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Are ALK x-overs that good?


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Check out Al's web site below. He has contact info posted. He would have to give you a quote, because component parts cost constantly change, plus the number of orders also affect pricing.

Comment added: My Cornwall ALK's are WONDERful!




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Hi Gary,

I have used Al's x-overs first in my Belles and then in my Khorns, IMHO they are worth the upgrade.


2 Channel System:

'78 Khorns w/ALK networks

Welborne Labs Moondog 2A3 amps

AES AE-3 Superpreamp DJH mods

McIntosh MCD 7007 CD

McIntosh MR-78 Tuner

DIYCable Twisted Cross Connects

DIYCable Superlatives (preamp/amp)

DH Labs Silver Pulse interconnects (sources/preamp)



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do you want a 'foreign' opinion? Yes, they are worth every cent and turn a great speaker into something outstanding!

BTW: An additional bonus is the possibility to adjust the squawker level to your personal desire and amp/room suitability.




1973 Khorns with ALK crossovers

REL Stadium II sub

Cayin 743 D integrated tube amp (utilizing 300B tubes)

McIntosh MR 77

McIntosh MCD 7007

Thorens 520S

SME 3012-R

Ortofon SPU Classic GM E

Cyrus aEQ 7 phono stage with PSX-R power supply

Alternative system:

Quad ESL 63 (for sale)

McIntosh MC 2105

McIntosh C29

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Has anyone used these on the Heresy line of speakers ? If so what did you think of it ?

Thanks Craig


HH Scott Tube FM Tuner LT-110B

HH Scott Tube Amp 222C

HH Scott Turn Table P-87

Sony DE-975 AV Receiver

Sony NS-900P DVD

Sony CD 5 DISC C315

Syenrgy SF-2 mains

KSC-C1 Center Channel

KSW-15 Sub

SS-1 Surrounds

Promedia 5.1 for the PC

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OH GOODIE... I get to tweak some more. I can only imagine what I will look like to the FedEx guy, screwdriver in one hand, soldering iron and wbt solder in the other with slobber on my chin, the blank stare as if a deer caught in headlights...it ain't gonna be pretty. Tell my wife and kids I love them.cwm13.gif

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I have not heard AL K's networks. The components in Al K's networks are better than the factory. For LaScala you have either an AA or AL-3 network. If either of these networks were constructed from "similar" components, then a comparison would be reasonable.

Again, I have not heard them but a few of the folks I communicate in NG's and other BBS's tell me that they are brighter in the mid. Some find that problematic.

Remember too that Beraneck's Law is always enforced, it's subtle yet powerful. But overall, people do seem happy with the result.

IMO, the mid squaker used by PWK is not a good reproducer and needs to be replaced so anything that makes it more pronounced is not good. Two pair of JBL 2123Js' can be had for $520 (tent sale). A pair on a Klipschorn used as direct radiators will produce similar efficiencies as the "autoformed" K55M but sound much better.

Al publishes his network schematics on his site and even will help you build it. So that alone is a big plus if you want to learn. If you want to build your own AL-, AK- or AA- network I can send you a schematic.

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Your are correct as far as the original poster. I was mainly talking to the others that might have a renewed interest that actually have the oil based caps. In the case of GaryA, it probably would be wise to either "roll his own" or save for the ALK. Obviously it is far cheaper to make your own and Al has been generous to aid here as well.


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John, are you saying that you think the mids on a Chorus II are not best served by replacing the crossover with something more efficient and if one were to do such a thing you would recommend replacing the mid driver with a JBL PRO part? I know that mdeneen uses Radianized 2470's....a good choice for the middriver on this thing? Any input would be helpful and MUCH appreciated on this matter.

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Hi guys,

First off, the question about using my networks in Heresys: The

netrwork designed for the Cornwall will work in the Heresy with a few very

minor changes. The network has a lot of expensive parts crammed very close

together on the board, so it's rather expensive. I think too expensive

compared to the price of the Heresys. I was intended for the Cornwall you

know! I have never built a set for the Heresy and only got the first order

for a set a little while ago. The prototype network I built for my Cornwall

was modified and whent into a single Heresy, but that is the extent of my

netwroks in Heresys! Anyhow, I recommend that Heresy owners simply build

that for themsleves. That way all you have is about $200 - $250 parts cost.

Unfortunately I don't have any network design for Chorus or Forte

series speakers.

My "A" sereis networks will sound brighter (my word is crisper) than

the AA networks becuase of an inherent 3 dB loss in its tweeter filter. The

squawker level is adjustable, so I don't see how it could be said it's to

bright in the midrange! All you have to do in that case is move a plug!

Al K.

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My '95 Chorus II's had some cheap 100 volt KSC brand

electrolytics for the mid and bass.

No oil caps in stock 1995 Chorus's.

I just don't like the idea of electrolytics(Yuch!)in passive crossovers, so I made new ones.

I kinda just wanted to replace the 'lytics alone.

But after some questions, I went for the whole thing.

$250 total.

Now these crossovers are just stock with better replacement parts, and it was pretty much done by ear.

I have never compared the two passives directly,(I used the autoformers in the old ones.) IMO these new passive crossovers seem to give the Chorus II's more guts.


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