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1920's NOS Tube


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Got a few more on the way.



I need some 45 blue Acturus tubes!!!! Got some nice 245 globes but that is about it.


Tube Fanatic

That is cool I haven't been there yet. It is bookmarked.



I have a schematic. I just need some 816's to go with it. Doing a preamp for my digital sources. I already have the new slagle autoformers and rod coleman regulator boards. I'm still collecting parts till I finish another project in the works.



Thanks but honestly it is a instagram filter but it worked well.



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My co-worker is from Russia, and today showed me tubes he could have got while still there. One of them is a gu-50, with a plate dissipation of 50 watts, but heater current only .707 amps. He said he could have walked out with boxes of all kinds of tubes.








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