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2 hours ago, Weber said:

I would agree that 20 years ago, seat belts could be bad on a bus, because no one was used to wearing them. Now most (probably in the 90% range) people use and / or are familiar with the function of latching and unlatching a seat belt  


Agree that hitting a tree like this one, hit by a train, or hitting Earth from outer space, a seat belt might not help. In most cases it will. 


I have seen seat belts saving lives......and seat belts saved my life.....

When I was in the Army I was in a helicoper med-e-vac unit..... was a crewchief on a Huey..... we would fly out to some serious car accidents........most of the time people that were belted in lived, ones that were not.......well they were already gone..... We had someone die on the flight back once...

The medic was doing all he could.....blood loss took it's toll.... man it was a mess. It was the worst mission I ever went on.....

When I rolled my truck (71 Ford Bronco) almost 30 years ago if I didn't have that lap belt on I probably would not be typing this. My buddy that was with me got thrown out of the truck...he's lucky to be alive.

A lady tee boned us one afternoon. Was me, wife and eldest daughter in the back. We were on a 50 mph road and this woman pulled out and tee boned us. At the time of impact we might have been doing 40mph. She wasn't stopping at the stop sign..... I yelled at my wife "SHE'S NOT STOPPING......... BAMM..... even though it was a side impact both front airbags deployed.... Other than a flash knock out we were all ok....the wife got a bunch of glass in her arm.... I think without seat belts it would have been a lot worse....



MKP :-)

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28 minutes ago, MORE KLIPSCH PLEASE said:



I find myself buckling the seat belt unconsciously even when just moving vehicles in the driveway.  I dig out and use the belts on taxis, airport shuttles, etc.


In China recently, they stressed seat belt use on the large tour buses, which I applaud.  Nonetheless, it was comical to look out the window and see 3 - 5 people on a single motorbike with no helmets.  Frequently the motorbikes drive against traffic.

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1 hour ago, MORE KLIPSCH PLEASE said:


Yep. have since the early 80s. Been the first or one of the first to the scene of accidents. Couldn't convince my dad to wear his until we were the first ones to come upon a head on crash (mid 1980s). It wasnt a high speed or a bad crash. I pointed out that the driver of one car was out with only a few cuts from flying glass. The other one had beat the inside of his truck with his face. I was trying to help him spit out his (real) teeth while stabilizing his head. Because it was rural, it took the paramedics a while to get there. A couple of hours from the time of impact, he was loaded in the truck with disco light. The other driver was checked out and was okay. Dad started wearing his seatbelt. 


Anyway, really feel sorry for the kids and parents in Tennessee.

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In the 70s I couldn't convince my then 78 year-old grandmother to wear a seat belt.  She figured she hadn't needed one yet, so why start now.  You can't argue, successfully, with a septuagenarian.  She died in bed.


BTW, the car in the avatar had a 5-point racing harness.  That was a serious seat belt.

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4 hours ago, DizRotus said:

Happy Thanksgiving to all forum member and to those you love.

Yes everyone have a good Thanksgiving and relax.


 I know it's sometimes with some crazy relatives you don't see often but be nice, it's only one day. :D They probably say the same about me. :)

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5 hours ago, CECAA850 said:

OMG yes.  They're awesome.

My brother lives in Tyler where they're made.  They sell them in the grocery stores there as well.  He brought one down several years ago and we really enjoy them.  There was also a place here in Beaumont that made turduckens.  You could have them with you choice of dressing but we normally got crawfish etouffee.  They were extremely rich but absolutely delicious.  They'd run about $80 but they were almost completely edible as most all bones are removed so they can fit everything in the turkey.  It's making me hungry just typing about it.

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Hard to follow all that food and well wishes without getting a bit hungry. Love Cajun and Smoked, just about anything.

Got back here a couple of hours ago to find all 3 cats fast asleep. As I had a bite off of the list for a couple of Klipsch

bookshelves and my newly acquired Rotel multi CD player, wanted to get the party some extra pics of units. Now am

in Thanksgiving mode.

To all the past well wishers I say thank you. Just had a bite to eat thanks to Jimmy Dean and when I feel the blues

coming on, it is likely I have not had my listening level of music I grew up with. Streamed the Animals White Houses

album on the RF-3's and am feeling alright. On weekends at much a tender age, would go to the beer getting place

called Granny Blank's(editor)) where if you could be seen over the counter, you were legal. Then back to the House of the

Rising Sun over the water. The StingRays were the regular band but, others played there like The Fugitives, The

Colour Corporation, The Nightcrawlers and others. It is a timeless dose of music that makes me happy.


Sorry as well to see the bus and kids killed and hurt. Drove a full size school bus back in my 20's for a private,

school in Tallahassee. Getup before daylight and go to a town 20 miles away and pickup all along back roads finally

arriving back to the city. Drove for a few months, and long enough to learn for myself the pitfalls that could

occur if you did not have it together. It is a demanding job and drivers should be thoroughly vetted. Being

a serious driver from the get-go, I wore my Bausch& Lomb Shooter sunglasses, which helped on many



Guess they have stopped making it:








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