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Hello Tim and friends!  Well, my disc has concluded and my afternoon vino glass emptied, so, it is time to start prepping for the dinner party in a few hours.  I will post again soon.   Enjoy the rest of your day or evening.  IMG-2845.jpg

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Here is the second Miles Davis, it's a double LP, Gatefold cover from Sony Music Entertainment/Columbia Records for Get On Down, the 2 vinyls are opaque yellow to match the cover! It's a double live from 1982, the reissue is from 2022










Edit: Marcus Miller's bass on the 15" Klipsch  😜






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2 hours ago, AndreG. said:

Good morning/afternoon.   Members of this band are local to me, and I came VERY close to joining them some years back as their keyboardist for the live shows !  (they use tracks).

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For sure it's freakin hevy.

I was hunting for some top model from vinyl dusk era. Like this one or Pioneer P3, Sony PS-X9,Denon DP-100M.

Trio was least expensive and least classic looking. Someone relatively close distance to me tried to sell it end of last year so I took a chance and brought it home. It needs little bit of cosmetic love but from what I checked before it's mostly repairable in case if something wrong would happen.

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3 hours ago, AndreG. said:

 Renaissance played Toronto in 1977 at Convocation Hall at the University of Toronto, and I was lucky enough to see them.  It was the first time I'd seen a band with a lead bass player rather than a guitarist.  I think it was Jon Lord, and of course Annie Haslam was the lead singer.  Great show!

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