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Thread CRAPPING Honey Pot

Thaddeus Smith

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HA! I had to look up ditch weed.

Some of that ditch weed may not hurt you, but this can kill.

A little will get you High.

A little more will put you to sleep.

A little more and you will not wake up.



The James-Town Weed (which resembles the Thorny Apple of Peru, and I take to be the plant so call'd) is supposed to be one of the greatest coolers in the world. This being an early plant, was gather'd very young for a boil'd salad, by some of the soldiers sent thither to quell the rebellion of Bacon (1676); and some of them ate plentifully of it, the effect of which was a very pleasant comedy, for they turned natural fools upon it for several days: one would blow up a feather in the air; another would dart straws at it with much fury; and another, stark naked, was sitting up in a corner like a monkey, grinning and making mows [grimaces] at them; a fourth would fondly kiss and paw his companions, and sneer in their faces with a countenance more antic than any in a Dutch droll.

In this frantic condition they were confined, lest they should, in their folly, destroy themselves — though it was observed that all their actions were full of innocence and good nature. Indeed, they were not very cleanly; for they would have wallowed in their own excrements, if they had not been prevented. A thousand such simple tricks they played, and after eleven days returned themselves again, not remembering anything that had passed.

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Some of that ditch weed may not hurt you, but this can kill. A little will get you High. A little more will put you to sleep. A little more and you will not wake up.

The big question would be what is a little, sounds crazy.

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Some of that ditch weed may not hurt you, but this can kill. A little will get you High. A little more will put you to sleep. A little more and you will not wake up.

The big question would be what is a little, sounds crazy.

Never had the desire to find out `Personally' .

Know of an incident where; `Girl was down California/Mexico area when her mother got called to come get her. On the trip back the girl tried to break into the cockpit of the plane.'

The ingredient that gives hallucinations is also toxic and is what kills.

Has been used for setting bones and surgery. Ya just can't remember them sawing your leg off. Even though it really hurt at the time. Unless you got lucky and just took a nap.

Not interested in going there. :(

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Not interested in going there.

Nope, that's a lot to far for me.

Like the old song ; Take a trip without leaving the farm.

And to not stay on track

Crazy animal laws

1. When in Alaska, do not ever shove a live moose out of an airplane midflight.

2. And you can shoot a bear, but don't wake him up from sleeping to take his photograph.

3. In the town of Juneau, AK, keep your flamingo out of barber shops.

4. In Arkansas, make sure all cows walking down Main Street are home before 1:00 PM on Sunday.

5. In Belvedere, CA, dogs are not allowed in public places without their masters on leashes (they may want to rethink the wording of this one).

6. Apparently dogs in Colorado can read, because the dog catcher must notify them of potential impounding by posting a notice on a tree for three days prior.

7. Hartford, CT dogs are not so fortunate, because it is illegal to educate them.

8. Cats in heat must be silenced in Columbus, GA, where they are not allowed to howl after 9 PM.

9. Same goes for dogs in Little Rock, AR, only they must cease barking after 6 PM.

10. Any fishing in Idaho must not be done while sitting on top of a camel.

11. In Chicago, IL, French Poodles are deprived of the arts, since they are not allowed into the opera.

12. Iowa cowboys must restrain their horses from eating fire hydrants (can it really be that hard?).

13. Cinema-goers in Maryland must leave their pet lion at home (are they allowed to show them DVDs?).

14. In Massachusetts, gorillas can only sit in the front seat, since they are not allowed in the back seat of any car.

15. Much to the disappointment of Reed City, MI, cats, owners are not allowed to also have a pet bird (there goes all the fun).

16. Dog and cat owners in North Carolina must keep them separated, since it is illegal for them to fight (try enforcing that one).

17. Motorists in Pennsylvania who see horses heading their way must pull off the road and cover their cars with camouflage to blend into the countryside (yeah, like this actually happens).

18. South Dakota horses are not allowed into the Fountain Inn unless they are wearing pants (on both sets of legs?).

19. While in Leahy, WA, only indoor nose-blowing is permitted, since doing so outside might scare a horse and make it panic.

20. West Virginians will be relieved to know that picking up road kill and taking it home for supper is perfectly legal (yes, this does actually happen).

21. Foxport, WI dogs must stuff their feelings rather than acting viciously, including excessively barking, growling, or acting in a menacing manner.

22. Photographing rabbits from January to April in Wyoming is not allowed without an official permit (who's going to tell - the rabbit?).

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grrrrarrrrrr! my oppo bdp-93 is giving me fits tonight. hdmi can suck it.

Pull the AC plug, wait 30 secs, then plug back in..............Microsoft isn't the only company that requires a hard reboot from time to time.

I left it alone for a couple of hours (plugged in) while i 2-channeled some music. I came back and was able to watch a couple episodes of the Doctor without issue. I hate phantom, unrepeatable problems. I'm having my wife play movies throughout the day to see if she can break it again - I'd love nothing more for this to just resolve itself and not waste the support team's time, but I also don't want to have a chronic hardware issue that comes back when I'm much further away from the warranty period.

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