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Heresy HWO serial number help

Randal V.

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On 10/4/2017 at 12:48 PM, Woofers and Tweeters said:

+1 on sounding better than the Realistic. If you're 2270 is right, it should sound amazing. What source of sound reproduction are you using (vinyl,  cd, trt, ...)?



I listen to only vinyl on either an Empire 398 or a Pioneer PL-61. I use either a Shure M-91 or M-55 cartridge and genuine Shure stylus. 

However last night I noticed I was getting some “popping” from my Herseys (two sets, main and remote)

Music was at a pretty high volume with average bass. Kinda concerned. My nova 8s never did this. Granted they don’t sound as good either. What should I be looking into. Replace caps. Woofer? Thanks for any help. 

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48 minutes ago, Woofers and Tweeters said:

 Popping? At loud levels? Is you TT isolated from vibrations? Does it pop when playing a CD?

Thanks for your reply...

I haven’t tried a cd yet. Has a good set of soft rubber feet on it.  The lps I was playing were a tad on the less than mint condition. Surface crackle. I’m wondering if that didn’t have something to do with it. I definitely heard the speakers pop though. Not vinyl crackle. High volume, not distorted and bass at 90%, mid at 50%,treble at 100%. Like I said I never had this happen with the nova 8s. It did happen with a set of Bose 301s I had hooked up but that didn’t surprise me since I kinda thought the 2270 was a bit much for them. 

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My best advice is: Set your amp controls for bass, mid and treble "FLAT".  Boosting the bass level and treble above flat will not make the Speakers play any lower than they are able to do...it just sets you up to blow woofers (or tweeters), instead.  The same goes for the midrange...set it flat.  If the midrange is TOO MUCH for you, then drop ONLY IT BELOW flat, but leave the bass and treble set flat.  Over-pushing the frequency settings does bad things to speakers and tends to put the amp section into clipping (especially when turning the volume way up!), which (in turn) tends to blow speaker components like tweeters and woofers.  Not only that, but pushing your amplifier section into clipping is also the biggest reason that amplifier sections fail. 


Your Marantz receiver amp section was rated at 70 watts RMS per channel into 8 ohms with two channels driven.  You have two speakers per channel, due to the four Heresy speakers you have hooked up to it.  Because of having two speakers per channel, you are "starving one stereo pair of speakers to feed another stereo pair".  Not only that, but you are pushing your amp section into clipping by doing two things:  You have set your bass and treble way beyond flat, AND you are setting the volume up to high.  Granted, Klipsch speakers are very efficient, but killing an amp section may also destroy one or more of your speaker components in the process.  How do you know that your amp is clipping???  POPPING noises coming through your speakers is one of the MAJOR signs, ESPECIALLY if your top end (tweeters) start to "warble" on complex high musical passages...then you KNOW FOR SURE your amp section is clipping. 


For example, I have a 32 wpc H/K 900+ quad receiver, and because it is twin-powered, it actually SOUNDS as if it has more power than it REALLY has.  BUT, when playing FOUR HERESY speakers in STEREO mode (like I used to do when DJing parties), if the volume was turned up just a little past half way (one-o'clock), I could hear the amplifier section going into clipping on SOME passages.  The reason I have never blown a tweeter in even my Heresy pair which I bought new in 1977, is simply because I don't let the amp go into clipping when playing them.  I also don't push that old quad receiver to begin with because it was originally made in 1975, and it listed for over $1000 when new...which was two and a half months salary for me BEFORE taxes, at the time.


Keep in mind that the Heresy woofer is a SHORT EXCURSION woofer...meaning that its woofer cone can only "dance back and forth" so far before the voice coil starts "slamming".  That is why the Heresy is built with a relatively air-tight cabinet...so that the air volume inside the cabinet slows down the woofer cone motion before it is able to reach its physical limits through overpressure/under-pressure effects on the rear of the woofer cone by the air "trapped" inside the cabinet itself.  IOW, as the cone moves forward, it produces a vacuum behind itself which fights against it moving forward TOO FAR, and when the cone is moving rearward, the cabinet air overpressure created by the air behind the cone has the effect of slowing it down in its rearward movement.  Make sense??  Simply put: don't slam the woofer to death. 

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24 minutes ago, Randal V said:

Very helpful info. I will try your suggestions on my settings. Dumb question........equalizer a no no? With receivers bass, mid, treble set to flat. It’s not hooked up but I did purchase one. 

You stated above that your RECEIVER controls were set to: "high volume, and bass at 90%, mid at 50%, and treble at 100%"....so just set them ALL at 50%.  If the midrange is still too bright, then you can back it down to 30-40%.  I am assuming that on your receiver the control knobs are pointing straight up at 50%, is that correct??  No need to put the equalizer into the mix...just re-set your receiver tone controls, and don't take the volume control past 50%, either.  It may not be as loud as you WANT it, but you will ALSO not be damaging anything.

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1 hour ago, Randal V said:

I definitely want a remote set of speakers going. Does it change things if I go to maybe a Bose 301, which is a 2 way speaker, perhaps?

I'm not sure what you are asking here, "does it change things...?"


I owned Bose 301 II's for 20 years, it is one of the best sounding speakers Bose ever made.  It is a very nice sounding, nicely balanced speaker for low to mid SPL.  It has an 8" woofer and two tweeters which use direct reflecting technology, much like today's Atmos speakers.  And sorry to tell you my Klipsch friends, it will dig deeper than the Heresy despite "no highs no lows it must be Bose" mantra.  It doesn't POP those lower frequencies hard but it will still get there.


The problem with the 301 is when you try to push it to higher SPL the sound becomes compressed and unbalanced, fast!  The high does not go any higher, the middle becomes muddy as does the bass.  It just sounds awful when pushed.


The Heresy can play louder and still keep the low, mid and HF balance together.  At mid to high SPL is where the Heresy will walk away from the Bose.

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Thanks. I was thinking that with two sets of Heresys going on a two channel receiver(Marantz 2270)that I’m diminishing quality at higher volumes. Would changing my remote speakers(301 instead) less starve my mains. With four Heresys I’m getting popping from my woofers. I do like bass but not to the point of distortion. 

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