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FS: Cornwall III speakers in cherry lacquer


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The speakers are mine, not yours. I'm allowed to ask any amount I consider feasible. I set the asking price, not you. Don't post on MY thread, as 'Budman' Russ did, saying that you sold yours for half the price I'm asking - what you sold yours for is YOUR business. Don't post on MY thread, as Mike Stehr did, pointing to a completely different set of speakers on eBay and implying that I'm asking too much - what Cornwall ONES sell for has NOTHING to do with what Cornwall THREES are worth. My speakers are worth whatever I can get for them. Don't like my price? Ask politely if I'll consider less - DON'T muck up my thread with extraneous information having NOTHING to do with the speakers that I'm selling. In short: Mind your own effing business and stop trying to piddle in mine!

Consider this ad expired. The "A-hole" to "potential buyer" ratio here is astronomical. I'll sell my equipment elsewhere and the next time I have anything to sell, be it a Klipsch product or not, I'll darn sure NEVER post it here. What a bunch of internet losers you jokers are!

I reread this post and thought about modifying it, but then decided, no, it needs to stay exactly as written. I meant each and every single word.


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