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Cables, Coffee, Cycles, and Cocktails


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On 11/22/2016 at 7:52 AM, CECAA850 said:

I can't believe you guys aren't using Audiovox:emotion-14:

I purchased a bunch of auto alarms some time back, like 5, no price break for a stock owner, zip, nada.

voxx @$3 buck per share sucks, been there for quite some time, i own a few, makes NO difference.

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22 hours ago, Fattner said:

I don't know ,I have always love the big look of the huge klipsch speakers and I thinking a want a vintage system !! Thx for a cool web site !!

Watch what you ask for or wish for.

Thanx to Webber iv owned most of the Klipsch line before i ended up where i am today. 

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1 minute ago, minermark said:

something about that Shine

I didn't read that it was shine. I've never bought any shine that taxes were paid...the real stuff. Have charred some Oak and let it flavor a glass gallon bottle for a year or two...tastes like Bourbon.


Have made Absinthe using vodka, before it became legal again.  Tried to use shine on a batch, turned out nasty. :wacko: 

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5 minutes ago, minermark said:

YOU are the Sole reason the wife has her own set of K's .......Remember???:ph34r2:


But hey, you refered them to the forum, from another audio site, and at $999 and 50min away.....i could not pass that up.

Pictures or it aint true :D





I remember. Seems like there was a time when it was more funner to help each other spend money. 

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7 minutes ago, billybob said:

Just loaded some liquids and no fear of dehydration atm

Dang looks like granny spring tonic season...early...cheers:D

I found the best drink to prevent dehydration is Orange Gatorade and Orange Kettle. Pour the top bubble off the Gatorade bottle and refill it with Orange Kettle. Interestingly, the top bubble is approximately 16 ounces so you have a couple quarts of it and you get pretty well loaded. You also keep your electrolytes balanced. WIN-WIN

I preferred Orange Stoly but can't find it any more :(:(:(



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4 minutes ago, Weber said:

Beautiful Khorns and MCM1900. I remember you posting about working on the MCM, great job. 

The Neighbors know them all to well, but i really set myself up sometime before, running the EAW's

Those i still have.

Those EAW's are Twice the large sound, of the McM's, not better just different.


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