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Friday is THE day!  Road trip taking one table up and bringing two back!  The TD160 Thorens has been done and I had to wait a week cause my Linndude was going on vaca.  Also gonna discuss their new tone arm and how much that's gonna cost me.  He was even nice enough to tell me Linn had a new cart for it coming out.  I nosed and it was $5k, which won't happen in this life.  lol


No jam nite Friday night w/the gaggle.  28 new ones here to unzip!  Gonna crack that bottle of Scotch and relax!  :)


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Lots going on!

Yes, Made in Japan meant a lot as electronics went back then. Probably still would if it was possible. George was right, it does look new inside Paul! That Luxman should help you out a lot Billy.


Both you guys know we want to hear how you find them sounding after a bit. "Close to the Edge" is a wild ride with the dynamics, good choice.  Oh Boy, get it level Dave whether you do the arm and cart or not!


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Gonn´a have a " High End " Workshop next week. A friend of mine will visit me for 4 days and all we gonn´a do is testing audio equipment and listening to music , eating , drinking , 4 days non-stop . This meeting has been delayed for a couple of month because of covid. My friend is so keen to have a listen to the RF7 EvoTec , as he owns Forte III , CW IV, Thivan Horn Speakers( vietnamese products ) .


He will bring the following audio equipment


Lector Strumenti ( Italien )  ZOE Tube Pre Amplifier




A Lector Strumenti Tube CD Player with external Power Supply





A Dynavox integrated Tube Amp





A DAC / Streamer from Cambridge





and a Gold Note ( Italy ) Class D Power Amplifier





in addition we got all of my own audio stuff to combine all those modules among each other .


Don´t  know whether I will survive this happening .....😂










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Thinking what would be a good LP to play and see how the Sansui AU717 performs 


This album was my choice, as to my ears it has tonal accuracy 


Artist - Sky 

Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/release/948460-Sky-Sky

They are, John Williams, Herbie Flowers, Kevin Peek, Tristan Fry, Francis Monkman 


Listened to the amp without any filters activated 

The amplifiers tonal playback was accurate with all octaves but if I can put it in this way - with a warm caress but prat was not diminished in any way when it was warranted 

Separation of instruments is also excellent 

I have also had an extended listen and happy to report that it’s not fatiguing 


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1 hour ago, JohnJ said:

That starts out with some nice resonating bass.

Had to look up prat, :D You talking bass end?

I have known it to imply -  Pace, Rhythm And Timing.

But also the ability to apply just enough force to fast sharp changes in the music. 

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Thursday evening , 7 pm , lausy november day , foggy , misty , cold .........time to spin some records again.....


Pierre Moerlen´s Gong with the Album " Downwind " from 1979 ...Guest musicians are Mike Oldfield and Steve Winwood .








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4 minutes ago, Dave1291 said:

Sunny but 46 outside here today.  Supposed to warm up into the 60's for about 5 days tomorrow.  I just want a nice day to spend 6 hours in the car taking my Linn to mah dude.  CD's just soooo suck.  I'm totally ready!  

Tell you bro .....you´re right .......even the best digital gear can´t be the real vinyl sound .....

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Yes, ideal weather y'all.

FedX playing ball with my package. Supposed to have been today. It is hanging out in Georgia. Was closer yesterday according to tracking. Hope they all are having a good time with it. Maybe they will punt it here by tomorrow.

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