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Sub Recommendation for RF-83 System


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I recently managed to pickup a showroom demo RF-83 set but didn't get the sub since it was cherry and the rest were black (and it was a bit more than I wanted to spend at the time). After a month or so building the TV stand and making cables myself I've got a bit of extra cash saved up for a sub.

I was wondering if I should wait and try and find an RT-12D or if some other sub, like the SW-311 or SW-115 or something else would be a good fit.

Vanns currently has good sale on the sw-310 right now.

I have no problem getting a non Klipsch sub if it is a better value.

I had planned on spending around $800 for the sub, but would love to be able to spend less.

I'll try and get some pics up soon too.

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Hello Hotsho111,

Depending on how big your room is I would recommend the SVS PB12-NSD.

I had one in my 17x25 room and it did an amazing job. It is very accurate and digs really deep. There are plenty of reviews out there and its $769 delivered.

Just my two cents.

+1. Svs is what I own and I live them but some are more drawn to dual 15's rather than a single 12. But I plan on the pb-12nsd once I get a second theater going.
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Mrclean, your system will change if you ever decide its worth the plunge. I used to have three rsw-10d's and when the math was explained to me that It would take 7 of them stacked in a corner to equal one pb-13 ultra in output it made the decision easy. If you got 1000-1200 out of your rt-10d and rt-12d just save for a few more months and throw down on it. I consider it am investment. Won't have to upgrade till they die.

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When you get a bit of free time, try and bring those 83's out about a foot from the wall and toe them in so they are almost facing directly towards the main seating position. I had mine like yours for a while facing straight almost against the wall when I first got them and they sounded great, but when I took a few minutes moving them around, I was surprised at the improvement in imaging. Sometimes when listening to music in stereo, you will swear the voice is still coming out of the center speaker lol

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When you get a bit of free time, try and bring those 83's out about a foot from the wall and toe them in so they are almost facing directly towards the main seating position.

I was thinking the same thing reading page one and seeing the pictures, they do look pretty close to the wall

epik empire, elemental designs probably the a5-350 for your space, rythmik audio would be another one if your looking to go neck and neck with the svs output, I've owned 2 svs subs and always wanted the 13 ultra but never could pull the trigger on it just to much for me to spend when others preform similiar




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attached is a desktop image I modified to remove some subs that have no real competitiveness for what your likely looking at, the original can be viewed here


I left the klipsch sw311 in there for fun, youll notice the velodyne dd18 has no green marks meaning it did not score highest in any area, the rythmik is pretty much on par with the svs here

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