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Klipsch crossovers


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16 hours ago, JohnW said:

Does anyone know the specs for the RB-5 II crossovers?

can't find it the RB5 will be very similar. There are only three caps in this crossover the bass section uses a 20 uF cap the tweeter uses two small Mylar caps should not be hard to read the values if you have the unit to look at.See RB-5 below. nothing to write home about parts wise but decent.

Klipsch RB-5 crossover photo.jpg

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I want to upgrade my CW~IV XOs to make them more 3D and resolve some harshness but am having real trouble finding a schematic… can anyone help?

tried DSP in Room but still a bit shouty…

got nice warm tube amp - 300b/805 and Weiss dac, Nordost balanced cables/speaker wires …

great sound but have to choose my tracks a bit carefully or get fatigue  

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I recently bought a pair of Forte III speakers that were on clearance. I really wanted the Forte IVs with the updated crossover and midrange, but the discount was very deep.


The mirage swap should be straight forward since the driver model is provided by Klipsch, but I can't find any information on the new crossover network.


Does anyone have access to the Forte IV crossover network?


Thank you,


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Hello all. This is my first post and I’m in need of some help in diagnosing a potential problem with my klipsch speakers. I recently acquired a pair of Quartets on Facebook marketplace for $250. I fully intended on buying these as a project speaker to eventually fix up.


-the cabinet is in rough shape. My grandpa has a nice wood shop where I plan to replace the veneer and fabricate stands. 
-there is only one original woofer. I have already spoken with klipsch and ordered a replacement (k-18 I believe).
-the crossover looks messed up. I have no experience with repairing this and am worried that it will be expensive. There is a local vintage audio shop that does repairs, or I have JEM performance audio only 2 hours away. 


My main concern is the crossover. I’ve attached the pictures below. After some research it looks like the 40ohm 5 watt resistor is loose and has that black stain on the bottom. The speakers were demoed when I purchased them and I didn’t notice any glaringly obvious sound issues. I’m getting a receiver tonight (pioneer SA-7800) and will spend more time listening to the speakers to see if there’s even a problem I can notice. 

Any advice helps.


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Hi @radiogram


Thank you for sharing.


I believe you reversed the Fe Core self-induction of the K33E woofer (not K28) used on CWIII. The other xdiagram found on the net gives 1.5mH in series and 0.5mH in the RLC in parallel.


Your value measured on the parallel capacitor on K53Ti is also missing: 1.5µF normally for your network



Here are some diagrams, the authors are CANT from the forum and others, but I don't remember their names!







For me these diagrams above are all for P/N 1000472 REV A, do you confirm?



There are at least two versions of the filters used in CWIII during the long years of production: first P/N 1000472 REV A and second P/N 1007712 REV A, the values are different. There may be other versions, I don't know.


P/N 1000472 REV A use in CWIII, from 2006 up to 20xx ??



P/N 1007712 REV A use in my CWIII produced week 18 of 2015





In my opinion to help the members of the Community Klipsch forum, you should indicate the references of your network: 1000472 REV A for example, and the year and the date of production of your CWIII.

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@mustang_flhtThanks for your response. Oops that indeed should be K33 (because I have been using this Xover on my H1.5 to H111 upgrade I had subconsciously mentioned H111 woofer (https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/201920-heresy-15-to-hiii-conversion/#comment-2653754).   


Yes 1.5 uF is the parallel cap on K53Ti and it was missed mention.


And P/N is 1000472.Rev.A bought in Jan 2010.


As far as inductor reversal let me re-check and get back.





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