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Full Range

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1 hour ago, Full Range said:

While you are sleeping I am welcoming the new day 


Continuing on with my Genesis theme because I can’t stop at one 


Artist - Genesis

Title - Selling England By The Pound 


Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/release/1702230-Genesis-Selling-England-By-The-Pound



it must be 1o'clock !



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5 hours ago, Full Range said:

I said earlier one can’t stop at one so just say next and give into the desire for more 


Artist - Genesis 

Title - A Trick Of The Tail 


Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/release/3389349-Genesis-A-Trick-Of-The-Tail



You really make me think



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This Goldring G 900 SE Pick Up is one of the best I ever listend to.  A system like they have very rarely built. Absolutely top system without fault and reproach. On par with a Sonus, it does everything right in room imaging, heavy low bass with the highest precision. Midrange resolution everything from the finest without any sharpness. Musical flow, everything just perfect ! With the also available Shibatanadel, the system also gains the gift, so rarely found in other HiEnd components, to let the space between the instruments become literally tangible. Aart van den Hul's first commissioned work . Unfortunately also completely unrecognized in the scene, for whatever reason, it makes used just to the true super bargain


Donald Fagen´s Nightfly / 1982 / WB Records / Printed in Germany  has the honour to please me





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