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Cables, Coffee, Cycles, and Cocktails


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When we run the Hellcats through the shop we only give the black keys to the techs.  They actually had a buyer drive one with a salesman with only the black key and spun off the road.  He did a u turn on a 4 lane and got on it too hard before it was straight.  500 hp will get you in trouble but 707 will get you in trouble faster lol.

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Morning all...


My grandson Devin is wearing the appropriate shirt for the day... Yea boys.... it's Hump Day :P


My mom is coming out to the shop this morning for a oil change in her CRV.... CRV's not 707hp:(.... Man I get all worked up when my one customer drops off there 260+ hp Acura TL Type S six speed car....I Like driving that car.... I put a new clutch in it for him about two years ago.... I didn't like that job...... I did like taking his money.... well The BOSS took it :blink:


Gotta roll.... a good day to all... let me see if I can load this pic...


MKP :-)


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Good news Carl. Our work Bunn died this morning, it never stops running when you hit the brew button so coffee and weak coffee kept on going, an going and going. I am sure program will rush to buy us a new on, yea right.


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