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No "plug uglies" in these photos!


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Remember, the proper break in song for them would be one sung by Marie Osmond. (it's a little known fact that I'm sharing with you)

Sure, she's a little bit country, but make sure she's playing no bluegrass! It might contain a breakdown, and you don't want THAT! If you forget, and a breakdown happens, just say, "Oh well," and Scruggs your shoulders.

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Just to let everyone know... You CAN keep it ugly and go to a 3-way.

Bob Crites

C'mon now, Michael ain't that bad lookin'.

(Just kidding there, MC! It's your Dad's fault for setting me up!)

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These are awesome, Jordan. WAF approved......they look droolicious[8-|] I could justify those.....that's one of a couple of "mods" or clone work examples that looks truly attractive to me as a "possible". If a speaker upgrade is gonna be that big, it's gotta look sexxeh, and this fits the bill. Love the 3 way idea, too[:)]

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Stunning!!!!! Yes

(my wife would still call those "big ole ugly teenager speakers" Stick out tongue)

Did you put K31's inside? When you planning on firing them up?

Thanks for the compliments fellas, much appreciated.

Hey Coytee, I am using the K-31's and should heatem' up by this weekeend.

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I'll admit that I'm curious....

Why did you make it a three way when you could have put the K510 inside the top and had a 2-way?

With these parts you are doing some mixing/matching. With the 510 you are getting something that has been engineered for this bass bin.

Still.... I need to get another towel to clean up the drool.....

Already had the parts Coytee, thought I would give them a shot. I can always go 2-way active if this 3-way passive arrangement just does not work.
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Beautiful woodwork there, jorjen. I hope they spound as good as they look. Is it just me or would they look great with some cane grillcloth across the front of the top section? Just wonderin'.

Right now I am leaning towards the OEM chocolate brown that Klipsch used to offer. It looks great with the Koa. Much better than the black. I have large rolls of both I have been sitting on for years but do not have any cane.

Greg Roberts used cane with Koa on some units he did and it is indeed a gorgeous look.

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