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Vinyl - Record Spinning

Full Range

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4 minutes ago, JohnJ said:

Tough looking tt!

Not had any trouble with mine at all, it works. Just looks out of place to me.

That´s good to hear . The string / counterweight technique is the antiscating technique from the 1960s. On the Micro Seiki MA 505, I can also set this with a rotary knob.

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52 minutes ago, JohnJ said:

Tough looking tt!

Not had any trouble with mine at all, it works. Just looks out of place to me.

As long as you just use one pick up than you don´t get these problems my cousin had, but having more cartridges and changing them ,  then the problems arise. The most important reason why he exchanged the 9cc for a Jelco tonearm was that he can equip it with headshells and different pick-ups. The Music Hall mmf 9.1 is a very good tt and not expensive at all.

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3 hours ago, MicroMara said:

This picture shows the bronze cutting bearing which supports the arm.





The following work was done on the tone arm

- Arm completely disassembled and cleaned
- Vertical bearing cleaned, sprayed and the bearing play precisely adjusted
- Cleaned the contacts of the headshell connector and checked the ease of movement of the spring contacts.
- Replaced plastic cutting bearing with bronze cutting bearing
- Cleaning and polishing of the horizontal bearing seat
- Rewiring of the tone arm with ultra pure copper stranded silk wire
- New 24 carat gold plated RCA jacks


The SME 3009 Improved S 2 sounds quieter, at the same time also more dynamic, finer and more natural. Voices are more graceful and realistic. The stage structure is clearly better. Width and depth are a bit more pronounced. So,  I like the tonearm very much and in my opinion it has made a real class leap. Wonderful, I do not regret a cent !



When I started the new skeletal plinth project for my Garrard 401, I had a brand new in box SME 3009 II ready to be fitted 

I also modified it with silver tonearm wires and replaced the plastic knife edge bearing with the bronze bearing 


Then I decided to go with a tangential tonearm and sold the SME 3009 II to partly finance the current arm 

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2 minutes ago, Full Range said:

An underrated album but is very good 

Spinning as I post 


Artist - Genesis

Title - Wind & Wuthering 


Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/release/847918-Genesis-Wind-Wuthering


Hello Paul,

Nice selection! I agree, very underrated,  but of my favorite Genesis records.  Cheers.

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3 hours ago, Full Range said:

@Mossy bottom. You are a bad influence on me 😵💫


I just purchased the Gil Scott Heron album  ( a Re issue) 

Plus another


Just need to wait a week or so for delivery 

Nice! Payback for all those lp's you guys have played that I had to have😆😎👍


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Good evening one and all...............great music postings my friends!  Tonight, in a YES mode, a Sunday evening before another work day tomorrow.  BIG GENERATOR.  Here are a couple of fresh images happening NOW!  🍷IMG-0352.jpg


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Nice jump!  Been sitting here jammin allll afternoon.  Lil Stones that rusty zipper one on now...  Smooth as silk.    :)  The neighbors prolly think the mothership is landing.  


Buddy's sittin here scrollin fb.  hahaha  Last night he brought his new woman over for a listen.  He told me he moved his gear into her basement so he could practice down there.  lol


Scrolled my other buddies auction and there is a set of electronic drums w/no current bids.   :)  The auction is only 10 miles away so if I buy them for a buck I think I'll have him drive me and not tell him what I bought.  A wedding present!!!  😇  😂  Phil Ondich is gonna DIE laffin when he sees them.   :)









This kid is totally amazing.  I RARELY listen to anything 3 times before passing judgement.  It just kept getting better w/every play.  Had it a while sooo there's that.  This kid has his own groove and it shows.  His style, sound and the lyrics are great.  Sooo, Ya want somethin sweet?  Grab two and save one!  Yea, it's THAT good!  :)  He is soooo deserving of that grammy imo!  





Then there's this bum who just slays it...  😂😂






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