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If Klipsch did not exist, which speakers would you own?


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If Klipsch did not exist I would probably have to save and get the Avangarde Duo speakers,large horn loaded speakers.The Avangarde are simply awesome,the price is not very budget like.

I use Klipsch for HT and electronica,I love the huge dynamics and efortless quality horn speakers bring.

Having the Dynaudio Contour series and the Spendor FL-10,I find I listen more to Klipsch then to Dynes and Spendor!And the Klipsch cost way less!!

Klipsch must be doing someting right,nex up on my must buy list are the legendary K-Horns.

So to answer the question: Avangarde would be my choice,great horn loaded speakers.

TheEAR(s) Now theears

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Sure like to give some Edgars a whirl.



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Havn't heard any in years but I think I Would have JBL's. When I got my Heresys in 1978 the salesman told me that you would not find a dealer who sold Klipsch and JBL. He went on to say that they sounded so much alike that Mr. Klipsch and Mr. Lansing made this agreement. Don't know if it is true or not bot that's what the salesman told me. Jim, I remember those Mach 1s. Fine bang for the buck.

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Interesting that some here wouldn't even be using horns if there was no Klipsch, odd.

I too find it interesting, but I don't think that is odd. Though I like Klipsch, and I don't mind the horn sound, there are some annoying characteristics of horns. There are many speakers on the market that can reproduce the timbre of an instrument more accurately. The physics of the horn smooths this delicate information together as it passes through the horn. Thus the information is less pure, less focused, less accurate. The use of the tractrix horn has helped to retain more of this information, but has sacrificed some of the audible impact, physical efficiency and the projection of sound stage that was a part of the exponential horn traditionally used by Klipsch.

Most speakers when presented with enough clean power will produce the projected soundstage. Some will do that and retain the timbral information (800 watts into a pair of B&Ws WOULD be interesting). Magneplanars are power hungry too. Given the right room, they can create an audible atmosphere that is magic. They cost much less than most B&Ws. And they don't want 800 watts (but 200/channel would be nice). Klipsch speakers can do this with few watts, little cash outlay, and very little loss in the Timbral information (at least by my ears). I guess I'm saying, that for me, Klipsch are a cost effective compromise that gives me the best sound for my buck.

I haven't heard a set of JBLs in..geeze, I don't know if I have ever heard them.

Cerwin Vega being sold at Best Buys is enough to bias me aginst anything they make.

I also left NHTs and Boston Acoustics off my list as a possible contender. Some Boston's more than others. NHT's would need some clean power.

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I like some JBL, DIY, and am interested in Maggies, but understand that you have to have a really fast sub to keep up and a strong amp to power them. I have yet to hear any, though.

I really don't need speakers to play loud enough to damage my hearing anymore.

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No doubt about it: Horn loaded Tannoys.

I think the Tannoy 12" and 15" dual-concentrics (Silver, Red or Gold) are some of the finest speakers ever produced and every bit as "good" as anything Klipsch has produced. I have a pair of 12" Golds in factory corner cabinets (not horn loaded) than I use in my "2nd" system. They are grat speakers--I actually prefer the way they sound on loud electric blues over the Cornwalls. But they lack a certain "crispness" when compared with the Conrwalls when playing the 50's and 60's jazz I listen to most of the time.

I once listened to a pair of 15" Tannoy Reds in horn loaded corner cabinets as big as a Klipschorn and they were some of the best speakers I have ever heard. Breathtaking.

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VOT story:

I once lived in a loft in San Francisco in the very early 1980's (right next door to the SF Ballet--ended up dating a couple of ballerinas, but that's ANOTHER story!). One of my orignal loftmates had a quadrophonic system with FOUR VOTs all sitting in oppsite corners of a room that was 30 feet square.

Ther were the heavy-dury commetcial VOTs from the 50's or 60's--black painted plywood with the Altec VOT emblem painted on in white on the sides.

When you stood in the middle of the room and listened at full volume you really fell into a vortex. Amazing.

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I would have to see i would be listening to some

MB Quart, paradigm, energy, b&w's or something of

the sort.. I havent really listened to too too much

but what I have heard I liked Klipsch the best and

now the more I hear the more I still love my Klipsch's

for the money I think there unbeatable.



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R.I.P. Paul W. Klipsch THE LEGEND! 3/9/04 - 5/5/02

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