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Klipschorn Type A & Type AA Crossovers: Drivers


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I bought a set of 1985 Klipschorns and the original crossovers were updated with aftermarket units.

These aftermarket crossovers sound fine and that being said, I would like to try a set of Type A Klipsch crossovers and a set of Type AA Klipsch crossovers to experience Paul Klipsch's "take" on the Klipschorn!

My questions are;

1) I have an official Type A schematic but it does not show the model of drivers - my current drivers are Crites CW1526, K-55M and K-77's - does anyone know what "official" drivers are meant to work with the Type A crossover?

2) Is there an "official" schematic of the Type AA available? I want to compare crossover parts of a Type A crossover with a Type AA crossover. I have a used Type AA crossover on the way and am wondering if I can easily convert it to a Type A.

Thank you for any information.


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The plain old K77 would have been used with both. It is a quality selected Electrovoice T35.

I believe the K55M is newer, and used a different balancing network, or maybe it used the AA ??

Ask Crites about the Crites to see what it is equivalent to.

Somewhere, there is a comprehensive list of all the changes to the Klipschorn over the many, many years. Someone on the forum is bound to tell you where to find it.

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i have type A's in my 69 k-horns with k-77 round mag with K-55V and K-33's

according to crites the A and AA are similar with the AA adds tweeter protection

like Gary said, e-mail Bob or contact Dean at Aletheia Audio

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I searched a bit after my post in the forum and found schematics in a zip file of the Type A & Type AA networks.

You are right - the Type AA has tweeter protection while the squawker/woofer sections look identical between the A & AA.

This should make it a simple task to try out each of the types to hear which ones I prefer.

Thanks for the information.

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  • 4 years later...

Just bought a pair of 78' Khorns and already preparing to replace the AA's. Is Crites the best place? I'm really not into replacing caps, etc. I just want to purchase a complete board and install. Also, seeking quality and not yet another "good deal".


Thanks for any help

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Bob will sell you crossovers that sound like new but original crossovers. He also has the A4500 (?) which lowers the crossover to the tweeter and helps out the K400 mid horn. That requires new tweeters but is worth it IMO. Others such as Dean sell improvements on the old designs. Lots of ways to go about this. Bob is the easiest, and does a nice job.

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8 minutes ago, Deang said:

Original parts were somewhat “lossy”, so building with currently available popular capacitors will result in a sound that is more forward than the original voicing. 

When you first replied in June of 2013 Dean, you said you were feeling tired and would reply "tomorrow."  It's four and a half years later and you are just now replying? 


I hope you got some rest and are feeling better.  :P



Congrats on the Khorns @Tony T.  Be sure and listen to them with the stock XO's for a month or so before you replace the old Type AA's, see how you like them.  I had some Khorns (now gone) from the same year and they sounded outstanding with the stock AA's, which I replaced with A/4500's and some upgraded tweeters, which also sounded outstanding.

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It seems to me that all original 78' Khorns would, no doubt automatically necessitate new caps. Maybe I'll install them first before removing the old boards and disregarding completely. Is Crites the best place for replacement caps? I don't want to compromise quality.

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Bob sells good capacitors, but I personally don't think they provide the best possible sound - I don't think they sound as good as your old capacitors probably did when they were new. However, they're better than what you have now - worn out capacitors.

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