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  1. Hey all, a newbie here who might have bitten off more than he can chew. I’ve been in contact with a retired electrical engineer who is selling a 1956 Klipschorn and a Klipschorn clone that he built himself using the same components. Both have been in his garage for who knows how long. I’ve currently taken the mid range horns home (his garage was too cluttered to get the bass bins out). He’s dropping the bass bins at my place on Saturday. Is anyone interested in restoring these? I don’t think I have the know how to restore these. So far I deposited $500 and the understanding is I’m buying them for $1000. Will upload pics in a bit. I live in downtown LA and Ye seller is in San Diego area. Alternatively if someone knows of someone in the SoCal area with restoration experience who can offer help that'd be great. as a start, pictures of the 1956 mid range horn here: https://imgur.com/a/XvOSI
  2. I have an opportunity to purchase a single 77' Khorn in great shape. Not that it makes a huge difference but, it happens to have PWK's signature on the serial tag. Anyway, does anyone use a single Horn between two Khorns as a center channel? This is for theater and music listening only. Thanks, Tony
  3. https://chattanooga.craigslist.org/ele/d/klipsch-klipschhorns-1999/6509086966.html with 5W tube amp, cables, spare tubes. $2700, no affiliation.
  4. https://tucson.craigslist.org/ele/d/complete-klipschorn-horn-and/6483473375.html $750, local pickup only no affiliation
  5. So I recently purchased a pair of old EV Georgians that have the same folded horn style as the klipschorns. They came with only the subwoofers installed (Crites 15"s) and what I believe is a pair of 2015 K-77-D's and pair of K-55-X's. They also came with a pair of AK5 crossovers and Crites Type AA crossovers. I am new to this forum and still figuring things out, what is your opinion on the AK5 vs Type AA crossovers? Does anyone know the nominal impedance for the K-77-D and the K-55-X? I cant find much information on the tweeter or horn driver. Any help or advice is appreciated. -Veaux
  6. I have a pair of crossovers (that I was told) are take offs from a 2015 Klipschorn, anybody interested? They have 10-20 hours on them.
  7. I cannot figure out how to get the URL, so see attached screenshot of post. No affiliation. <screenshot removed at request of owner>
  8. https://philadelphia.craigslist.org/ele/d/high-end-vintage-audio/6480815521.html Vintage gear I haven't used for too long! They've been sitting collecting dust so it's time to pass them on. The pre amp is a McIntosh C26 in good condition. Small blemish in glass (too hard to photograph) and some scratches on top and sides. Amplifier is a McIntosh MC2105 in excellent condition. Glass and bulbs were replaced 3 years ago at a cost of $260. The power switch has been bypassed. I just kept it plugged into the preamp and used the preamp to turn the amp on and off. The chrome strips on the sides are missing 2 small screws though I imagine a quick trip to the hardware store would fix that. The turntable is a Marantz 6300 also in excellent condition. Wood looks beautiful! Small scuffing on plastic dust cover from age. Recommend a new needle though. All equipment has been sitting for several years so it should be cleaned and tuned. (I would clean the pots at least once a year. They get scratchy over time. ) I can demo for serious buyers. Also available but not shown is a pair of Klipsch Klipschorn loudspeakers. (Currently in storage upstairs) These sound incredible through the gear I have listed! AA crossovers. I was planning on recapping the crossovers and refinishing the cabinets but life keeps getting in the way! Sound is excellent, physical appearance is not. Cabinets are black but need to be refinished. Scratches, chips etc but the grilles are good. I will only sell these if the other equipment is purchased with them! Sorry, I have a hard time letting them go. McIntosh C26 preamp - $575McIntosh MC2105 power amplifier - $1650Marantz 6300 turntable - $575Amp and Preamp together- $2100Amp, Preamp and turntable- $2600Klipschorns- $1800 with purchase of other equipment.Please text/email with questions. I usually don't answer phone calls from numbers I don't recognize. Thanks
  9. One pair (Qty. 2) of Black Klipschorn Horn Loaded Speakers purchased in 2010 from an authorized dealer, first and only owner. Moving and unfortunately must sell. All paperwork included but tossed the crating as I never thought I would be selling these. Very low usage on them and they are really just being broken in. No cosmetic damage at all and very lovingly cared for by a lifelong Klipsch fan. Must be picked up North of Houston, TX in Magnolia, TX or shipping arranged. Demo is available if serious and by apt only with valid ID provided before hand but the record player and albums have already been packed away so CD or IPOD connection only. These loudspeakers only get better with age and unfortunately I've put much less use into them than I wanted so they are very much like brand new. Supra Sword speaker cable is included, $10,000.00 for pair. Also have a Bryston 4BSST 2 Amplifier and Bryston BP-6 Preamp for sale and willing to make a deal for all three items if purchased as a package. Still 13 years left on the warranty, all paperwork included. Bryston Amp/Preamp Package, $4,700.00 This amp provides all the power and clarity you need. I'll include the Supra Sword speaker cables. 4BSST 2 Specifications: Design: Two-Channel Solid State Power Amplifier Power Output: 300 Watts RMS x 2 into 8 Ohms/500 Watts per channel into 4 Ohms MFR: 1 Hz - 100 kHz Inputs: RCA Unbalanced, XLR Balanced Input Impedance: 50 kOhms Unbalanced, 20 kOhms Balanced THD+N: 0.003% Dimensions: 5.25″ H x 17.25″ W x 19″ D Weight: 50 Pounds MSRP: $4,195 USA Bryston Ltd. is a Canadian company which has been designing and manufacturing audio equipment for over 35 Years. While there are many companies competing in their market, Bryston's gear is coveted by enthusiasts and professionals alike. They have earned the reputation of providing bullet-proof reliability, high performance and value. Byston's value is not due to a bargain basement price. You won't find them at the local Wal-Mart. It's the sound and their 20 year guarantee of high performance that can make a Bryston purchase a value. This remarkable warranty speaks to Bryston's confidence in their own quality standards, and it is definitely the exception versus the rule in the A/V industry. BP6 Preamplifier Specs: The Bryston BP6 preamplifier is a simplified state-of-the-art preamplifier combining outstanding function with complete musical accuracy, providing an exact duplication of the original recording experience, without distortion or coloration. Input: 4x RCA single ended pairs*, RCA single ended (tape loop), SPDIF (RCA)** Output: 2x RCA single ended pairs Features: Class A discrete operational amplifiers Four pairs of high level stereo inputs Gold plated input and output contact surfaces
  10. I recently acquired a pair of 1980 KCBR Khorns. After some reading I am planning on leaving them totally original and having the crossovers rebuilt to factory. They make a very faint hiss when powered and no source playing, my Latino ST-120 is dead silent on its own so am I correct to assume the crossover caps are going bad? I am planning on using pipe foam to seal the corners against the wall to improve the bass. Only problem is both of these have a clover shaped cut out on the rear panel I have not seen on any other pics and I can only imagine that the hole is allowing the bass pressure to pass through and is killing the sound. I have seen other Khorns with what looks like black plastic over the backs. Does anyone have any experience with said clover shaped hole or is this likely something the first owner cut in himself? I can take a few pics if that would help. Thanks in advance for the help. -Ben
  11. Hi guys, My brother and I are proud owners of a '79 Klipschorn and two Forte 1s in generally excellent condition. Since owning these, we haven't done any wood work and have little experience in doing so. We wanted to ask you two things: 1) What type of wood are these? I've attached pictures of the Khorn and each Forte 1. My guess is Walnut throughout. 2) What is the best way to treat / maintain the wood on these? Both pairs of Fortes have slight water ring damage on the top side - we would like to fix that. We've looked at a few threads such as this one below. Seems like the best process is to sand any water damaged parts and apply Watco Rejuvenating oil. Did we get that right? Thanks a lot! Much appreciation from two hardcore Klipsch fans Alex
  12. Hey there gents, I am new to this particular forum. Im looking to get some used La Scala's off craigslist. I am no stranger to the hobby, but I have only ever purchased a pair of Heresy II's for restoration. What are some of the checklist items that someone needs to look for when making an offer for the heritage speakers, in my specific case, the la Scala. Ill start off with some of the basics that I know of e.g. Crites components, serial numbers, finish. etc Thanks in advance, I would appreciate your expertise!
  13. I want some opinions from folks that might have gone down the path... If you had the choice... would you: A: get Jubilees B: get Klipschorns with enclosed backs I think I can guess what the ultimate choice would be, Jubilees. My problem is I don't want an active system right now because of additional complexity and additional equipment needed to implement a new speaker. If the Jubilees had a passive option, the choice would be simple. I can get a pair of FACTORY enclosed backed Klipschorns for a very very good price right now... but it's almost as much as a brand new pair of Jubilees. Lets say the jubilees are $100, I can get these particular Klipschorns for $80... (Jubiless are another 20%) and that is pretty close in price to me. would you save up the additional $20 and get jubilees, or would you take a great great deal on VERY LIMITED factory sealed Klipshorns?
  14. Reading some old topics on the forum got me to wonder who has the earliest known Klipschorn as a forum memeber? This can be a single... Jim doesn't count LOL...... Pics woudl be great.
  15. Hi, I want to update the crossovers on my 1979 Klipschorns but am not ready to alter "my original ones".... Does anyone have AA crossovers they would be willing to sell? I would consider original ones to re-cap, recapped ones, or upgraded crossovers that work with this model Klipschorns. Let me know what you have. Thanks, Jo
  16. I have two Cornwall Vertical speakers for sale. Sorry for the lousy photos but it's the best I can do for now. They both work well and sound great. New caps on the original Crossovers. Asking $800.00 for the pair. Local Pick in Tucson Only. Thanks
  17. I have a pair of Klipschorns I purchased in 1977. In 1989 I updated the crossovers, drivers and such. Don’t know the specifics but just ordered an update ‘kit’ from Klipsch. Question: I moved, haven’t used them in two years and want to put them into a new, custom built room. I’m an audiophile in ears only and don’t get into the mechanics of using electronics like the new Xbang z1v0059 crossover with the latest Blastophere ST50009s3’s (fictitious of course). The speakers sounded great when I put them in storage two years ago and hoping they will when I hook them up again. BUT, is there an update issued since 1989 that would be worth the cost and effort for my new application?
  18. Don't know if this is the right place to ask, but I purchased my walnut Klipschorns in 1977. I've hauled them through six states in multiple moves over the years and upgraded the drivers and crossovers and such in 1989. Two questions... After the latest move, they've been in storage for the last two years and I'm getting them ready for a new, custom built room. Over time, my wife who doesn't believe these works of art's beauty should stand alone, has adorned them with decorations that have left rings and marks. Regular restoration miracles in a bottle will not remove them and I believe the only true remedy is light sanding. IS THE WALNUT JUST VENEER, AND IF SO, HOW THICK? Second, would you recommend updating the works again. Just before I put them in storage two years ago, they sounded great, but since I'm refinishing, have their been any changes worthwhile since the upgrade in 1989 that would warrant the expense and effort? Thanks for the help.
  19. Vintage Klipschorn Speakers built in 1979. Speakers are in excellent, near mint condition. They were purchased new, and haven't moved from their original setup location in my parents house. Feedback on the Klipshorn forum is that this model of Klipschorn speaker is the finest that Klipsch has ever produced. Seeking $3850 for the pair, or a best offer. Speakers are located in northwest Atlanta. Buyer would be responsible for coordination of pickup / delivery. Please e-mail mtbakerstu@gmail.com or call/text at: Three 2 Three Two 4 3 3 three 23 with any questions or a request for any additional photos.
  20. Hi All! Looking for advice to build the best possible sound experience for an upcoming event I'm organizing. At my disposal are 6 pairs of Klipschorns, a pair of Industrial split LaScalas, and a pair of "Keystone" 18" folded-horn subwoofers that measure about the height and width of the bass bin of a Klipschorn, and stack nicely under the LSI's. I have false corners for the Khorns and risers for the top hats, to bring the high end above guests' heads. The event is a dance-focused evening inspired by the Mancuso Loft parties in NYC. All vinyl, songs played start to finish and a wide journey of genres. Room dimensions are 40 feet by 60 feet, with 12 foot ceilings, and a main dance floor area of 32' by 32'. The goal is an immersive-as-possible sound field surrounding the dance floor, while trying to avoid major combing issues or conflict between the horns. The attached file shows the scale of the room and the Khorn's and LSI's for reference. My knowledge of live speaker placement is low- would love some suggestions or best practises to make this an incredible experience for our guests.
  21. $2650 for the pair. 1983 https://losangeles.craigslist.org/sgv/ele/d/vintage-klipsch-klipschorn/6284530065.html
  22. Isn't this a scam again? http://www.ebay.com/itm/322670254603 I think these might have been posted up before, I seem to recall the orange storage unit behind them. I can't find the previous scam post to be sure about it.
  23. Ok, so here's one I'm trying to solve. While listening to music, I came across a Norah Jones track and at the beginning of it her voice slightly buzzed in a weird way from the right speaker. I started the track over and heard it again. It was distorted. I fired up REW and hunted around with the generator until I discovered that between about 270Hz and 305Hz I can get this mode to pop in - complete overtone buzzing distortion coming from only the right speaker. Sounds like the squawker. I swapped output channels on the amp and fired it up again and it is still there in the right speaker. This is at completely normal listening levels, but I did notice that if I pump the level up a couple of dB I can get it to pop into resonance at a few Hz lower. The only drivers on my horns that are original are the K55s, so I said screw it and ordered a set of A55G's from Bob Crites. They came and the swap out was easy, new gaskets too. The resonance is still there. I pressed around on everything to attempt to dampen the resonance in case it was a piece of wood or something vibrating. Last night I narrowed it down to the squawker for sure. In fact, I removed the driver from the actual horn and it is coming from the driver. Once again I swapped amplifier OUTPUT leads and it is still just in that right squawker driver, not the left, so it doesn't appear to be in the signal chain all the way up to and including the amp. The only thing left is the crossover, but that's a simple type A. Anyone ever heard of such a thing coming from the crossover itself? It has been recapped but the magnetics are original. Tonight I might swap crossovers between speakers and see what that does. Any thoughts?
  24. Hello everyone, A few years ago while working for an estate sale company, I picked up a pair of rare 1960s Klipschorns from the original buyer and am looking to sell them. The serial#s are 1671-1672 on the cabinets and 1832 & 1681 on the horns. According to Klipsch personnel, these serial #s were made between 1948-1961 back when their serial numbers consisted only of 4 digits and were manufactured under the moniker, Klipsch & Associates. These are in excellent condition and sound absolutely amazing. Serious inquires / buyers please contact me via email at gaiason@gmail.com Thank you, Steve
  25. Hi everyone, I am looking for additional information and potential buyer regarding a pair of vintage 1950s klipschorn speakers in excellent working condition. The serial#s are 1671-1672 on the cabinets and 1832 & 1681 on the horns. I'm looking for information regarding their collectibility, value and a potential buyer. I'm located in Houston so anyone local interested please msg me otherwise I can ship at buyer's expense.
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