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Vinyl - Record Spinning

Full Range

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10 hours ago, amped said:

Hoping to redeem myself. 10” Vinyl. Technically not mine-  a gift to my daughter:



@amped  Cet album est splendide, la musique de Miles est de toute beauté pour ce film français, félicitations à votre fille 👍



In americanThis album is splendid, the music of Miles is absolutely beautiful for this French film, congratulations to your daughter 👍

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1 hour ago, KROCK said:

Ordered on the 20th. Seller is probably on Holiday.


Send the seller a PM 

I had a similar situation 

Purchased a record an it was marked as sent but after a no show I contacted them and it was not sent and they could not find it 

So I got a refund 


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It's spinning and it is a record, so I guess I can post it here... 

Visiting Ghent, my wife's hometown. In the Belfry, there's a carillon, one of the oldest in the world, and it has a carillon drum that can be programmed by hammering plugs in the right holes (there are 17,000 holes in the drum). The plugs trigger the ropes which connect to hammers that hit the clocks. The musicbox principle, on a massive scale. 

I'll add a picture of the belfry as well. 







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Nice day today here in the hood so since it's been quite I decided to fire things up a bit.  It's been laying here for about a week and I'm ready.  I've actually researched  him a bit, which I rarely do, but after some thinking about his age and going back to my Motown runs from back in the day I'm wondering.


Met a lot of people durning my Roostertail runs to Detroit and I'm wondering if I met this guy when he was a kid.  I wasn't really INto Bob Dylan until after my Motown days but knew and liked some of his stuff.  Thinking I might have heard him or OF him up there.  Remember someone saying there was a guy who did a lot of Dylan like stuff from there but since ole Bob wasn't a fav I pretty much dismissed it.  I honestly don't remember but it's crazy if it happened and was this guy.  Guess I won't know til later when we bump somewhere.  lol  


2 paragraphs and time for a flip already?  THAT'S insane for me.  This thing is over before you know it and it sounds amazing and is so tight in every way.  Kudo's to @Full Range for throwing it down a while back.  If you ain't got it you better get it.  KILLER for sure.  I'm SO OUTTA ROOM all I can do is stare at stacks everywhere.  Withdrawels next?  Asking for a friend.   :)




Crazy good is ALL I can say!  

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