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Like a glove!  Break out the hole saw tomorrow, punch one, move the stuff out of the oak cabinet and slide it all into the hole!  Had about 3/4 on each end.  I'm a happy boy!  


Guess all the other stuff in the room goes up into that bedroom @JohnJwants to root thru!  hahaha  


Yea, just gimme that Sony 90-inch flat screen for up top.  Money's not an object.  hahaha



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Funny.  The "kid" who I bought the stand from was actually a guy about 50.  Army vet so we had some laffs.  The dude parked on the street got out a hand truck and rolled it right up to the door.  Rolled it inside and my lucky buddy was here to help.  hahaha  I watched, which is what I should do.  Right?  😂


He couldn't believe what I was using it for.  So for being a good boy I threw on his favorite Johnny Cash album.  He was lovin the driver's seat and singin along in no time.  😂


I told him the bass cabinet was unhooked and he'd have to stop back to hear the full rig.  So nice guy that I am I gave him a nice stand for a 50 gallon fish tank I had.  Tooled his lil hand truck right around back, loaded the thing up off the patio and left a happy boy.  😂


Told him the neighbors prolly saw something new coming in.  Then told him a guy delivering something w/a lil pickup was the equivalent of a LOWE'S truck stopping at their house.  🤣


He'll never be back after 45 minute w/me on a roll.  :)


Lawdy, what have I become hanging around here w/you guys & Djane???  😂


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1 minute ago, Dave1291 said:

I"m going "magnetic!"  I see you Mossy.  You're a tease too!  hahaaha!  I could have room now though but i couldn't fit a big TV AND a R2R  on there.  Or could I???

I have an R2R in storage 

It’s a Revox B77 -  but the long play model 

It was originally part of a courtroom setup that came my way 

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8 minutes ago, Dave1291 said:

So you're a repeat offender?  See RevoxB77!  ANOTHER tease...lolol

I had a Sony R2R in the past 

It’s probably best to sell the Revox as it runs at the slower speed 

But you know that we HiFi types procrastinate a lot 🤪

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