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Thread CRAPPING Honey Pot

Thaddeus Smith

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Yup, for about a week and a half now. What you want to know about them?

Are they the road shows?

Is that the battery version. I've crapped up the Roadshow thread with my issues. Figured this would be a better place to relieve myself.

No. The battery biased B-2's are mine. Dean knocked them out for me using my original boards, transformers, etc while I was demo'ing the roadshow ALK Universals (not cornscala compatible!).

These will be used for a while. I like the sound. Or at least until I have enough cash burning a hole in my pocket to consider a Jupiter flat stack B-2 build. :P

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Heard from Oppo. They sent me a list of things to try that I had already done after I sent my initial support email. I also updated them with the "holy crap it magically works" status from late last night, my proximity to the warranty period, and my concern about longevity with a potential hardware issue. Will see what they come back with.

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Will see what they come back with.

Probably just send you a shiny new 103D. :biggrin:

Haven't looked at Oppo in a while, was a little surprised at prices on the new models, although they are one of the best.

ya who knows. I baby this thing and only rarely do all day watching sessions. Proper space and ventilation, etc. The fact that it works for a bit and then video shuts down (audio over hdmi still works) seems like an overheated chip issue.

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