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4 - rf7ii's, rc64ii & r115sw -- STATIC / HISS?


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Here's my set up... So far

Four - cherry RF7ii's

One - cherry RC64ii

One - R115sw

When listening to any source material- dvd, bluray, cd, appleTV

The towers & center all exhibit a Hiss... Kind of like static that's being masked by whatever I'm listening to.

I have not done seperate Amps yet... Waiting until I finish my basement theatre build before I plop down money on seperates.

When I do amps- will they help with the hiss? I can hear it clear as day during quiet sections of music/movies at 13 feet away!

Should I do mono blocks for each tower? Center?

Or just mono blocks across front 3, and stereo Amps for rear RF7ii's and (eventual) RS62ii's ??

Any advice on people that have tamed the RF7ii hiss would be great!!

(Just signed up to post this-- not sure how to add pics yet.)

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first off welcome! and second off before we even consider an amp lets figure out this hiss. there are lots of cases where people actually get hiss from adding an amp over just an avr. 


what kind of avr do you have? i haven't heard anyone having hiss off of just an avr except for people that had problems. and even then they were slight hisses audible from maybe a foot at most. 13 foot is a loud hiss for sure. something isnt right at all

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It's a pioneer cheap-O!! Its a VSX-823.

The bluray is a Sony BDP S590

I know my receiver is a lowly piece. But I had to put my electronic purchases on the back burner and rush out and get a matching RC64 and rear RF7ii's since Klipsch decided to discontinue them.

I thought picking up the subwoofer yesterday would help take a load off of the baby receiver and reduce hiss. I think it did, but I also think I'm in the first few days of feeling that big 15" sub.. So it's probably psychological at this point.

My speaker wire to each speaker is 14gauge,


Even if I switch the AVR to a no input channel, it then has a hiss that will increase/decrease with volume knob.

(Can pictures be posted on this forum when using iPhone?)

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Yes ...nice gear. As far as the Oppo...( I own 2 of them ) yes they are nice players but you could spend less and still be satisfied with sound and picture.


I would put the majority of money into amp/processor....maybe go into Oppo.in later spending.


In other words slooooow and steady...you'll get there.

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home theatre isn't done yet.... so all these monsters are in the upstairs family room !!   wife secretly won't admit she loves the sound quality.  (other than my hiss   :emotion-45: )




got bored at work and made a rough drawing of room & placement.  since this doodle, more lights have been added (none to ceiling - don't want to let bass leak out)  and both subs will be up front, instead of front and rear.   otherwise, pretty close depiction.




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I'd find the source of the hiss BEFORE I added anything. If you do add amps, I'd upgrade the AVR to one with pre outs to allow for expansion. An OPPO will work as a pre pro but if you keep the current AVR in the chain, the hiss may continue. Also I'd save money on mono-blocks and just add a multi channel amp from Emo. or Outlaw should you go that route.........my .02 fwiw....ymmv


btw...nice room and speakers and welcome to the forum!

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It's not a matter of taming the RF-7II's hiss, its most likely the AVR (99% sure), so if you plan an upgrade, as it appears you are, you should be fine. I used to run three RF's in front two on the sides and 6 KSP-S6 surrounds with two subs and the whole thing was dead silent. A good quality multi-channel amp would be more than adequate. You will be very happy when you are done, very nice.


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I'm running a Pioneer receiver with 7ii's and find it to be effectively quiet. I say "effectively" because if I put me ear close to the tweeter (2' or so) I can hear a hiss, but it is inaudible from my seating position (10').

Welcome to the forum...I used to live near Roscoe....good times.

Edit...I should add that my Pio is their SC series which uses class D amps while I believe that your VSX uses class A/B.

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Yes. I thought about doing a 7.2 system will all RF7ii's..

But now that the theatre is in process I can get measurements & feel out the room. I don't want to do a transparent screen in front of the center RF7ii So I opted for building a small stage up front and doing the RC64ii on a stand.

I also think it looks better - more home theatre style... I think it looks odd to have the same speakers all around the room to an untrained eye/ear. Plus- I have some height limitations in basement build, I think having towers in each corner & a horizontal center in middle keeps my room from feeling too.... Claustrophobic

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The front stage will be 6" for sure... Just to give the "look"

I won't finish the rear seating riser until I have my front row exactly where I want it & I'll measure based on that.

Who knows- maybe the front row moves forward or backward 1-2 feet once I'm actually living in the room... Don't want my riser to be built already.

Like said above... I'm trying to go slooooow - but, it's hard! I want it done so I can rock out!

I'm hoping my double studded walls with 2 layers 5/8" inside AND outside can help contain some of the bass!

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