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Klipsch KP-600 Eye Candy


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Well when we bought this farmhouse, we tore down all the lines coming in from power poles.  Put everything underground.  Then we ran a 200 Amp line to my new shop and man cave.  3 separate 20 amp lines in man cave for the stereo plus the additional 15 amp spread around the room for everything else.


The shop...same kinda thing.   2 separate 20 amp line for stereo stuff.  30 amp line for stereo or RV.  A 20amp/220V for a window AC/heating unit.  15 amp spread around the room for everything else.  



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46 minutes ago, ClaudeJ1 said:
47 minutes ago, jwc said:

NO way.


If I buy a sub...it will be the new Klipsch pro cinema Sub.  But right now, don't feel inclined to buy anything.

Now that would be very cool, and, I suspect, a very MUSICAL sounding choice.

I think they are, but i'm half deaf and working on the other half. :lol:


Anyway sub's are a passing phase


It was nice to see you and James. 

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1 hour ago, twistedcrankcammer said:




Did you go all FUNK out on those Coon Asses JC???



Yes he did a little, when sitting outside I could hear when JC picked the music. It sounded like he kept it to mild funk not the serious stuff. When Roy and Kevin pick the music it's obvious, metal, or whatever it's called these days. 

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So I'm still slowly tinkering.   Wanted to look inside the Midbass Horn Module to check for correct driver and tighten down the woofer screws.  However, I have to get in to the "capsule" (lol) to get access to the 4 woofer screws inside.  I can't get this lid off.  That middle bolt on the post only screws to loosen slightly.  I don't know what is on the other side.  I Can take the 4 screws off the lid....and this lid doesn't budge.  Any suggestions?






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