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Vinyl - Record Spinning

Full Range

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I agree totally George.  I just don't get it anymore but who am I to put a spin on other gear.  I'm happy in my own skin and that's all that matters.  I've thought about changing but then I look at 60 years of every spare nickel and dime sitting here.  Just can't cause that stuff just doesn't work.  They can argue every point but I'll never change.


@billybobI've thought that too many times but they seem to always get it to me on time somehow.  What's a day??  hahahaha

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6 minutes ago, billybob said:

Yes, ideal weather y'all.

FedX playing ball with my package. Supposed to have been today. It is hanging out in Georgia. Was closer yesterday according to tracking. Hope they all are having a good time with it. Maybe they will punt it here by tomorrow.

It's bad enough when you're looking forward to a new amplifier and therefore eagerly waiting for it, but when the package deliverer delays the delivery again and again, you can get angry. At least I get pretty mad at such things.

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35 minutes ago, Full Range said:

For my mate @MicroMara 


This is the only Tangerine Dream album I have in the collection 

I do however have several DVDs 

Genre is Electronic in the Berlin School style 


Artist Tangerine Dream 

Title - Phaedra 

Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/release/3501730-Tangerine-Dream-Phaedra



I had a few of them... And that's one of them...Rubicon was one also

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Got that first "Eloy" bookmarked. One LP, four songs like Poseidon's Creation?

trippin tunes.


* Decay of Logos... sounds almost like early KC, with Greg Lake singing!

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Today we had a beautiful autumn day. I was out with the leaf blower, cleaned the rose beds. Then I have already received orders for speaker cables again. Yesterday I had cooked chicken soup , which was enough for 2 days. Now I have to listen to Tangerin Dream´s " Force Majeure " 1979 , it´s a clear cut record , excuse the bad condition from the cover , I bought this record in june, twentyseventh in 1980 so this record is almost 41 Years old. Sounds pretty good .......






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Continue with electronic music ...Michael Garrison (* November 28, 1956 in Roseburg, Oregon, USA; † March 24, 2004 in Bend, Oregon, USA) was an American musician. His style was electronic music. Here´s the Album " PRISMS " from 1981








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My Linn table is done and sounds spectacular.  :) 


Amazing what 3 caps and some resistors will do to a Valhala board, but man.  Sweetness!  Finally decided after 40 years he'd put a new belt on so he's sending me one when he gets his order.  THAT I can handle.  :) 


3 hours each way and the place is fairly close to ichigan's stadium.  Ugh!  


Hit a record store on the way home I hadn't been in for prolly 50 years.  They used to sell used and some new back then.  Today?  The place is HUGE and every record they have is NEW sealed with reasonable prices. 


Snagged about 8 in there finding a few I didn't expect to find but there are a few that I'll prolly never find.  Half the fun is playing them knowing they're finally yours.  The other half?  Yea, CD's SUCK!  :)


The guy that owned the store told me long ago this is what he wanted to do.  I guess the upstars is FULL of the old stuff and new stuff..  He rotates his inventory by selling them 1 at a time then re-stocking til he's out.  Then another order goes in.  He's got it all thunked out and it's a great place for suckers like me!  ha  :)


Also picked up 3 while I was nosin thru some of their new stuff at the shop.  Kinda surprised me they seemed to have more than they did a year ago.  Couple that w/the 24 or 5 lp's I've had laying here Imma gonna have some FUN this weekend.  😎  


The tech finally asked what I was running and I found out he likes Klipsch gear and the fact it's so revealing.  Then we started talking table stuff and he actually recommended I keep the arm I have.  Said it's one of the best Linn ever made.  He also said one of the owners had a new one he'd sell me IF I really wanted one.  lol  The owner went back to his old carbon arm.  Works for me cause I wasn't gonna put $5k in updates in mine.  hahaha  He be smokin some really good stuff.😂


Cya when I cya w/a full report!  6 so far this evening and I've loved them all but they're ones I'd been looking for.  :)  


There's your update.  Carry on!


No @oldtimeryou're NOT getting my table OR album collection.  I see you!





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