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Yup, raining here today.  Couple inches so far since yesterday  Great time to get to work on that stack of stuff I have layin here.  When it rains it pours "they" say.  Fired up the table and it barely ran.  Rut roh.  Made the call and my Linn dude said it was the valhalla board.  Soooo shipped the Thoren's table I purchased a year ago for him to tweek and put a new cart on it


Outta here tomorrow early for Phoenix.  Lil busy work will just have to wait til I get back.  The Thoren's needs a cart soooo we're gonna eyeball that year old Dynavector and possibly put it on the Thorens.  New one for my Linn.  What the heck it's only money right?


Saturday her car overheated so it's in the shop.  She just sent me a text that the radiator core along with the leaking hose that started it are shot.  Only $450 for the radiator core.  Seriously?  Should have stayed home. hahahaha


Catch ya all on the flip flop so have fun in here and play nice!


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Two albums I bought at the local thrift store are really amazing. 

The classic 1955 Glenn Gould recording, on vinyl pressed in 1977. And a very rare Leos Janacek String Quartets record. The last one sounds amazing. 

https://www.discogs.com/release/14315641?utm_source=mobile&utm_medium=app&utm_campaign=Android App

https://www.discogs.com/release/16794414?utm_source=mobile&utm_medium=app&utm_campaign=Android App



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Ugh, I'm getting tired of CD's.  Think I'll make a call today and see if he is on top of the old Thorens tune up yet.  If that's done it's time for the road trip with the Linn.  Then bring them both back home and relax.  My pile of new stuff is also growing.  Wish the checkbook was...  

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@Dave1291 wrote ..." Ugh, I'm getting tired of CD's "


Unfortunately, I can't lend you mine either. I have disassembled my Marantz SA-11-S3 SACD / DAC . In the next two weeks I will modify this. The new Jensen electrolytic caps, Elna filter caps and Wima capacitors are already here. 









In the meantime, I listen either records, R2R, or CD`S with my Philips CD audio recorder which I have connected with a coaxial cable to the external Dac of my Marantz NA 8005 network player.  I´ll know ....I´m not right ..😂

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