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Vinyl - Record Spinning

Full Range

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53 minutes ago, Full Range said:

I’m baby sitting and listening with the granddaughter again 


Something in the Prog genre but a little more melodic for her today

This album is underrated in my opinion 


Artist - Genesis 

Title - Wind & Wuthering 


Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/release/847918-Genesis-Wind-Wuthering




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On 10/13/2021 at 1:59 AM, Bubo said:

Made in Japan

Deep Purple

2 Disc Gate fold, 1973 pressing cover VG, LPs mint

Reesale shop, think I had to pay $10 for this one, money well spent

These guys are on fire



Well... I was planning on having a quiet, lazy Sunday afternoon, having a nap, listening to some baroque Bach on vinyl... But then I came upon this post, which made me dig up "Deep Purple LIve In London", a BBC recording dating from 1982.

So now I'm rocking on Smoke on the Water instead, getting the evil eye from my teenage kids.


Edit: The concert dates from 1974, the LP was brought out in 1982, a re-master of the 1974 quadrophonic tapes. 

The last track is a wonderful 'You Fool No One'!




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1 minute ago, billybob said:

Going to have to do a blind listening sometimes. May like 

more than I had thought.


Don't get too blind

In case you have to get behind the wheel to pick up the grandkids somewhere......

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This will carry me for a while Mr DJ. 

I've been missing mine for about six months now. Putting the tubes in the pc sound path have helped a lot. So I get how you feel, and you might like this one picked it up a while back myself!





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Mine would do a very good recording if I only could... Analogue Productions or at least one of those Quality Pressings copy. Alas no modern hookups from the tt. Maybe the amp could do it though, my phono-pre bypasses the regular preamp.

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It’s late at night in my neck of the woods, so little jazz fusion is called for at this late hour 


Not mentioned often but this album was recorded around 1967 / 1968 and not released till the mid 70s


Artist - Miles Davis

Title - Water Babies 


Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/release/8164729-Miles-Davis-Water-Babies




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Something a little Prog again 


A talented keyboardist first started as a jazz musician then went on and  played with the Moody Blues and Yes 

Had many collaborations and film scores 


Artist - Patrick Moraz 

Title - Human Interphase 


Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/release/5648606-Patrick-Moraz-Human-Interface



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I was just listening to Hocus Pocus by Focus on Radio Paradise, and thinking it would be amusing to ask someone unfamiliar with the song to sing along with the vocals.  Then I tried it myself, and it was pretty amusing.  Try it yourself.


Focus - Hocus Pocus:  


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2 hours ago, Full Range said:

I was never any good at yodelling 🤪


Me neither, but the song is so silly that just trying it makes me laugh.


I'm not familiar with Focus's other music, which may be much less silly.


And thanks for posting Tarkus.  That really is an iconic song/LP side.   I played it for my nephew and tried to explain why the inside double-width image doesn't need any words.  I think he got some idea of what I meant.

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Surfed 2 local media resale shops the other day

Came up dry at the Movie Store, took the best available Player for $2 Vantage Point BluRay, have the DVD somewhere....


Moved down the street to Half Price Books

- Used Breakfast in America in VG for $20, I bought it all day long for $3 a few years ago NM-M

- Decided to crawl around looking at the bottom shelf blowout

  • Targus NM
  • Wakeman Journey to the Center of the Earth Mint
  • John Prine, Diamonds in the Rough M
  • Wakemen, King Arthur M
  • Jessie Coulter, Diamonds in the rough M (not a typo)
  • Spirit, Farther Along M
  • Greatest Hits Golden Groups, M

Total at check out $7, up from .50 cents each a few years ago


Outer Jackets cleaned with wipes

Price stickers peeled off, glue removed with mineral spirits

Records rinsed under warm tap water, lots of stuff usually comes off

Scrubed with microfiber and dish soap

Rinse in warm water

Dry with clean cotton dish towel

New paper inner jackets, keep old ones for info

Into a plastic sleve

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John Prine, Diamonds in the Rough

1972 Pressing, fantastic audio quality

Does Dylan sound like Prine, or the Reverse ?

Needle drops track 2, the torch singer


Not famous on the jacket: Jonathan Edwards, Cactus, Livingston Taylor


You can't find better audio quality than this record, I'm totally impressed every track.






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