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New Klipsch Blog post: Anatomy of a Record Player


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We have just launched our new Klipsch blog at http://www.klipsch.com/blog! The aim of the blog is to highlight some of the things we are passionate about, and hopefully educate customers, new and not-so-new. We have lots of exciting content coming up, and Alex will be doing his best hype-man impression, hyping the new blog everywhere soon, but since the forum peeps are so awesome, you get to be among the first to hear about it.

One of Amy's last heroic deeds @ Klipsch was to author several initial blog posts for the new blog. One of them is about turntables and listening to music on vinyl - http://www.klipsch.com/blog/anatomy-of-a-record-player.

Feel free to comment on this or any of the other posts on the blog, and bookmark http://www.klipsch.com/blog!

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Reading the blog, there is this statement that is a little bit out of order: "As the stylus follows the grooves of the record, vibrations travel through the metal wires inside the tone arm and arrive at the cartridge at the tone arm’s end."

​We all know what Amy meant to say, but it might confuse someone that doesn't spin vinyl.

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A couple of months or so ago, Amy asked for some words on -- I think -- turntable or LP sound or performance. It was supposed to be for a blog or something on the forum.

I wrote something, sent it to her, and promptly forgot about it. What happened to it? Thanks,


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There is also idler drive turntables

Love the penny!!! Currently rebuilding a couple of Russco Studio Pro B. One with the MicroTrack that was first put on it new.

That photo is a bit old...at the time I was using a Shure (SC35?) cartridge which was has a plastic body and is lighter than the metal bodied cartridges intended for the type vintage of tonearm.

Even with all the weights used with the slide, I still needed a penny to get that extra bit.

I swapped back to the Stanton/Pickering (380?) metal bodied "fluxvalve" cartridge that came with the tonearm, and bought a new stylus. I think the old Stanton has more of a lively sound to it over the Shure cart. The cartridge is heavier, so I just needed one weight for the slide...no more pennies.

But the main thing was the SC35 Shure cart had a ground noise issue the I could never chase out. I checked the wiring over and over, even tried different things. But the ground noise disappeared when I went back to the metal bodied Stanton cart. Dunno if the metal over plastic was the issue of the noise...

Joseph (Esmilla?) mentions using the Shure SC35 on his site/blog with regard to the Velvet Touch tonearm. I don't know if he had any sort of ground noise issues with his set-up.

I just tore down and went through this beast last week, to replace a ruined tension spring. A dirty old Fisher cassette deck gave it's life for one spring, perfect for the K&S Musicmaster.

Got it up and running again last night, with still some tweaking to be done.

Listened to Johnny Cash "Rock Island Line" and at my girlfriend's insistence, Dolly Parton...

Of course this old turntable isn't on par with say a Scout vacuum platter dog with a 1500 dollar Shelter cart...and I've visited and listened to these fairly to rather expensive turntables.

Yeah, there is a wee bit of platter rumble, but not enough to be objectionable.

The beauty of this old dinosaur is I don't have to be too anal about the quality of vinyl played, and still have enough quality boogie factor to get your feet tapping.

What I like about listening to vintage records is there is so much odd and unknown material to listen to.

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