such repairs. Once it's back online, it will be producing sweet music thru my Triangle Zephyr 2-way towers![Y]
  24. I have my dad's '78 SL-1700MK2 now, but back in '02, my kid bro used the Technics 'table situated on 4 virgin tennis balls (the 'table sat on the bottom shelf of a solid wood cadenza)...it performed solidly with every album he spun! Since the 'table is now on my glass and steel audio rack which stands on a solid concrete slab foundation, I have no issues with vibrations.
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