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Do Fish Like Music?


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Ah..., fish don't have ears, they have a strip down each side of the body called the lateral line, through which they detect the motions of other fish by vibrations in the water... so underwater music might "sound" to them like some very strange creature(s)? Or maybe a lone fish that feel comfortable in a school would enjoy being surrounded by invisible friends?

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Back in the early 90's, my first home ownership experience was a 900 square foot two bed 1 1/2 bath, two story town house. It had a staircase in the living room. I decided that I wanted a saltwater fish aquarium. Needless to say, 900 square foot apt. doesn't leave much room for much of an aquarium. I decided to cut a 4'X4' hole in the wall under the staircase, and I bought a 55 gal. aquarium. I made a shelf inside the room that the aquarium sat on and then made a 2'X2' door on barn hinges, that swung open so I could get inside the staircase to service the aquarium. I trimed the open hole with door trim and made the fish aquarium look like a picture frame in the wall.

I got lucky and was able to install a sink back there as the 1/2 bath vanity was back to back to the staircase. After looking at this giant plywood door under the aquarium, I thought "what a great place to make a subwoofer". I cut two 15" holes in the door under the fish aquarium and mounted a pair of MTX Terminator driver's in it. I didn't know anything about making or tuning a sub at that time.

The moral of this story is, I had a sea hermit crab. every time I cranked up the stereo, that little crab would run arount the bottom of the tank like crazy. It didn't seem to affect any of the other fish though.

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