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Anyone have a pair of Headphones for sale? I like Sennheisers.


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For years, I had a pair of HD570's that I loved but they broke so I bought a pair of HD555's off Ebay. Quickly sold them. Didn't care for them at all as they were not near as comfortable to wear as my previous HD570's. I ended up buying another pair of HD570's but they haven't gotten much use since I bought them. I probably use them once every 3 months? They are in great condition and can upload pics if you are interested. Might be willing to part with them for $80. They are Open Dynamic (I think that's what they call them) which provides a more natural sound to me.

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I've got a pair of HD595's. Hardly used (why I'm willing to sell), excellent condition. Was certain I had the box for the, but just did a quick search and coud not find. Think the wife may have "misplaced it". Anyway, I have the 1/8" adapter and the shelf hanger as well. I don't recall what I paid for them (bought new), how does $120, shipped sound?


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Don't know where the 570's fall in the line so I can't really make a decision.

Me neither. I'm not familar with the other models so I cannot comment on their differences.

They do look comfortable though.

Extremely comfortable and sound fantastic.

Good luck with your search.

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