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Found 25 results

  1. This is a really clean Dynaco sca-35, it has had the Dave Gillespie efb modifications done which make it much more stable and puts out a few more watts of power also has st-35 output boards in it. Tone controls have been removed from the circuit for improved performance as well. All new tubes in every socket. There is a small imperfection on the faceplate if you look below the power switch you’ll see it. Asking 525 plus shipping
  2. What is the best way to choose EL34 tube ? I read a little about EL34 here but i need to choose the best tube for gift It's really hard to choose and i need help! Thanks in advance!
  3. Greetings friends! It's been a while since I frequented the forum. I do follow Cory's page on FB, though. Quick update on me - I was involved in a very bad motorcycle accident back in April and have been on medical leave for over 17 weeks. Long road and has left me partially disabled. I have found solace in music, though. Have bought and sold a couple pieces and expanded my record collection. SO - I recently acquired a pair of Quicksilver Mono Blocks. I'm pretty excited to get them wired up to my Cornwalls! This will be a new system in my office. I'm looking for preamp recommendations. I need inputs for a turntable (obviously), a CD player and something like a Tape Monitor so that I can not only listen to reels but record them. I've been reading about the Schitt units and have heard of the Juicy Blueberry but due to my handicap, research is not the easiest for me. My sons help me with a lot of activity and I mostly use my phone with one hand to access FB, the internet etc. I value my Klipsch friends opinion very much so any input you can offer would be great. Thanks in advance and have a great day!
  4. After buying a set of RP 160M bookshelf speakers recently, I became very curious about the tube sound many audiophiles are so raving about. In order to have taste of it, I bought a cheap hybrid valve amplifier: PJ Miaolai M8: https://www.amazon.com/Nobsound-Bluetooth-Amplifier-Digital-Audio/dp/B07BHNPPMS/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1547050804&sr=8-3&keywords=nobsound+Bluetooth+vacuum+tube+power For this price, it sounds amazing! Built in bluetooth (easily connects to my Amazon Fire HD tablet). It has much more power than my Denon M41 microsystem. I was planning on passing it on to my teenage sons, but now I want to keep it myself! Hope this keeps working properly!
  5. Late production preamp, in unbelievable condition. All stock, fully functional, very little use. I own, have owned, and will continue to own and run many vintage pieces. Having been rarely used, this one suffers not from many issue that plague, though it is of course...getting along in years. Whenni got it, i pulled the orig tubes, (still very strong and tested with my TV-7du) and installed a set of gold pin "ultimo" tube set so i wouldnt burn up the Telefunken. Electro harmonix and JJ gold pins the lot, while not premium tubes, this thing is still romantic, full bodied and 3 dimentional. Imaging doesnt drift, controls ballanced and centered, all gravy. I bought a rebuild kit thinking i would, and never did. Its all stock. Whats included: 1.New tubes 2. Orig tubes (yes all of them) with my measurments on them. (Dan Nelson calibrated Hickock tv7) measured as follows: 12ax7 46,47/48,46/44,41/43,44/46,46 The 7247 quad 44,94/44,94/44,94/46,97 The 6v6 rectifier= 64,63 All lettering, every single letter (within every word) on the tubes are 100% intact. 3. Rebuild kit (unused) 4.new volume control (remanufactured) never needed it 5. Orig feet, and the Mcintosh feet currently on it. Orig feet, have seen better days. 6. Mahogany wood case orig to the unit, some cracking and failure in joints on case, inquire for additional pics. 7. All the paper work i have (will have to look and see what that was) I have been doing audio a long time, and have held this piece. I watch these like a hawk, as well as the other pieces i own, in upwards of 50 pieces. This, is the nicest example ive seen yet, and its price will reflect that. If you know the current going price of this model, and understand that its condition, combined with the items included puts the cost above any current or past price, then you will have no problem paying a premium dollar, for a premium product. Price: 4k, all fees and shipping cost is to be paid by you. I will pack it personally, as that is the ONLY way it will get "professionally packed" Upon your contacting me, i will forward high res pics to email of your choice, and outline any imperfections in great detail. It is a large investment, and all of your questions will be answered. BTW, if you havent priced Telefunken tubes lately, please do so before you balk to terribly much! Ps. Its vintage audio. There is no gaurentee or money back. You will pay shipping, fees and insurance, and receive EXACTLY what is outlined.
  6. Hello, I'm selling a beautiful pair of Mcintosh MC30's to free up audio budget money. These have been professionally electrically restored by a local reputable tech. All new film and electrolytic caps; out of spec resistors were replaced. I've been running them with my Cornwall 3's and they are a magnificent pairing. Serial #'s are 18584 and 19875. These were built back in 1959 or thereabouts; cosmetically they're all original. See photos, cosmetically I'd conservatively rate them 5/10 for some minor (not deep) pitting in the chrome and other minor scratches in the powder coat. Some elbow grease and a bottle of brasso goes a long way and they shine and sparkle from a couple feet away. I'll post more pictures (including the guts) tonight when I get home. It turns out i need to resize all my pictures, they're all almost 2mbs. Everyone has their favorite tubes and I have extra NOS tube sets that can be included in the sale for a reasonable price. I'm a new member on this forum and have no posts or feedback. My handle on ebay is barleybluebee and audiogon is boodledude; both show a long history of only positive feedback. I haven't listed these on the other sites yet but plan on doing so this week when time permits. I much prefer meeting in person since these would need wood crates to ship. I live in New Hampshire and can deliver within about 250 miles. I'd consider shipping at the buyer's cost, crated and insured. Probably a couple hundred bucks. I bought these a couple of years ago from a local seller for $2800. I've put about $1000 in parts and labor in these to restore the electronics professionally. I played around with swapping out different caps and the orange drops are the best sounding. I have some extra parts including some extra caps and resistors along with a pair of tagboards in case you ever want to rebuild the circuit from scratch. I'm looking to get $3000 for the pair including the current tubes that are installed. Spare parts will be included; additional tube sets are extra $$. Tubes all have very low hours and are all NOS except the 12AX7's which are Prima Luna brand from Upscale Audio.
  7. The amps have been in my possession for less than a year. They have just returned from out Houston, TX area McIntosh tech. He refreshes anything that he feels is out of spec. Located in Houston Texas, I'm glad to demo them. Contact me with questions. The amps are in similar enough condition that I am pricing them each at $3,100 exclusive of any shipping. I would prefer local pickup, but will consider shipping. More Photos Here
  8. I purchased the ST-120 kit without the tubes from Bob Latino, shipping was fast and everything was very well packed and organized into neat sections. Instructions are very clear and concise. the entire kit went together in about 10 hours just like estimated. Anyone with decent soldering skills and some patience can do this kit. I enjoyed the whole assembly process, very satisfying to get to fire it up when finished and hear just how the work paid off. I was having a problem getting any kind of voltage readin from the bias pins and sent Bob a email he was able to quickly help me check some connections and voltages. He identified the issue very quickly, I had placed a connection in the wrong place. I got very lucky it didn't cause any major issues. Very good customer service though he really knows his amps! The sound of this amp is just beautiful, crips highs and nice deep lows. Now I have it connected to the pair of stock 1982 Klipschorns I recently acquired, they make quite the match made in heaven. Way more than enough power for me, I was worried I would be pushing the 60 watts per channel to the limit. Boy was I wrong, I haven't moved it much past one o'clock (half volume) for my daily listening. If I wanted to shake the paintings off the walls this amp could probably do it. I got the 21 step attenuator and it's just perfect for playing straight from a DAC without a preamp. I can't get over how this amp sounds every instrument sounds very real, like the artists are standing in the room playing in front of me. Truly a wonderful amp and experience. Someday if I decide to upgrade to the monoblocks I know I will go right back to Bob at www.tubes4hifi.com for them.
  9. For sale is this awesome McIntosh C20 tube preamplifier, considered by many to be the finest tube preamp McIntosh ever made. It has been thoroughly cleaned and serviced by an exceptional tube tech with all voltages checked and confirmed to be within spec. All controls have been cleaned and work perfectly/silently. Cosmetically, it's in very good condition but does have some oxidation and pitting on the top and back, which is typical of these older Macs. The faceplate is clean with no cracks. All of the tubes test strong and should be good to go for years to come. I believe the 12AX7s and 12AU7s are Telefunkens, but I can't be 100 percent sure. The silkscreening has worn off them, but they have the telltale Telefunken diamond in their bottoms. I've been using this amp daily and it sounds fantastic. It's plug-and-play and ready for a new home. Asking $2650. I'm in Northern Virginia and would prefer a local sale, but I'm willing to ship if necessary. I'd prefer a cash deal, but I might consider a trade or partial trade for the right speakers.
  10. For sale is this fully serviced pair of McIntosh MC30 mono block amplifiers, widely considered to be among the best tube amplifiers ever made. The amps were thoroughly serviced by a superb vintage tube tech about six months ago. The amps have been brought fully into spec and up to date for safe operation. The amps were also fully re-tubed using carefully selected new old stock tubes (an expensive undertaking). They operate perfectly and sound fantastic. I thought I'd never sell them, but I need to downsize. The amps come with two sets of output tubes: NOS GE 6L6 metal-case tubes (the same type McIntosh initially included with them) and new production Tung-Sol 7581A's, which are really nice tubes. Both sets have less than 20 hours of use on them, so you will be set for tubes for many years to come. The amps are in above-average cosmetic shape, showing some slight pitting in the chrome, which is typical of McIntosh amps of this vintage. For this plug-and-play pair of awesome MC30s, I'm asking $2600. In located in Northern Virginia and would prefer a local sale, but I'm willing to ship if necessary.
  11. For sale is this fully serviced pair of McIntosh MC30 mono block amplifiers, widely considered to be among the best tube amplifiers ever made. The amps were thoroughly serviced by a superb vintage tube tech about six months ago. The amps have been brought fully into spec and up to date for safe operation. The amps were also fully re-tubed using carefully selected new old stock tubes (an expensive undertaking). They operate perfectly and sound fantastic. I thought I'd never sell them, but I need to downsize. The amps come with two sets of output tubes: NOS GE 6L6 metal-case tubes (the same type McIntosh initially included with them) and new production Tung-Sol 7581A's, which are really nice tubes. Both sets have less than 20 hours of use on them, so you will be set for tubes for many years to come. The amps are in above-average cosmetic shape, showing some slight pitting in the chrome, which is typical of McIntosh amps of this vintage. For this plug-and-play pair of awesome MC30s, I'm asking $2600.
  12. Getting out of the tube hobby. No time or place to enjoy it with 3 girls in the house that cant be bothered with manually turning on a switch. Anyways I am selling a custom made Aricaudio "The Unlimited" tube preamp as well as all the tubes I've collected over the last year. Also included is the Tube depot Tubecube storage container with a complete replacement set of pluck and pull foam. I'd like to sell this all as one set and not part it out. Asking $500 for everything!! The Unlimited new is $725 and the tubes are low market at $875. I am located in northern CA. If you want more info or better pics feel free to pm me and I can email over more. Aricaudio The Unlimited Tube Depot Tubecube Storage 5ar4 Tubes - NOS Amperex Buggleboy 5ar4 (made in Great Britain), NOS RCA 5ar4, NOS GE 5ar4 (made in Great Britain), Sovtek 5ar4, Telefunken GZ34-TK EL84 Tubes - NOS JAN 6BQ5x2, Telefunken EL84-TKx2, Electroharmonix EL84x2, JJ EL84x2, NOS RCA Command EL84x2 12ax7 tubes - NOS Baldwin 12ax7 (blackplates)x2, NOS GE 5751 (blackplates)x4, NOS RCA Command (Blackplate)x1, JJ ECC83Sx2, JJ 5751x2, JJ ECC83S Goldpinsx2 OD3 tubes - NOS GEx2, NOS RCAx2, NOS Raytheon JANx12
  13. Hi all, Im a newbie, and was hoping to get comparing views on a single speaker pair set up that would bring out the warmth of my macintosh mc 225 30m watt per channel Amp using bugle boy tubes. Im using a Mac mx110 preamp. I love warm and detailed mids and highs, and will listen mostly at moderate levels. A punchy sound that still sounds good at lower volumes and isn't tiresome seems like what I am after. I have two placements, one in a 10 by 20 foot room, and another in a 20 by 30 foot room. I will gladly consider a larger speaker, but my preference is for something floor standing, or smaller in case I move. Any and all advice welcome! THANKS!!!
  14. This is a working Fisher 400 with the original Fisher 7868 tubes. The unit works and pulls in a strong signal on the tuner. The unit is a little dirty and should be cleaned and probably recapped but it works beautifully. The unit will be packed well and if you have any question please do not hesitate to contact me. I do not have the wood case for the unite but everything else is there. I am asking $400 for the unit and I will pay for the shipping through FedEx Ground (insured).
  15. Hello all! I have a set of CF4 version 2 with the 2.5" ports. I've been searching around the forum for a while now and it sounds like the ports are easily swappable (which I can confirm by just pulling one out). My question is, what have you guys been putting back in that's longer? I've found some different sized ports online, but nothing is standard. Was curious if someone else had success with any one certain product. If not I was looking into extending with custom PVC or the like. Best
  16. Hi there, I have a pair of first generation KG4's that have the Crites titanium drivers as well as his crossover networks. These speakers have always sounded fabulous with my old, integrated transistor amp. The top end was always smooth and silky, yet very revealing without any harshness. I recently purchased a high end tube amp and now my favorite speakers hurt my ears! There is an upper-midrange glare that has appeared that makes these speakers very unlistenable and no longer balanced. Using a spectrum analyzer, the offending frequency is in the 2k - 3.8k range. The caps in the crossover network are 3uF and 8uF. I read online here that the crossover frequency for the KG4's is 1800Hz. I think if I changed the crossover frequency to a higher value, that would reduce or eliminate the glare by sending more highs to the the double 8" drivers, correct? Sorry, I don't know enough about electronics to experiment with changing these values without some guidance. Would any of you know what values I should try to change the crossover frequency? Or, is there another approach to remedying this upper midrange glare? Thanks in advance for any help you can lend. Cheers!
  17. Humor me but I'm just trying new things. Regardless of platform may it be youtube, vimeo, facebook, etc. people now a days (that was yesterdays actually) has been uploading video show casing a thing or two about themselves and their particular interest. So I thought why not demo online? In the absence of real world audition I take youtube demo anytime. I said youtube demo because this kind of audition will not give you all there is to know about the system (there's alot I know). It's just like meeting Jim for the first time. I know his name, I know how he looks like and just enough to get both of us to know each other, the obvious stuff. But then if I want to know him better maybe I'll live-in with him for a while - Ops lets make that a her and call her vanessa, its fun that way
  18. Hi, I just move here 6 months ago and been slowly building my 2 channel audio setup. I have uploaded a demo of my setup as a baseline of what I am hearing and have now, here it is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9x-w8Bum4iY In my own words, I would describe the sound of this video to be warm (somewhat bassy), full and able to fill the room but is lacking LUSH and WETNESS. I have decided to a lot $500 for tube amplifier and would like get some feedback on which tube amplifier is best suited what is lacking in my current setup. Appreciate sharing your vast knowledge and looking forward for your feedback. - cris
  19. FIrst of all I am new to hi-fi. I am looking at a set of KG4 for $200 on craigslist to hook up to my Fisher 400 amp. Anyone have any experience with this combo? Will the ~25ish WPC of this amp be enough for these speakers? Also, I am new to owning speakers of this age 25+ years old. What should I plan to have to repair / replace? I am already gearing up to do my first cap upgrades. thanks!
  20. I am starting a new build. This time around a phono stage to go with my line stage I just completed. Here is the chassis. There will be three tubes across.
  21. first post here. let me start this off by saying that i recently went from running an old carver receiver and some nht bookshelves to completely upgrading my amp/pre amp to a pair of welbourbe lab mono block 300b amps and an EAR 834 L Deluxe amp. I found myself in a sudden need for much more efficient speakers. I paired the tube gear with some heresy 1's. I bought all this gear in a week on a road trip back home. i spent a few days staying with a friend where we had everything set up and it sounded amazing with the heresys on the floor in a small room. after finally getting them set up at home they don't sound nearly as good. I've tried a lot of different placements but just not the same. the room they are set up is also small. i tried on the floor and with risers. too make things even more complicated, I'm moving in 2-3 weeks into a loft style place with cement walls and a rather large room. will they hold up in an environment like that? should i consider cornwalls or something else?where they are currently set up i seemed to lose some low with a slightly more harsh high end. thanks guys!
  22. Bought this to be able to run in all tube mode then replaced it with a Jolida JD5T to have a(nother) remote. It appears to be homemade/kit and always worked fine. Cosmetically I'd give it a 7. The tubes; 150C4 and 75C1 are Mullards, the 6SN7's are Russian Electro Harmonix and the rectifier appears to be a Chinese 6Z4. Center pin is broken off of one of the Russians but keying is obvious. Price is $200 plus actual shipping. Local pickup/meetup available if you're near the Mississippi river where Illinois, Iowa and Missouri meet. Payment is cash, check (with clearance delay) or PayPal + 3%. Offered exclusively here to you guys before going to Evilbay
  23. So I got the audion sterling 12w class a amp I had posted about a few days ago. All I can say is holys$#@! We had two other couples over for new years last night. Among the crowd there were a couple of real skeptics in the room concerning that there would be a significant audible difference between the new little tube amp and my ss adcom gfa 2535 amp. So we started with the ss amp for an hour or so letting everyone get a taste of the cornwalls II, which are relatively new to my home. We then plugged in the tube amp and A/B'd the amps with a couple of tracks. My wife, the biggest skeptic in the room, couldn't believe the difference. Everyone present was pretty astonished. When we first switched from the tubes back to the ss adcom everyone looked at one another and asked what happened? whered the music go? This is what we were first listening to?? The ss got yanked real quick. Long story short Im psyched about the purchase! This is my first tube amp and I have no regrets.
  24. These tube amplifiers were painstakingly built. The wiring is uniform and perfect. They are as beautiful on the inside as they likely sound on the outside. The builders could be considered anal retentive, but in reality they are as beautiful and artful on the inside as their creations. I am happy to share these pictures of many beautiful amps with colorful and consistent capacitors, twisted wiring, parallel runs, and in some cases even the unused wires are artfully scrolled around. As beautiful on the inside as the sound they create. here are some wonderful tube amps: EDIT: The first two images disappeared from the internet so I found a couple cool pics elsewhere. The second 2 pics are from the OP.
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