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Thread CRAPPING Honey Pot

Thaddeus Smith

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3 different cables, excluding the one that has always worked.

different ports on the TV. different ports on the AVR. both ports on the OPPO.

various power off/on sequences.

bypass AVR and plug oppo directly into TV.

always displays the oppo splash screen and then nothing.

both times the video has come back after extended periods of being turned off.

this was the kind of stuff that always plagued my PS3 setup, which was one of the many reasons I moved towards the oppo.

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Not interested in going there.

Nope, that's a lot to far for me.

Like the old song ; Take a trip without leaving the farm.

And to not stay on track

Crazy animal laws

10. Any fishing in Idaho must not be done while sitting on top of a camel.

Not true............. used to be partially true. Once it was against the law to fish sitting atop any animal while in the middle of stream. I guess at one time people would sit on their horses in streams and fish for hours. Well that meant that the streams became fouled with horse wee wee, etc........... At that time it was not unusual for people to get their personal water supplies directly from streams. Thus you can see the health hazard. So this camel comment was an errant paraphrasing about that law. You could always fish from a camels back............ just not while doing so midstream. Nor from a gorillas back, or Godzilla's back - for that matter. But the law was removed from the enforcement books long ago. So bring your camels and fishing gear to Idaho and have at it, midstream or not.

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