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worried about bass


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alright, this has been driving me crazy. i have a denon 3802 running to a set of rf3II's. i am concerned that i am not getting enough bass from the speakers. i know the blame should not be placed on the rfII's as i experienced the same "lack" with my previous mains (ksf 8.5's). i am not expecting the speakers to reproduce what is intended for the sub, but i still feel i should be getting more upper range bass (kickdrums and such). i am comparing my current sound to what i experienced while running an H/K avr 300 to the set of 8.5's. when watching the woofers in action, i see very little movement and the port barely breathes (if any at all). i am almost certain all of the settings on the 3802 are on the mark (front speakers set to large and the low frequencies sent to mains and sub. i also have played around with the crossover settings to no avail). with my sub on i really enjoy the sound. with sub off i always want to somehow turn the bass up more. i know yall will dismiss this as someone wanting his mains to do what a subwoofer is supposed to do. however, please understand that i am not refering to very low frequencies. i simply feel that the denon is not allowing the rf3's to do what they are supposed to. i never experienced this with the H/K running to the 8.5's. BTW, i am also the poster who was concerned about amplifier hiss a couple of posts down. could these be related? am i out of my mind and expecting too much? is this just denon sound? thanks for any advice.

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yep, i kept the H/K but would hate to think that what i assumed was a higher class receiver doesn't sound as good as one that cost considerably less. besides, the 3802 kicks tail on HT applications. Please, please, don't tell me that my precious denon is musically inferior to the $350, 65 watt HK it replaced. if it is, i will just have to depend on the sub more than i would like. i just want to know i am getting everything i am supposed to. i simply cannot imagine someone running my setup without a subwoofer or two and enjoying music. But on the other hand, when mated with a good sub the sound is amazing. i just feel that i am overly dependent on the sub. thanks again.

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I have the same problem with my setup. H/T has some slammin bass, but music never has quite the bass I need. Turning up the bass on the receiver doesn't help much either. I think all Denon's lack enough bass for us bassheads. My suggestion? Use the H/K as an amp to run your speakers.


My hodge-podge of equipment

Denon AVR-2800

KG-4 mains (too bad the rest of my speakers aren't this good)

Polk C-175 center (it's ok)

Infinity RS-10 Surrounds (suck)

Audiosource SW-15 subwoofer (excellent sub for it's price)

Pioneer DV333 DVD

Sony 5 disc CD player

All in a 12x12 apartment bedroom.

"What?! I can't hear you!"

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I have a Denon 3300, and with my KG4s and my Forte speakers, without a sub, it would vibrate paint off the walls with the bass in either HT or music mode. Something is screwy here. I'm probably not qualified to help you diagnose it, but I do not think your Denon is to blame. It is capable of producing more than enough bass, IMO.


Edit: OK, maybe I used a little hyperbole to describe the bass I could get from KG4s/Fortes with the Denon...Smile.gif I really needed my sub to vibrate the paint. But, just wanted to illustrate that I never felt the Denon was lacking for bass!


My System

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I know what you mean. I totally have the same concern, but I don't let it bother me anymore. I used to have Sony receiver that really cranked the bass of my KGs. I never really needed a sub in my mind. When I replaced the Sony with a Denon 681 I was sadly dissapointed. Luckily, I got a sub at the same time, so no big deal.

HT is amazing, but music has NO bass without the sub. It likely is NOT your imagination. Perhaps Doug's older Denon isn't plagued by the same gutless bass output as our Denon's.

The other point is that you and I are probably used to listening to our "colored" amps, and are not used to proper transparent sound. I had a parametric EQ on that Sony and liked to boost the bass and treble a bit with it. I run my Denon flat, b/c the bass and treble controls don't improve things to my liking. I have gotten used to my Denon over the past year and like it very much now. I can play stuff much louder without fatigue, as it is much less bright than the Sony was. Of course it doesn't hurt to have a nice sub, which I also do have now.



KG 5.5 (mains)

KLF-C7 (center)

KG 1 (rears)

SVS 20-39CS+ (sub)

Aura Bass Shakers (pair)

Kenwood amp for sub and shakers

Denon AVR 681/1601

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Lack of bass from 2 different speakers in the same room is most likely a room mode or placement problem. No amp regardless of its design or quality will make a large difference in bass response (unless it's clipping). Room placement, OTOH, can make a difference of 10s of dB. Move something around.


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thanks for the input everyone. i think i will just warm up to my subs new role in the system. i feel different speaker placement will aid the bass in the future but i have absolutely no room to rearrange in my matchbox apartment. happy st. pats day.

T-man, i am thinking about swapping to an SVS pci sub and was wondering how yours is performing in your setup. Have a great one.

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Could it be the lack of bass content in what you are listening to? If not, perhaps trying a subharmonic synthesizer to draw the bass out like the Audio Control PCA (Phase Coupled Activator) or Richter Scale or a DBX 120X-DS Subharmonic Synthesizer. I use one in my system and never have a lack of bass no matter what the source.


Living Room

Sony KP-43T70 43" Television

Denon AVR 3300 A/V Receiver (ALF/ARF)LWE-I's w/motion feedback

DBX BX-3MkII Power Amplifier (LF/RF) (Belle's - Oak Clear/Cane)

DBX BX-3MkII Power Amplifier (RR/ARR/LR/ALR) (Heresy II's (Walnut/Cane) & Infinity SM82 (Walnut)

DBX MPA-150 Mono Split Spectrum Amplifier © (KV-4 - Black)

Klipsch KSW-15 Powered Subwoofer (2)

Nakamichi DVD-10 DVD/LCD/CD Player

DBX DX-5 CD Player w/DAIR

Pioneer CT-S88R Programmable Auto-Reverse Cassette Deck

Technics SL-DL5 DD Linear Tracking Turntable

JVC HR-S7500U SVHS Video Cassette Recorder

RCA DRD-303RA Satellite Receiver

VC3 Deluxe Video Clarifier

DBX 400XG Program Route Selector

DBX 120X-DS Subharmonic Synthesizer/Electronic Crossover

DBX 3BX-DS 3-Band Dynamic Range Controller (2) 1-L, 1-R

DBX 14/10 14-Band Computerized Equalizer/RTA Analyzer/SPL Meter

Panamax 1000+ Surge Protector/Line Conditioner

Sega Dreamcast w/3 Controllers & VMU's/S-Video Output


Yamaha RX-900U Receiver

Panasonic DVD-A120U DVD/CD Player

Sony SLV-740HF Hi-Fi VCR

BBE Audio Recovery System

A/D/S L300E Mini Speakers (Eggshell)(LF/RF)

JBL T545's (Rear)

GE 20" Television

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I have the harman kardon avr500 which is rated at 75 watts x2 and 45amps of power and I find that my rf-3's put out very little bass. I have read some reviews saying that these speakers have great bass but mine do not. They do extend fairly low but drum kicks and such seem to have very little impact. I think it probably has to do with roomplacement since I have read that these speakers should be a good foot from the wall which is not possible in my tiny dorm room. Good thing I have a 15" sub to back up the bass.

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I to have the same problem. I had a set of RF-5's (very similar to RF-3's) and was very disappointed with the bass so I switch to the KLF 30's and still am not satisfied.

I have a pretty crappie receiver. I thought that was problem and planned on buying a Denon 3802. I not sure if that would make me happy now.

Most likely it is us wanting to much bass because even my RSW 15 + Basscube 15 are not making me 100% satisfied.


Fronts----KLF 30's

Center----RC-3 II

Receiver--JVC RX-9010V


Sub-------RSW-15 + Basscube 15

TV--Panasonic tau 32 HDTV


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Personally I don't think it's the 3802 as that's what I run. Had (4) JBL towers and sounded great with plenty of bass. Now have 30's & 10's and bass kicks ***! I'm also running them set to small and even have disconnected the sub and still had plenty of punch.

I've played everything from AC/DC to old school rap, at VERY loud levels(just ask the neighbors 4 houses away) and the sound is incredible. Bass control is at zero.

Might also take one more look to make sure they're not wired out of phase. Can also test with a 9v battery to make sure the woofers move forward.

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I have a 3802 with RF-7's, RC-7, and RS-7's and I must say - it rocks!Smile.gif

I have no trouble with bass, there is plenty.

I have tone defeat on constantly. I don't even have a sub yet; and I bet if I tried hard, I could blast one of my windows out of the living room. I had to place the RF-7's a bit closer to the corner than recommended, due to other contraints, which probably provides the kick. The bass is a little boomy, but I think I have a reasonable balance considering I have no sub.

Sounds to me that the room setting is playing a big role here. I'd try playinig around with placement of the speakers and see if you get any improvement.


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I think the reason why some say the Klipsch Refrence has little bass, is because the bass is so good. Very tight and accurate. Not boomy and slow, like many speakers Klipsch consumers upgrade from. (me, hehe)

No speaker anyone can afford that still sounds good, will have enough bass for newer music. (at least for young people)



Klipsch Rocks

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