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Cables, Coffee, Cycles, and Cocktails


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Good morning/early afternoon my friends------longish post here, sorry that I have been absent and missed many posts...    But, best wishes for Carl's daughter, it sounds like things are looking better now.........Chins are UP :wink:


JL, I do not have any Nord products..........I know that keyboardists are IN LOVE with their(Nord) Hammond 'clone' but that is just what it is...........as you know, I have the SK2 which I love...........a B3 in a 35 lb. package made by the Hammond Organ co.   Hope you enjoy your new keyboard, I am sure it makes great sounds...   Ok on the sale of the E-100, I can't part with mine, as it was a gift to me by my folks NEW back in 1967...........with the click filter removed and the Goff upgraded Leslie 145, it is a real ripper :D!    As you know, my performance gear are a pair of Korg Kronos 73's    with optional - downloaded orchestral samplings, they are said to be the best workstations across ALL brands :emotion-21:    Ok, enough self fluffing.....   Do have fun with yours, let me know what you think ok?


Big news around here is, my sister had a house deal with a friend that fell through at the last minute, they had to find places to live QUICK!  So, her friend went back home with her folks, and my sister asked if she could live with us for a while!!!   Well, that was a shocker..........my sister and I have not lived together since she moved out of the house at 18 years old, and here we are now in our sixties!  :ohmy:.....    So, she arranged storage for her goods, and we agreed to take her in thanks to a guest bedroom and bath for what we hope is about 4 months.....    Now, as of last night,  we have plants all over the place, moving boxes we can just about walk around and a CAT !!!!    But, kept in her room..   But for the first night and today, all seems ducky.   Made a nice breakfast for 3 and we had a fun Skype session with my dad in N.C. and we gave him the news...   I started off by saying "Meet our new tenant!", so I pulled sis into the camera view, and my folks got a big kick out of it......   so, it was a nice little family moment ...


Now get this, she is off to Boston today for the Redsox final game at Fenway............she met with another friend on time to make the travels..   She calls a short while ago to tell me her trans in the car was acting up, she lost reverse and has not much for forward speeds!!!   It is a fairly recent model Malibu with about 90k...   So, we will deal with all this I'm sure.............what are big bros for ?  :smile:


That is my story and catch up for the week.............


Chuck, hope the storm doesn't get you, I have been out of the loop weather wise here up north...


Enjoy the day everyone.............I will check in when I can...



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4 hours ago, USNRET said:

Exactly our plans this morning. .22, 9mm, .223, 5.56 and some arrows

 Interesting round the 5.56. Flat and fast by the military round, shot by a fast auto an insane number of rounds per minute.

If halfway right, thinking special force types use.  In any case funtime. Getting Nancy to plink more  with her .22

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Bugs are still bad around here but, getting much better  todays weather...good shooting.

Hate that bugspray so use vinegar soaked cloth when outside. Who am I kidding, I go out

after cool weather sets in. Place is covered by deer here at times. Fun to watch and take a pic,

if I can.

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We have had a lot of rain this last month and the mosquitoes are all over. I am hoping this latest cool down will get rid of these little vampires. Also, we have a ton of gnats/fruit flies in the house this month. We have little apple cider vinegar traps set up and have been catching a dozen or so a day? Where in the hell do these things keep coming from?




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On 10/1/2016 at 7:39 AM, oldtimer said:

Used coffee grounds make an excellent mulch.

50 cu yds of coffee grounds? That's a whole lotta of coffee my man... Any way this mulch is more for erosion control than gardening per se.

 Well I gotta get back to spreading it. A good day to all.

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2 hours ago, Tigerman said:

As you know, my performance gear are a pair of Korg Kronos 73's


Yes, and those Kronoses have hammer action keyboards similar to my NORD. That's a feature I really like over the typical keyboard or organ. Also, the vast collection of NORD samples are all free from NORD. No so with other makers including Korg I suspect. Anyway, I'm just an amateur playing for my own fun so its all good. :)


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Evening gang.....

43 minutes ago, CECAA850 said:

I just shook up a slushie and am about to chill.

Yea Carl sit back and chill..... our good vibes still coming your way my man...


Well The BOSS and I got back about an hour ago from the lill'  JBL road trip........ The JBL's are in da house making nice with there Klipsch friends:P..... and yea there BAD A$$....

Had to wait for our young couple neighbors to get in, he had to help me get the bass bins inside... this guys garage was full of Pro-audio gear....most of it was wrapped up for shipping.

Well I must say I did pick the right woman to be with.... once we got the deal done with the JBL's. The BOSS asks about the Crown that was powering them..... she said "I like it... I want it!!:o" ..... Now when my wife says she wants a Crown Macro-tech 2400 who am I to argue..... So the Crown made it's way home with us....

All in all a good day..... but I can't play em cuz I gotta get a active cross..... All good... I'll get it.... got to get a hold of my Pro-audio buddy, see if he can hook a bro up....

I'll be posting back in the pro-audio, if you all have any input on active crossovers..... help me out:blink2:




MKP :-)


pic's coming... give me a sec....



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