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6 hours ago, Dave1291 said:

@MeloManiac you've got it made.  I'm sitting here looking at a stack of about 15 lp's and a box set I haven't even unzipped yet.  Then 5 8-inch piles to put away.  I'm done when I put those away and I think that's why I haven't put them away yet.  I don't want the reality to set in when I realize I have no room.  I'm done, but there HAS to be some space somewhere.  I've gotta think on this one.  Might have to sell some but that's doubtful.  

Life Is GIF - Life Is Going GIFs

I NEVER thought I'd see it happen but it did.


It wasn't me workin on ya to buy more Meloone it's that Mr KROCK I want.  Think syncopated rythmn.  😂

I feel ya 

Have 2 lines of LPs on the floor 

Now getting quotes for a closed drawer record storage system 

Something like a lateral filing cabinet to suit the size of records 


Something like this for you @Dave1291





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Tarkus is the second studio album by English progressive rock band Emerson, Lake & Palmer, released on 14 June 1971 on Island Records. Following their debut tour across Europe during the second half of 1970, the group paused touring commitments in January 1971 to record a new album at Advision Studios in London. Greg Lake produced the album with Eddy Offord as engineer.



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Well, that was over too quick.  Moving right along...  




Why not?  Just watched LSU WBB beat Va Tech.  Next game up?  Iowa & S. Carolina.  Those NCAA wimmen are ballin out on ESPN and I'm cruisin.  :)  Gonna pick up the tempo then we'll see what shakes out!  This Clark chickie from Iowa CAN ball out!  



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